User:Serprex 01:59, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

Karnaugh knew control was to be found in a zoo of zones, zoomed out to be within a single semantic word for the visual of a human god

We see the bits, know their predicates, state their values. One's value is the state. Only the state has value. Value semantics for everyone, there's no identity to reference, there's no alias to hide by, only indices to abide by

You are in a commercial zone enjoying the sun. You are not paying for the sun. Please return to a recreational zone to enjoy the sun

I'll buy myself by the dozens. Baker dozens. How many dozens? Dozens of dozens. Quiet yourself, denizon

What's at stake? If only some of the world can have steak, the whole world shouldn't go without steak

You are in the industrial zone enjoying food. You are not cooking the food. Please return to the commercial zone to enjoy food

This streak of freak shrieks isn't up the creek without a paddle, it's on the air of dead men that we'll fly ourselves over the pitch forks of the masses and kill even greater men

Take a fake lake, we make it for our own sake, but take cakes and shakes in return for the decency to let another bake while having a lake without having to make a lake. Rake in the profits, we've got snake oil to sell; a deadline for winter, when we'll skate on our lake

You are in a resort zone swimming in a lake. You did not purchase a fishing license. Please submit an application to the license zone to enjoy fish

Nobody swims anymore. Too much waste being dumped in the lake. Nobody cares about disposal zones when those zones do dispose it right for the right price

The tragedy of the commons exposes the flaws in both extremist views of economy: No, we should not give everyone equal access, lest we make the tragedy of the commons ubiquitous. No, we should not give everyone sole access, lest we give them right over an innate common

You are in an education zone considering economics. You are not attending an economics class. Please attend an economics class or seek refuge in your residential zone to consider economics

It comes down to this: Corporations are not persons. They're people. People must be restrained, persons must be spurred. People must follow, persons must lead. The people are common, and so reign the commons. Where there exists a monopoly, only people are incompetent enough to run it selflessly

But who am I? Nobody

You are in a residential zone abusing your right to identity. You are not dead. Please enter a morgue zone to enjoy death

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