Ten days ago, a rapidly spreading virus turned nearly everyone in the world into zombies. We are the survivors and this is our story...

Day OneEdit

It started with a "Breaking News" story on the 11 PM news. A report of a virus that can turn humans into zombies. I wasn't really worried because I didn't really believe that zombies were real, so how could this news story be? I mean, come on, a reanimated human corpse? It was probably just another hoax, like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. This would surely be proven false in the coming days, but conspiracy theories would no doubt remain. Plus, this "incident" was in the countryside of England. Talk about remote! No way would this human zombie virus be of any worry to me. How would it even cross the Atlantic? This contaminated person would surely be isolated. Whatever, I thought, I am getting carried away...because zombies aren't real! But then why was it being reported on CNN, isn't it reputable news source? Being a college student in the D.C. area, though, I was busy with my own life. This zombie character wasn't going to bother me any more as I pushed any uneasy thoughts out of my mind. Oh how wrong I was. Zombies.gif

Days Two to FourEdit

I have been hiding in my house for only a couple days now. I have been too afraid to go outside where I have been heard some people screaming, crying, and attacking each other. I have lived in London for 18 years now, and I have never seen anything like this happen. This virus thing- or whatever is it- first started when someone came banging on our home late one night. We let them in because they seemed so terrified, they said they saw someone in the streets that looked like they had a disease, and started running after him. He said he just ran as fast as he could all the way to our house, which seemed liked a save place to be. My family let him sleep there for the night, then in the morning he took a look outside and decided that the coast was clear, so he went back home. After that incident, I felt very uneasy about going outside. I did not go outside for the whole day or night. I did not want to risk anything. When the night fell, I was just watching television in my living room, when I heard a scream coming from outside the window. I quickly jumped out to look what was going on, and I saw this one guy running incredibly fast- faster than any normal human being I have ever seen. This guy was chasing after this young girl, and of course had no chance of getting away. This fast guy looked deformed in the face and had blood all over him. He just attacked that girl! I was so scared, I closed the curtains and ran away from the window, and I never saw what happened after that. I turned the channel to a news channel to see if more things, just like I saw were reported. And there were! The news lady was reporting everyone to leave the country, because this virus was spreading quickly, and to leave during the day because at night there seemed to be more attacks happening. I quickly packed up my bags, and went to the airport the next morning. I took the first flight I could, which was a direct flight to D.C. I boarded the flight and could not wait to get out of this diseased country!

Days Four to SixEdit

I am in America and today seems like every other day. I woke up, ate breakfast and began playing a new game of World of War Craft. I was in the middle of picking which Blood Elf I was going to be when I re-directed my attention to the T.V. On the News, there were warnings about some virus spreading all the way through England and people have begun to worry that it may spread to the United States. I figured I had nothing to worry about and continued playing my game. After my Blood elf died for the first time, I got frustrated with the game and decided to go for a walk outside and get some fresh air. When I opened the door there were zombies everywhere. I quickly closed the door and locked it and frantically ran around my house making sure all the windows and doors were locked. I ran into my basement a hid there for a while trying to think of what I should do. What they were worrying about on the news has happened, the virus spread to the people in the United States and they now have become zombies. I just sat in my basement shaking with fear, wondering what I could do to get out of this alive. After several hours I finally drifted to sleep.

I wake up to some very loud sounds coming from outside. It seemed like the zombies discovered that I was still uninfected and they were trying to get into my house. I wasn't going to just sit there and wait for them to get inside so I threw on my Blood Elf cloak and grabbed some snacks incase I would get hungry. I also grabbed the sharpest knife I could find in my kitchen so I wouldn't be defenseless when I faced the zombies. I took a deep breath and opened the front door of my house and there they all were just waiting for me. I took out the knife and started chopping off their heads as I pushed by them running as fast as I could. After running for some time, I realized the zombies weren't following me anymore and that I was completely unharmed. I seemed to be immune to the virus all the zombies were infected with. I knew that if I was immune to it, there had to be other people out there who were immune as well. I decided the best place to go to to try to find others would be the center of D.C. When I was walking through the desserted city, I found four other people who seemed to be unharmed by the virus. We decided to work together to try to find a way to defeat the zombies.

Days Seven to NineEdit

We were in Washington, D.C trying to figure out what to do about the terrible disease that was spreading through the world. It was only the five of us left to find a cure, so we had to think fast. All of the sudden, we were surrounded by zombies. They were tring to attack so we started to fight them off. We knew we would not be able to get the disease because of the immunity we had to it. They were coming at us left and right, fighting like black ninjas. Suddenly, I remembered the shiny pin that Nicole has got on her cloak from her blood elf. The zombies stopped fighting immediately once they caught sight of the shiny pin. It was too bright for them, and just as blood elves cannot wear shiny pins, the zombies could not handle the sight of shiny pins. So, we all took out shiny pins and starting killing the zombies one by one. Finally, we got to the King Zombie, who was the culprit of the disease. We shined the pin towards his face. He tried not to look, but still caught a glimpse. He screeched loudly and crumbled to the ground. He was dead, or so we thought.

One by one, the zombies started coming back alive. We had no idea what to do. Then, we realized that the only way to protect ourselves and get rid of the zombies for good was the Sword of a Thousand Truths. The sword was inside of the white house, and we had no way to get there because we were surrounded by zombies. Someone had to bring it to us. The only person besides the five of us that had not been taken over by the virus was Lord Byrne. We quickly signaled to him to bring us the sword. He flew to the white house and grabbed the sword. As he arrived to us and all of the zombies, they all ran away with fear. Lord Byrne stabbed the King Zombie with the Sword of a Thousand Truths, and it was at that moment that we knew we had beat the disease and cured the world from turning into zombies. The Sword of a Thousand Truths brought by Lord Byrne was the savoir to the world turning into zombies, and had saved the five of us from being murdered by the awful creatures.

Day Ten and BeyondEdit

It appears that we may be the only remaining survivors not to succumb to the virus. We have banded together to share our story. Also, if any remaining survivors are out there, we urge you to find us (If you are a zombie, however, leave us alone because we have a lot of shiny objects in our possession). The future is bleak but if we band together we can rebuild the tatters of the human race.

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