User:Serprex 15:38, September 30, 2011 (UTC)

Two similar things are not the same

We were never really that close. People liked to hope back then

When did I ever think I'd think some day that what I'd think would be that I'd thought it all along yet wrong

Now do you see? It's been told all along. Strung along to see what's to be seen. Prophets cannot show

Similar things have parts the same. Regressing into prodding behavior to ask the things I'd never got around to answering while I'd passed those thoughts along

Dear somebody, do you know who I am? Yours truly, somebody else

Sometimes when I don't know something I'll start asking random people. Then people think I'm being some showoff by showing off the kinds of things I wonder at besides what time it is or taking a sample of the population that has smokes

Statisticians figured if they got a grasp of trends we might know who we are. The more accurate ones realized we were telling ourselves what to do. The best told us what to do

Here's an ambiguity I haven't been able to figure: What's a thought or idea? Probably different now than then maybe, so fooey

Worlds are different now. Somewhere along the way worlds collide worlds apart

One small piece missing could make you so much smaller

What did you expect after it hit and you lost all the debris? You spent so long collecting rare pieces of junk, only to drop some piece here or there when things got rough. Leaving gears behind like breadcrumbs leading back to Hell

Stuck between a rock and a sprocket

You'll never tell time with your clockwork hand. Ten or eleven fifteen, as somehow the hour hand approaches along the eleven when things need to be quarter past the hour when a quarter through the hour

So let's puzzle together Puzzle: You want things that tell you exactly what you really are to make you feel complete

Because all I have is yours truly

Nothing grander is what use to be the opinion. Nowadays people want a coupon alongside such grandeur

People use to give people loans. It turns out people aren't interested in interest anymore. The exchange rate was right so everybody turned in their interest for conceit. Says something about our interests at the time, doesn't it?

It was the age of naysayers and yesmen

People stopped doing things because it seemed everything had been done. All there was left to do was tear it all down

Reactionism: garbage in, garbage out. Contradict because I can? Perhaps I must. Equilibrium convergence aka entropy

Historians stopped looking to the past and started archiving the present. Fools stuck in the past got stuck in the future. Those who think we can learn from the past fail to understand Finagle's Law aka Thermodynamic's Second Law aka entropy

Along with previous sentiments, I feel people fail to realize the crux of history: This is who you were

I was never really that close with myself. To think people use to think they knew themselves back then

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