Just To See You Smile Girl

The Right One Is Not Always The Perfect One
But He is the one who’s always nervous around you
The Quiet One
The one who tries his best to grant your every wish
Even though he’s no magician
The one who wants all your dreams to come through
The one who turns from bad to good for You
The one who tries to make u laugh
The one who wants to be there for you all the time but can’t
The one who is there when you don’t expect him to be
The one who is always there for you to lean on
The one who lets go of you when you tell him you love someone else
Even though you might not know how much it really hurts him to know he’s not your hero, but still doesn’t care because seeing you smile is what really matters
He is the one who messes up his hair when you’ve got a bad day hair day
The one who takes the blame for you or your best friend
The one who noticed you when nobody else did
The one who tries to be the best cause You deserve the best
The one who does all of this just to see your smile.

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