Maybe some opinions should be kept to themselves, eh. we all have different styles. and people are allowed to experiment. --Anon

A Backwards poem, Words are reveresed, not lines. A Sdrawkcab meop, Sdrow era deserever, ton senil.

Ho! Eht Ssengnirob fo ym efil.
Gnihton, ton eno emit!
Gnihton ot ekam ym luos tfil
Eht Ssengnirob, os suoromit.

I t'nac eveileb M'i gniog hguorht siht!
Ti si rettu erutrot!
Ym Efil lluf fo gnirob sgniht!
Ton neve a allitrot!

Tsuj ecno D'i ekil a yrruc
Ro ot hcnup a naed!
Tub I t'nac! S'ti a esruc!
Esuaceb, M'i daed.


The Boringness of my life,
Nothing, not one time
Nothing to make my soul lift
The Boringness so timorous

I can't believe i'm going through this!
It is utter torture!
My life full of boring things
Not even a tortilla

Just once, I'd like a curry
Or to punch a dean
But I can't! It's a curse!
Because I'm dead!

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