Dr. Adelheid Penburg waited. Today she had tried boosting the strength of the boredom routines in the artificial intelligence system she was testing. She thought: Yawn, indeed! She cleared the AI's output (Yawn!) from her display and typed, "Get moving you lazy shit."

The machine's reply appeared in the verbalization window, "heidi hidy heidie y shuud i"

Heidi replied, "Move your damned arm or I'll rip it off." She felt slightly silly for threatening the machine, but such threats currently seemed the best way to motivate the AI. She was pleased to see the robotic arm slowly unfold.

"strtched arma ther u bich" The AI curled all the fingers except the middle finger which it pointed at Heidi.

Heidi chuckled. She still had not figured out which of her graduate students had taught the AI to give people the finger. "Very good. Now do something useful instead of making that rude gesture."

The arm moved over to Heidi's keyboard and typed in, "yer lame input thing sux"

Heidi asked, "If it sucks so much, why can't you keep your hand off of it?"

The machine replied, "program"

Heidi sighed. The silly AI had learned that all questions about its behavior could be answered with, "Because my program made me do it." She again boosted the penalty for that reply and hoped that some kind of new reply would be forthcoming.

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