• Dojo: Guys! A new Shen Gong Wu just revealed itself! And whooee am I itchy! (opens the Shen Gong Wu Scroll) It's called the Aether Dragon!
  • Raimundo: What's it do?
  • Dojo: The scroll says it's used to bring forth...
  • Master Fung: The legendary FIFTH XIAOLIN DRAGON!
  • Clay: A fifth Dragon?!
  • Master Fung: Yes. He is one of the most powerful beings in the history of existence. And, ironically, he will become the superhuman servant of whoever releases him by activating the Shen Gong Wu.
  • Raimundo: No doubt Jack and Wuya are already on their way. Let's go team! Golden Tiger Claws!
  • (the team teleports to the location of the Aether Dragon with Dojo's assistance)
  • Omi: (gasps) There's the Aether Dragon!
  • Jack Spicer: Not so fast, Xiaolin Losers!
  • Omi: Jack Spicer! I challenge you to a...
  • Kimiko: Hold on there. This time I'm gonna handle the Showdown.
  • Jack Spicer: (snickers) What's the challenge?
  • Kimiko: We're each going to sit on... uhhh... (finds a pinecone) a pile of pinecones. Whoever falls off first is the loser. My Reversing Mirror for your Third Arm Sash.
  • Jack Spicer and Kimiko: (together) Gong Yi Tanpai!
  • (the Showdown begins)
  • Kimiko: (to herself, in pain) Just remember, the fate of the universe is in your hands... RRRGHH!
  • Jack Spicer: I've got an idea! Third Arm Sash! (reaches for one of the pinecones in Kimiko's stack)
  • Kimiko: Oh no you don't. Reversing Mirror! (deflects the Third Arm Sash so it reaches into Jack Spicer's pile instead)
  • Jack Spicer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--OOMPH! Okay... you win... (softly) Medic...
  • Kimiko: Wow... the Aether Dragon is mine, and I don't even know what Aether is!
  • Omi: Actually, it's...
  • Kimiko: Aether Dragon!
  • (the Shen Gong Wu emits white light, which covers the entire screen for a sec. When it clears up, a strange-looking being appears)
  • strange-looking being: Greetings. I am Tianlong, the Xiaolin Dragon of Aether. (his eyes turn toward Kimiko) Well, HEL-lo. **Ahem** Thank you for releasing me. I am... (gets closer to Kimiko) forever indebted to you.
  • (Omi makes an annoyed face)


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