In the night shadows live in the the city known as Winnersville. There people can sleep easy at night knowing that their protector, Winnerman, is on the job

Jose Galeo Vango has a very well kept secret: when he shouts "I am a winner, I am winnerman, I am a winner, I am winnerman" he instantly changes into Winnerman, the protector of Winnersville. Winnerman is a superhero, but he is no ordinary superhero because he helps villains by getting them from doing wrong to doing right

And right now, in the Winnersville First National Bank, a villan, Veriteon, makes his entrance

"Mwhahaha! I will steal all of this green power, and than take a long well deserved evil vacation" says Veriteon

"That's where you're right, Veriteon," says Winnerman, "You will take a well deserved vacation; knowing the power of love"

Veriteon: No Winnerman, not you again! I can't stand you and your we are all one philosophy

Winnerman: But Veriteon, from my opinion and observations, we are all one. In other words: I am you

Veriteon: NO NO NO! Winnerman, I am not you and you are not me

Winnerman: But you are so beautiful, how can I not be you?

Veriteon: No, I'm not beautiful. That's why I will destroy the world! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Vetiteon shoots smoking grenades and disappears

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