This is a selection of poems by William Leonard.



I was walking,

Minding my own business

When a camera

Came to my feet.

He waited for me

To pick it up

But he knows it is his

Not mine.

The Little Robber's ExcuseEdit

What do you mean, I stole your money?

What do you mean, I stole your purse?

Didn't you see your sister take it?

If you say more, it's gonna get worse...

What do you mean, I stole your toys?

What do you mean, I stole your ball?

You're just accusing me, that's it!

I wasn't near you, not at all!


Dad's car was black

And I begged to go in it

But he just didn't care.

I was in Mom's car

And I wanted to bring jelly beans

But she just didn't care.

The car set off

I didn't like the radio

But no-one even cared.

Now I'm in my car

Everyone's sorry now

But I don't care!

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