Some statistics of the Wikiverse. (These are rough statistics, intended to provide some background when writing the stories. These numbers were hasty and initial guesses.)

  • x ~ y indicates an approximate range
  • million = 1,000,000
  • billion = 1,000,000,000

Real world Edit

  • These statics are for a year 2060 ~ 2070 Common Era.
  • The real world contains about 10 ~ 13 billion humans. [1]
    • About 5 ~ 6 billion of these are citizens and residents of the Federation of the Wikilands.
    • About 2 ~ 3 billion of these are citizens other states with different political systems.
    • About 3 ~ 4 billion of these are jacked into the Wikigalaxy. These humans are physically located either in safe zones of the Federation, or in other states, but most do not have citizenship.
  • The world has about 300 states, with an average of 40 million humans per state, but a median of only 25 million humans per state. Populations of a state range from less than 1 million to more than 1 billion.
  • The internets contain about 500 ~ 550 billion nodes, or about 50 nodes per human.
    • About 200 ~ 300 billion of these are connected to the Federation Internet. This internet spans the Federation of the Wikilands and a few other states.
    • About 250 ~ 350 billion of these are connected to the Blossom Network, a separate internet that spans most states outside the Federation. The Blossom Network probably has less actual hardware devices than the Federation Internet, but more devices appearing as multiple nodes. The Blossom Network also hosts the Wikigalaxy.
    • Many more nodes have not been counted.[2]
  • The Federation Internet has more than 30 billion wikis. Citizens are able to create wikis on demand. Most wikis are private, and most citizens have personal wikis.

Wikigalaxy Edit

  • Wikigalaxy has about 9 ~ 11 billion registered users.
    • This probably includes about 3 ~ 4 billion humans from the real world and 6 ~ 7 billion robots and artificial intelligences. In a few cases, humans and robots are difficult to distinguish, but most robots either do boring, repetitive tasks or follow commands from other users.
  • There are about 4 ~ 5 million wikis in Wikigalaxy, with an average population 2 ~ 2.5 thousand users per wiki; wikis function as virtual urban areas. (Compare millions of Wikigalactic wikis to billions of Wikilandian wikis.)
  • The median user has 30 apartment rooms, each at a different wiki. However, a few wikis have more than 5 billion apartment rooms.

References Edit


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