Miranda Blake is a strikingly beautiful, very intelligent woman who is also an SF writer. She has just been through a particularly nasty and protracted breakup. She and Chandler Bang are friends. He has thought himself in love with her for pretty much all the time he's known her, though he has been afraid to ask her out given the disasterous nature of most of his past relationships. (Partially due to the intervention of Chandler Band.) She never considered him anything other than a good friend. They have little in common in terms of interests, but much are bound together by common life experience--they attended the same high school and college, and now gives him valuable advice about running the bookstore. She loves books and has a strong interest in subjects such as cryptozoology and conspiracy theories, which Chandler's Bookstore carries many books on.

She is a descendant of a family of artists who all tended to die young or go insane. Which is worse? Among them was the ill-fated Victorian artist Aubrey Scott, whose life was claimed by the Yellow Sign. She partially became a science fiction writer in hopes that she would avoid this fate, as science fiction writers tend to fail in less spectacular ways. Her favorite author is Philip K. Dick.

Current locationEdit

Miranda is currently inside the bookstore.

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