Hamburg Bang (1946-2004) emigrated from Germany with his wife, Maria Bang during the US Vietnam War because he wanted to escape constant rumours or reminders that some men from his family had been involved with the Nazi SS. He and his wife were tired of having to take responsibility for what others had done or might have done.

Anyway Hamburg Bang founded Chandler's Bookstore and was a book afondiciado, especially books that dealt with chess. Occasionally he wondered if anyone from his family had been involved with chess at Auschtwitz and hoped they hadn't. Towards the end of his life he also developed interest in subjects like code breaking, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, and H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. One of the turning points in his life that led to this was a chess match in which he opposed a strange man in black in Robert W. Chambers's house. He died in 2004, presumably of natural causes (though given the sort of thing he was involved with later in his life, it's hard to be certain, he was only 58) and left the bookstore to his son, Chandler Bang, who he had not spoken to in years.

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