Chandler then relaxes as he opens the door and finds it's just Miranda. He's incredibly relieved to see her, especially after what had just happened with that weird book. "Oh, hi Miranda!" he says. "Are you going to bestow some of your almighty wisdom about books?" She didn't respond at first--as always, she's awed by the sheer number of books in the store, even though she'd set foot here any number of times and had played such a major role in running it--but then she smiles a very warm, beautiful smile at Chandler. His heart starts to jump in his chest, cliche though it might be. He reminds himself that she was a friend and nothing else, and that there's no chance of that ever changing, especially with--no. He didn't even want to think about that problem. But still...

"No," said Miranda, "I just wanted to talk. I imagine you're desparate to get out of here by now." She's right, of course. Chandler, as she knows very well, has no interest at all in books, though he still has some of his old interest in socks. It's his father's store, and he's just running the store as some kind of pathetic attempt to make up for never having talked with his father for years and not having been there for him when he died. Miranda advises him a lot in running the store, and even manages to have good conversations with some of the weirder people who come there. It's more her store than his. He really ought to get a job he can understand and give her the store, but he's sticking through it out of sheer bloodymindedness.

"What about?" Chandler says.

"Oh, nothing." Miranda is clearly dancing around something. "What's that book in your hand?"

"I don't know," he said nervously, "I was just looking through it." He hands her the book which he would have hit her over the head with if she'd been some kind of intruder.

"Oh wow!" she says. "The Catalogue of Imaginary Books! Neat! I've been looking for a copy of that for years but I haven't seen it anywhere. I can't even get a copy of it on interlibrary lone. I am so buying this when the bookstore opens tomorrow."

"You can have it for free as far as I'm concerned."

"I don't know if your dad would have wanted that." She was trying to make a joke, but Chandler is completely sober. She changes the subject. "Has anything happened with you today? Any more crazies asking about UFOs?" Chandler wanted to tell her about the strange yellow book, but found to his surprise that he couldn't bring himself to mention it. Miranda was one of the people he could talk about just about anything with. "No," he says.

"OK, then..." She hesitates. "So today would have been my and Dan's anniversary. I'm feeling depressed and I need something to distract me from that. So I was wondering, could we go out to dinner tonight? It's not a date date, of course, I just need to talk with someone right now." Chandler is so shocked he can barely even say anything. "Um... yeah. Yeah," he says. "Sure."

"Great!" says Miranda. "Let's go!" Chandler glances nervously into the corner of the bookstore, trying to see if the yellow book is still there. But thankfully it isn't... or is it? He tries to put it out of his mind as he follows her outside the bookstore...

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