Hi! I'm SM and my friend in this story is RY. We're both really good friends. We need someone to help with our constant story making needs. We chose this wiki. Once, SM and RY were doing a lego club. It helped to start a wiki. So they created a wiki site. and this one time, their first vistor visited their house. It was awesome! This visitor helped. To Be Continued...

Chapter 1Edit

I was walking with RY when I realized that people were cheering for our website. Apparently the crowd was big. In the intro, up above, it said we had a first visitor. It was a success. They had told one person, and that person passed it on. This was a big deal. It had such a big deal that that the newsreporters were reviewing things we said to our first visitor. "Is it true that you became a hit of" "It was a big success after was around." These were parts of the interview with us, because we are internet web stars, now. I wish this site would grow bigger. One of our fans told us. It was big. This was big. Our lego wiki is: Lego Club Site This is a big hit for many writers who want to write. Being a VIP is a big job, people should really know. And how wonderful it is. To have fans. We also created Novell wiki. It was as big a hit as wiki gerbil.

Chapter 2Edit

We were walking down the road of Broadway. We were planning to get home to get to my laptop. We decided to go further. We know everyone in town, but that was only a quarter of the people. Try over 1 million. Except for one person. That one person was Harry Wikis. He hated having a last name like wikis, and the collaborational tool. Then he hated even more that people appreciated SM and RY more than him, when they owned a wiki. He made a conterfeit 1,000,000 dollar bill.

Enjoy our next book, The attck of the wikis

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