Part IEdit

The Wiki Pod People have had a turbulent past. They have only been around to see one generation of Pod People. Originally they were humans like all other people, living seemingly normal lives. The internet changed their lives forever. The Pod People accounted for a third of the humans that were knowledgeable of the internet. Some of them really got into wikis, reading them and writing them. One day in 2002 they almost took over Wikipedia but were found out by one of the webmasters. Their attempted takeover of Wikipedia failed terribly. The webmaster did not like this at all and decided to use his newly acquired magical powers to punish the group of people. The webmaster used his magic to convert the insubordinate group of people into tiny four inch tall blue people, much like the Smurfs.


They look like Papa Smurf

Since then they have been rebellious to Wikipedia and all of its human users. Occasionally they perform terror acts by changing small facts in Wikipedia, screwing over all the college students that use Wikipedia to write papers. It usually takes two or three Wiki Pod People to type on a keyboard because they are so small. Over time they have become incredibly efficient at typing with two or three people. It has been rumored that they are planning an attack on Wikipedia sometime soon. The date is unknown, but they will probably attempt to take over the entire Wikipedia by creating false stories and changing previous entries.

Part IIEdit

On the cold morning of November 18, 2008, a loud thunderous sound came booming down from the stratosphere. The people inside the quiet little town of Washington DC looked up at the skies in awe at the sight of several hundred streaks of light heading towards earth. Each streak of light comes to a stop with an earthquake like force demolishing everything in its path. People gather around the wreckage to see what fell from the sky. As the dust cleared, a small silver pod was revealed. The pod opened to a five foot blue spider-like creature who spoke only one word, "Wikipedia".

Part IIIEdit


Yes, it was a terrible day when Wikipedia went to the hands of the treacherous pod people. The actual events of the take over are still undisclosed, but most are assuming the pod people hacked Wikipedia from an outside location. This job was not for the faint of heart, the pod people are master minds and very capable of destroying Wikipedia forever. after gaining complete control of the site, the pod people continued to then further create mayhem by filling the site with fake information, among the true information already on the site. Kids everywhere are writing papers solely based on what they read off Wikipedia, and now that false information is on it, it is complete mayhem, and grades are dropping. Teachers warn kids to not use Wikipedia, but since when do children listen. The children thinking it was just a story to scare them to not use Wikipedia, and indeed still accessing the site, and believing the false information. They are now seeing the reality of the Pod People take over, by the result of there dangerously low grades and the very real possibility of summer school. Even if Wikipedia gets back into the hands of its creatures it will take months for them to sort out all the confusion caused by the Pod People, the site may never be reliable again, because of the fact that its almost impossible to find every bit of false information the Pod people used. This is the down fall of Wikipedia as we know it. It will never be trustworthy ever again.

Part IVEdit

Wikipedia cat

Ever since the invasion of the Pod People, the inhabitants of Washington, D.C. have experienced a huge surge in information sharing. By logging onto the massively connected network built into the strange aliens, humans were able to use these foreign beings as nodes in a knowledge graph. Anyone could upload articles, images, videos, and audio files into the Pods and access the same information from any other Pod. Very soon, these invaders became fully domesticated, advancing the era of information technology. Physicians began employing Pods in their offices so that patient data could be instantaneously shared among hospitals. Businesspeople initiated Pod conferences from all over the world. Even children began sharing homework assignments via Pods. Soon, the Pod people became so thoroughly incorporated into human society that we wonder how we ever lived without them.

The Pod People's PodsEdit



These pods are designed for a one way trip. They are the landing vessels for the Pod People. They are made out of the strongest materials in the universe and can withstand the force caused by the atmosphere of even the harshest planets. They have no thrust and no weapons they are just meant to transport the Pod People to a world of their choice.

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