This page is for planning the story that will be written by the collaborating Wiki fiction stew participants.

In this collaborative story writing project the characters come first! In "phase 1" each participant creates a character. Details about how to participate are given below.

Wikia StewEdit

Purpose: To give all new and existing fiction wikia participants a way to contribute to a story in a collaborative environment. The primary benefits to new wiki participants are two:

  1. - quick and easy start: contribute a new original character without having to consider story details.
  2. - participation in this writing project provides an introduction to collaborative fiction writing in a wiki environment

Implementation: The collaborative process is subject to as few rules as possible, they are listed below...

0 - Every contributing writer must create their own character.

Character creation is meant to only be limited by your imagination. It's your character, so make it someone you want to write about. DO NOT CONSIDER STORY DETAILS IN THIS PHASE. Simply do a small write up on your character.

Sample character sketchEdit

Name: General FuqtardEdit

Occupation: Unemployed Dictator

General Disposition: imperious and angry

Background: General Jebidiah Fuqtard was born in a small banana republic, in his college years he jumped on the socialism band wagon. Joining the military he rose to the rank of General and eventually initiated a coup of the Capitalist Regime. General Fuqtard imposed a socialist regime which failed within a few years. Now unemployed and bitter that his social utopia has failed, Fuqtard seeks revenge against the Capitalist system for succeeding where Socialism failed. That it failed because its inherently flawed does not occur to him, he is sure it was the capitalist dogs. General Fuqtard is plotting his revenge....



Describe the most important things about your character, but don't write long pages of background about the character. Try to keep it a brief sketch, just a paragraph or two, so the other writers can quickly and easily understand who your character is. Currently no limit is imposed on the number of participants, but logically a story can only handle so many main characters at a time. We will deal with this when it becomes a problem.

attention: The section above is for examples showing what a character description can look like. For your actual character that will be in the story, list the character at Participants.

Procedures for building the storyEdit

1 - After a few characters have been defined, the first few participants will start a story that can accommodate all of the initial characters. After you create a character then you can discuss the plot at the main talk page for authors.

2 - Later arrivals. No contributing writer may edit their character into an earlier scene (written before you join the collaboration). When you create your character then you have to jump in where ever the story currently is, no going back to work yourself into older parts of the story.

3 - Do no writing for any character but your own - MOST IMPORTANT

4 - Please Avoid reading the story before you create your character. It might require some hard thought and creativity in order to fit all the characters into a story, but it can be done!

One of the main goals is to free the creative process from restriction as much as possible without complete chaos. That is why character creation is encouraged before reading the story and jumping in. We will try to keep things in small chapters so people don't have to do a lot of catching up before they jump in.


Talk about and plan the project in the chat channel:


Continue to Introduction

Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3

Other pages: Introduction pageCharactersGlossaryDisclaimerall on one pagemain talk page for the story

For authors (warning: plot details!): Rules page for the collaborationAuthors plan the plotTimelineNavigation template

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