Full name: Kenta Hamasaki
Occupation: (Minor) Project Leader for a cosmetic marketing company
General disposition: Carefree, optimistic, but has bipolar disorder (bipolar I). Slips into fits of rage and episodes of depression.

Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Age: 30 as of April 2009


Mirror World project leader Kenta Hamasaki was born in July 1979 in Phoenix to Japanese immigrant parents Tatsuya Hamasaki and Koume Kanagawa. He grew up in a loving home with his younger sister Ayumi, although he states that [now] he "grew up too quickly". Kenta often did drugs in his teenage years but stopped when he realized how much it was killing him. After rehabilitation, he led a troubled life that was haunted by memories of his parents' succumbing to sickness. It was around these years where he developed bipolar I.

Kenta attended the University of Phoenix when he was 18 in the fall of 1997, but dropped out in 1999. Immediately after dropping out, he married his girlfriend Jenna Hill and had a child the same year. After having two children, Sakura and Kellan Hamasaki, Kenta decided to find a job at the Arizona cosmetic company Mirror World. Though they were wary of hiring a dropout, Kenta quickly proved he had all the right skills to land a career as the leader of a minor project for advertising a new perfume.

Currently, Kenta is on the road with a road crew that is to represent Mirror World and market their new product.

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