Flarsh is from Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. It had been away from home for a long time and was surprised to note on its way back that life on Earth had evolved significantly in its absence. Flarsh has decided to come in for a closer look, having landed its UFO in central park and disguised it as a fountain, Flarsh has used it's shapeshifting abilities to blend in with us earthlings in an effort to try and understand us. This is all very strange for Flarsh...

Flarsh's natural state is a sort of malleable jelly. Flarsh can mimic the physical/organic properties of anything it sees but is genderless and very confused by human interaction. Flarsh uses the power of thought to accomplish things, eventually it will evolve into a gas and be free of the limits of the physical body, then finally transform into the basic state from which all matter is derived: PURE ENERGY

Initially as Flarsh approached Earth, there was a small accident, a sort of fender bender really. It did not even scuff the paint on the saucer but the Defense Department Satellite that got hit and went burning through the atmosphere, it raised quite a few eyebrows on the way down. Being a Telepathic creature, meaning a creature with the concious capacity for telepathy, not one with the capacity but without the knowledge, a human for instance, Flarsh is very sensitive to the mental background noise. Initially it is the cause of great confusion but eventually Flarsh is able to sort through the tumult of emotions and ideas swirling around in the psychic soup of Earth. Flarsh decides to put down in the only place it thinks its arrival will not cause any commotion, of course Flarsh doesn't understand humans at all. The initial landing of the saucer occurs in the middle of the night, a couple of homeless people notice and one offers the friendly advice to Flarsh, who had shapeshifted into a cat by now, that maybe disguising the saucer as a fountain might make it less obvious.

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