Canska castle, site of the Museum of Ancient and Modern Technologies. The Shahdagh Mountains are a southern spur of the Caucasus Mountains.

Initial sketchEdit

Exta Ghantesvara is a semi-retired former photographer and, now, head curator of Canska castle, located on its dramatic perch above the Swift river in the foothills of the Shahdagh Mountains. In her youth, Exta attained a fair amount of recognition as a photographer, initially working for several newspapers, but then spent most of her career freelancing. As an independent and successful professional, she never took time for the task of creating a family.

Exta has always been outspoken and gregarious. She maintains contact with a large, if widely scattered, network of correspondents who have been her friends, business partners and subjects of photographic portrait sessions over the course of many decades. The assistant curators of Canska castle regard Curator Ghantesvara as something of an absentee administrator. Exta gives her assistants full administrative authority during her absences, which are frequent and often long. Not a few of the junior curators would prefer that they be allowed to travel more, but Exta claims almost every travel opportunity (usually offers of donations to the Castle's collections) for herself. She has many friends and acquaintances who are eager to host her for a few days whenever she travels to a nearby destination.

Exta has always had a dark side, built up over time, starting from her earliest years and arising from self-doubts and a sense that she has never really found her true place in life. Her sense of alienation started with her failure to establish an empathic relationship with her own parents; she left home at the age of 16. Constantly plagued by strange compulsions and what nearly constitutes a chorus of inner voices, she is never comfortable having to stay in one place for more than just a few days. She still hopes, before she dies, to resolve her sense that some unseen mystery about her life remains to be revealed. Her hair is now transitioned from blond to gray, her long back is slightly bent contrary to the graceful arch it had in her youth and she wonders how many years of healthy late maturity remain.

After seeing other charactersEdit

Initially, I was trying to make it possible for the Exta Ghantesvara character to be suitable for either a science fiction story or some other type of story. The Flarsh character seems to open the door to including science fiction elements in the story.

The "unseen mystery" of Exta's life, mentioned above, is that her body has been used as a host for nanites. These nanorobotic devices are of extraterrestrial origin. Extraterrestrials make use of Exta as an "observer" of the development of human civilization on Earth. Thus, Exta functions as something of a puppet for extraterrestrials who are watching Earth. One of the special uses for "puppets" like Exta is to aid in the detection of unauthorized aliens on Earth. The extraterrestrials who have infected Exta with nanites believe that extraterrestrials should not themselves visit planets like Earth and certainly should not interfere with the course of events on Earth. Flarsh is an example of the kind of unauthorized extraterrestrial that Exta helps to detect.


I'm interested in the idea that Exta Ghantesvara would go to New York City in order to investigate strange events associated with the arrival of Flarsh on Earth. I've started thinking about the timing of her trip from Canska castle to New York (see the Timeline). It might take a few days for Exta to respond to the presence of Flarsh on Earth.

Exta Ghantesvara is a human, but she has been genetically engineered to be a good host for nanites of extraterrestrial origin. She can function in two behavior modes. Much of the time she behaves like a normal human and has no conscious awareness that she is a host for nanites. However, some of the time the nanites allow Exta to remember that she is an Observer. As an Observer on Earth, Exta is a special agent who monitors events on Earth and make reports to extraterrestrials. Her routine reports concern the development of new technologies on Earth. The extraterrestrials who receive reports from Exta are particularly concerned about the danger of humans causing ecological catastrophes on Earth. They also frown upon advanced life forms interfering with the course of events on a primitive world like Earth.

I'm interested in exploring the "Exta Ghantesvara" character because I want to think about the idea that Observers on Earth might not have full conscious control of their memories and might be "puppet-like"; an approach I have not previously explored in the Exodemic Fictional Universe.

Interactions with FlarshEdit

How Exta Ghantesvara reacts to Flarsh depends heavily on what Flarsh does while on Earth. If Flarsh is doing nothing alarming then Exta might just watch for a while. If Flarsh starts altering the course of human history, Exta might take action aimed at removing Flarsh from Earth. If possible, Exta might try to communicate directly with Flarsh. Much depends on the history of Flarsh. The extraterrestrials who control Exta's activities as an Observer have been watching Earth for millions of years. Are they already familiar with Flarsh or will this be first contact between Flarsh and the extraterrestrials who control Exta?

  • 1) assume that Flarsh hangs out in the park in the form of a cat until....
  • 2) Exta knowing nothing about Flarsh, happens to run through the park: she notices some people around the fountain and her nanite devices detect a strange signal
  • 3) the strange signal seems to be passing between the fountain and a cat
  • 4) the strange signal triggers Exta to enter "Observer mode" but it does not match anything in her database of alien communications technologies
  • 5) she tries to communicate with the cat
  • see Wiki Fiction Stew / The Tale of Exta and Flarsh

Other charactersEdit

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