Name: Adam Stanley

Occupation:Capitalist Dog

General Disposition:Greedy, selfish.

Background:He’s an expatriate from the United States Bible Belt and a strong Right Wing Republican Party supporter at home. There are responsible capitalists but he isn’t. He likes this banana republic because there are not the restrictions on business that exist in the United States. Stanley is pleased that he doesn’t have to worry too much about issues like preventing industrial accidents. Stanley also appreciates that he doesn’t have to pay taxes to support a welfare system. He likes it that his employees are totally dependent on him and face destitution if he sacks them. That way he can drive his wage slaves the way real slaves are driven. Stanley argues that taxing rich people is unchristian but it may be unclear how far he believes in Christianity and how far he uses his controversial interpretation of Christianity to push his selfish agenda.

When I wrote this I thought the group had already decided to set this in a banana republic. if the story is set in the United States Stanley is a United States citizen who has business interests in a banana republic where he spends quite a bit of time but he can have business interests in the United States too. Stanley's roots are from the Bible Belt but he may have business interests and spend time anywhere.

To prevent legal action it will probably be necessary to compare Stanley and Schlafly regularly and make clear that Schlafly isn't accused of anything that can't be proved against him.

His name and his political beliefs are a bit similar to those of Andrew Schlafly but the similarity doesn't necessarily go further. For one thing Adam Stanley is successful at least at the start of the story Schlafly is less successful. It should not be assumed that Schlafly and Stanley have the same character flaws. Andrew Schlafly has a reputation for making threats of legal action that he doesn't carry out so this must be clear, the two aren't the same in every respect.

Other charactersEdit

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