Authors of this story are openly seeking contributions to this work.
Feel free to add to edit to your heart's content. Just try to follow the vein of the story and make sure you understand the author's intention by having properly read existing content. For major changes, please discuss them. Thank you. See Collaborative fiction.

You are invited to join this collaborative story writing project.

What is it?Edit

Each participant creates a character. The characters then interact in a story that is written collaboratively by all the participants.

How to participateEdit

Interact with other participants on the planning page.

Create a description subpage for your character at a new page called Wiki fiction stew/name of your character.

Please consult the planning page before joining the fun, it outlines the process: planning page.

The tentative start date for the first story is April 18....if all those involved do not agree or are not available then we will reschedule. Can we send out email reminders to people who sign up through wikia or do we need to do that ourselves?

Get your character ready and don't forget to to read the planning page : planning page


List your username and your character's name.

Note: after you create a character, you can discuss plans for the story at the main talk page for authors. Other options for collaboration: use email or Internet Relay Chat (IRC):

Why "stew"Edit

In cooking a "Stew" usually has big chunks of vegetables that are thrown into a pot and stirred around. In "wiki stew", each participant makes a character that is then thrown into the plot of a story.


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Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3

Other pages: Introduction pageCharactersGlossaryDisclaimerall on one pagemain talk page for the story

For authors (warning: plot details!): Rules page for the collaborationAuthors plan the plotTimelineNavigation template

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