Greed / Sloth confrontation

Big Red d. The Viking

Ubergeek (w/ Geek Girl) Vs. Occam Razor

"The Ubermensch," Solomon Koresh d. Claw

Owner enters, and stands on the ramp.

  • OWNER: "You know what, last week I said I'm sick of these accusations. And I am. I'm at my witts end with you. I can't deal with you guys and you guys coming out, week after week, with your accusations of Conspiracy against me, or anyone you don't like. So I've decided my only choice is to appoint someone who can deal with you. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the new Commissioner of Wiki World Wrestling: Commissioner Sadist."

  • OWNER: "Effective immediately, Commissioner Sadist has the power to make whatever matches he wants, with whatever stipulations he sees fit."

The Company Man (w/ Secretary) d. Shadow Hunter

Extreme TV Match: Working Class Man Vs. Born Again

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