Opening Segment Edit

All the wrestlers from the Heavyweight Division who are wrestling tonight (Greed, Fat Boy, Pride, Envy, Reverend Vengeance, Sloth, Lust, and The Revolutionary) are standing ringside, with the Owner in the middle, as happened a month ago.

  • OWNER: "Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what a true champion looks like (Owner points to the entranceway)."

The Enforcer enters the arena.

  • OWNER: "Last month, we had a tournament to determine who was the best of the best in the Extreme Division when we put the Extreme Cup on the line. And The Enforcer was the guy who came out on top. Well, to see who is the best in the heavyweight division. We're going to repeat the tournament as a straight round robin tournament, and whoever has the mettle will win the Heavyweight Cup at this upcoming Pay Per View, and a shot at the inagural World Championship one month later..."

Conspiracy Theorist and Born Again enter the arena.

  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "Hey, owner, just a little question, what do you mean by a straight round robin tournament?"
  • OWNER: "Well, we'll have the first four round one matches LIVE HERE TONIGHT! And the rest spread out to next week, and instead of having the second chance round in week four (as we did for the Extreme Cup)."
  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "So, then, it turns out that your good buddy, the Working Class Man, received preferential treatment which favoured him over the wrestlers in the Heavyweight Division?! Well, beginning with the Pay Per View, we've begun formenting a Conspiracy of our own!"
  • BORN AGAIN: "You know, Owner, there are two kinds of people in this world: the damned and the saved. Those who are with us, and those who are against us. Those who are with us are the saved, and anyone against us is DAMNED IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY! After the Pay Per View, I explained this philosophy to the Conspiracy Theorist, and I explained how the United States Government had a conspiracy against the original Branch Davidians, and our Messiah, David Koresh, in particular, which prevented him from fulfilling the prophecy the first time around. But, that being said, we - the New Branch Davidians - believe that there will a third coming, when David Koresh will come again. Conspiracy Theorist has decided to join me as a brother in The New Brnach Davidians, and our mission here in Wiki World Wrestling."
  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "That's right, and we're putting together a united front against your bossom buddies who lost matches in the tournament yet still won titles, such as Working Class Man and The Enforcer."
  • BORN AGAIN: "Enforcer, we will deal with you later, but not tonight. Your time will come, don't worry. As it will for Working Class Man, and as it will for those Godless Communist Comrades!"
  • OWNER: "You know what? I've worked hard to earn the money to set up this Federation. I've tried hard to be a fair and honest broker. And it pisses me off that you guys come out here, week in week out accusing myself, and the hard working wrestlers here who have fought hard to win their titles, of being part of a Grand Conspiracy against you. Well, the only reason why the Comrades, the Anarchy Alliance, the Enforcer, the Working Class Man, and the American Patriot all have titles, and you don't, is because they worked hard and fought hard to get them. Do you know what a self-fulfilling prophecy is? You'll find out next week!"
  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "ARE YOU THREATENING US?! If you want to reveal stuff next week, then so will we! YOU'RE AGAINST ME! YOUR AGAINST US! YOU MUST DIE!"

Born Again, Reverend Vengeance, and Conspiracy Theorist both lunge at, and begin attacking, The Owner. The Enforcer pulls them off him and fights back, until security breaks up the brawl, dragging Conspiracy Theorist, Born Again, and Reverend Vengeance towards the locker room. As they get dragged off, the three shout "Your time is coming, Enforcer! It's nigh! Rot in Hell!" To the Enforcer, who is standing in the middle of the ring next to a fallen Owner.

Heavyweight Cup Round 1: Match 1 Edit

  • OWNER (laying injured in the ring): "Why didn't any of you help me up?"
  • GREED: "I can't speak for everyone else, but what was in it for me - Greed?! I'll tell you: NOTHING! No money, and apparently no chance for a conspiracy to help me win the World Title. Because I only do what's in my interests. I'm a mercenary who will fight for money, and I fight for my own private glory. Because I AM the embodyment of GREED! And GREED... IS GOOD!"
  • OWNER: "Well, Greed, if you're so good, you can kick off this tournament by taking on Fat Boy RIGHT NOW!"

Pride, Envy, Reverend Vengeance, Sloth, Lust, and The Revolutionary return ot the locker-room, leaving Greed and Fat Boy to begin the first match.

Fat Boy d. Greed. During the match, Anarchist and Zealot of the Anarchy Alliance approached ringside, and attack Greed behind the referees back. After the match, Fat Boy grabs a submarine sandwhich and a microphone from ringside.

  • FAT BOY eating the sandwich: "Hey guys, thanks for your assistance. But who are you, and why are you here?"
  • ZEALOT: "He's Anarchist. I'm Zealot. We're the Anarchist Alliance, and we're recruiting new members in order to build an Anarchist Army right here in Wiki World Wrestling."
  • ANARCHIST: "That's right. We fight against anyone or anything - big business, organised religion, cults, the Government, society - who wants to tell us what to do. We do what we want, when we want, where we want."
  • ZEALOT: "Like for example - no offence to you - but for years, society has told you that you don't fit in, because you're too fat. So have authority figures. Big Business has sold you diet pills. Why not be honest with yourself and fight for who you are? We don't give a flying fuck what others think of us, we fight for Anarchism. Similarly, we don't give a fuck - we won't judge you on your weight. We want you in our Army, and we want you to help us smash the same authority figures who have, for so long, held you down.
  • FAT BOY: "So I get to eat whatever I want without being made to feel guilty?"
  • ZEALOT: "Fuck yeah! So you gonna join us?"
  • FAT BOY: "Fuck yeah!"
  • ANARCHIST: "Oh, speaking of new soldiers for the Anarchist Army, are the Libertarians here? Are you guys going to take us up on our offer to join the Anarchist Army?"

Liberty appears in the enteranceway.

  • LIBERTY: "Hey, I appreciate you guys helping us out last night. But just a couple of things... telling a fat man to do what he likes without mentioning personal repsoncibility is an incredibly irresponcible thing to do. Fat Boy, you eat what you like, but you deal with the consequences. And as for you, Anarchist, you have never shown us you are good enough to join up with us. I mean, we took you and Zealot out on this very show a couple of weeks ago. And, in round one of the Extreme Cup, I took you out. What have you got to show for yourselves?!"
  • ANARCHIST: "Oh nothing... Except for the EXTREME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Say, where are your titles?"
  • LIBERTY: "Yeah, we don't have any, we lost the World Tag Team match..."
  • ZEALOT: "So Liberty, we've got something you want, yeah?"
  • LIBERTY: "Sure. We've shown ourselves - so far - to be the better tag team. And we will take you on for the Tag Team belts."
  • ZEALOT: "Well, since we've got something you want - our World Title belts - and you've got something we want - your alliegiance to our Anarchist Army. Why not make a match at the Pay Per View?"
  • LIBERTY: "You're on! It's 2 and 0, and at the Pay Per View we make it 3 and 0, with us winning the Extreme Tag Titles. LIBERTY... OR DEATH!"

Segment 2Edit

Heavyweight Cup Round 1: Match 2 Edit

Heartland Pride (w/ Vixxen) d. Envy

Heavyweight Cup Round 1: Match 3 Edit

The Revolutionary (w/ Shewolf) d. Lust

Heavyweight Cup Round 1: Match 4 Edit

  • SLOTH: "You know what, I can't be bothered wrestling for you people tonight. So I'll give $5,000 to anyone who will wrestle on my behalf."

Greed enters.

  • GREED: "See, this is the kinda thing I was talking about earlier. I will gladly wrestle, on your behalf, for cash. After all, GREED IS GOOD."
  • SLOTH: "You think you can take on this Reverend Vengeance guy? Fine, so be it. But I want to see RESULTS, Damnit! You'll get paid on victory."

Sloth leaves the ring, followed by Reverend Vengeance's enterance.

  • REVEREND VENGEANCE: "Well, looks like I'll be taking you on tonight. Let me introduce myself, and explain why I joined in assault of the Owner. See, my name is Reverend Vengeance, and I am a High Priest of the New Branch Davidians. And, until Koresh comes again, I run the Church."
  • GREED: "I am doing this for cash, not love. I don't care who you are..."
  • REVEREND VENGEANCE: "No, you have been led to participate in this match by the Sin of Greed. As Conspiracy Theorist put it earlier tonight, you are either with us, and you go to heaven, or you are like all these sinners out here in the audience, and you are against us, and will burn in hell for all eternity. The fact that you have been led here by greed clearly shows which side you are on in that equaltion, and the necessary reason for your destruction. TO THE FIREY PITS OF HELL YOU GO!"

Reverend Vengeance Vs. Greed begins.

Mid match, Reverend Vengeance goes out to the outside. "BROTHERS! I COMMAND THOU TO COME OUT AND ASSIST!"

Conspiracy Theorist and Born Again enter, carrying chairs. Reverend Venegance tackles Greed to the ground, then picks him up and throws him over the top rope, and he lands near the feet of Born Again and Conspiracy Theorist, who proceed to attack him with their chairs, and then roll him back into the ring, where Reverend vengeance wins by pinfall. Reverend Vengeance grabs a mike.

  • REVEREND VENGEANCE: "The PROPHECY is that we will dominate Wiki World Wrestling. We are committed to the Prophecy. The War of Armageddon is nigh, and upon the return of Koresh, we will get vengeance against all the Conspirators and the sinners. This Greedy Little Man is but the first example. ALL OF YOU HEATHENS WILL ROT IN HELL!"

Meanwhile, live footage plays of Working Class Man getting out of his car...

Extreme TV Title Match Edit

Working Class Man enters on to the stage.

WORKING CLASS MAN: "You know, every week I come out here, and there is more and more nonsense from this Conpiracy Theory spewing moron. You see, I've worked hard, every damn day of my life. I worked hard to get in this Federation, and I worked hard to get this here Extreme TV title. To have this lazy dillusional maniac claim my success is not because of hard work, but rather because some big-shot promoter, just pisses me off. Now Conspiracy Theorist, if you have anything to say, I dare you to say it to my face."

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "Yeah, but you got a second chance..."

WORKING CLASS: "Yeah, after I lost to the Enforcer, who has only ever been beaten once. A guy a foot taller than me. That's why I ended up with the Extreme TV Title, and not the Extreme Cup. But that's fine, I'm not one to shy away from a hard day's work; I'm a fighting man. And the TV title is a fighting man's Championship. And I intend to defend it EVERY week. The truth is, back in round one, the only reason you couldn't and didn't beat me is NOT because anyone interfered on my behalf, and not because of a crooked ref. No, the only reason you lost was because you weren't good enough to beat me. You know come whinin' out here every week that there was some conspiracy, tryin' to tarnish this here Extreme TV Title? Now the tournament is over, I'll take you on anywhere at any time. Three words, my friend: KISS! MY! ASS!"

Working Class Man runs to the ring.

Match begins between Working Class Man and Conspiracy Theorist.

Working Class Man d. Conspiracy Theorist (with Born Again and Reverend Vengeance) by DQ, following interference from Reverend Vengeance and Born Again.

Born Again, Reverend Vengeance and Conspiracy Theorist continue to attack Working Class Man post-match.

Sadist enters, and goes on the offensive against Born Again, Reverend Vengeance and Conspiracy Theorist.

As he does, a large figure wearing a black cloak enters the ring, and proceeds to Choke-slam both the Sadist and Working Class Man. As the show goes off the air, Born Again, Reverend Vengeance and Conspiracy Theorist kniel down and begin bowing in the direction of the figure in the cloak.

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