The Sadist d. Born Again by DQ Edit

DQ Finish, after interference by Klinger to 'help' Born Again.

BORN AGAIN: "What the HELL are you DOING?!"

KLINGER: "I wanted to help you out. See, I'm you're friend, and that's what friends do! I'm sorry about last week, I really..."


KLINGER: "Wait! Are we still friends?"

The Conspiracy Theorist d. Klinger Edit

Conspiracy Theorist defeats Klinger, after interference by Born Again assisting Conspiracy Theorist.

Born Again rejects Klinger's 'friendship' and demands a match between himself and Klinger at the Pay Per View.

Meanwhile the conspiracy theorist tracks down The Sadist, in a first-aid room.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "You have a TV in here I see. Why was it Born Again, and not you, who interfered on my behalf. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A TAG TEAM! Are you part of the GRAND CONSPIRACY against ME?!"

THE SADIST: "If you haven't noticed, I'm getting bandaged up right now!"

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "Oh sure you are. By your PHONY doctors! Bet you expect me to also believe there was no-one behind the grassy knoll in Dallas?!"

SADIST: "And I didn't see you LIFT A FUCKING FINGER to help me against Born Again! Where the fuck were you then?! See, that's what pisses me off about you! When you're on the recieving end, everyone is 'conspiring against you.' You ain't so quick to jump up and down and proclaim yourself as a conspirator when you ain't carrying your weight!"

CONSPIRACY: "So you're now accusing ME of being a conspirator? I KNEW IT! You are against me! YOU MUST BE DESTROYED!"

SADIST: "Fine, if you think I'm the enemy, then I'll see you Sunday at the pay per view, when this Sadist will INFLICT! SOME! PUNISHMENT! Now get the fuck outta here, I need some more stitches."

CONSPIRACY: "Why wait until Sunday?!" *Conspiracy Theorist begins attacking The Sadist. The doctors and nurses, and then security, attempting pull them apart*



Questioning Minds (The Skeptic and Disillusioned Soul) (Loser Match 9 / Loser Match 10) Vs. The Comrades Edit

Winner gets a shot at the World Tag Title at the PPV, Loser gets a shot at the Extreme Tag Title at the PPV.

Winner: The Comrades.

The Libertarians (Liberty and Clone) (Loser Match 11 / Loser Match 12) Vs. Anarchy Alliance (The Anarchist and Zealot) Edit

Winner gets a shot at the World Tag Title at the PPV, Loser gets a shot at the Extreme Tag Title at the PPV.

Liberty walks down to the ring, along with Clone, who is dressed as The Anarchist.

  • LIBERTY: "You know, I was having a look down the booking sheet for tonight, and I noticed that me and this guy, the Clone, have a match against Zealot... and my old pal THE ANARCHIST. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's go back to a few weeks ago..."

Footage on the big screen of Liberty saying "I think that Big Government should get out of my personal life, and out of the economy; let the market decide! And, when the wheat gets sorted from the chaff, no doubt some of these wrestlers - who don't have half the physical prowess of Liberty - will be out here crying how Liberty stole their title... you're a hypocritical coward! You SOOOO hate big business that you have no problem turning up here to fight however you like to draw a paycheque from the owner! As for who 'has what it takes,' BRING IT ON, BITCH!"

  • CLONE: "Hey, Liberty, I got something to say here, Mr. Liberty! And you know what, just like you, I hate the Government; hell, I'm all for free pot. But unlike you, I actually do love freedom. That's why I don't just hate the Government, I hate how big business and organised religion - as well as the Government - grind down the working man; I don't need ANYONE to tell me what's right or wrong, or how to run my life. Unlike you, and you're pro corporate sucking up. Let the market decide? Let's face it, you don't want real freedom, you're a right wing coward. And I don't think that a nice, middle class Libertarian like yourself has what it takes to cut the mustard in the extreme division."
  • LIBERTY (holding in laughter): "Nice re-enactment there Clone. So who was the one who couldn't cut the mustard?"

Footage from two weeks ago, showing Liberty pinning The Anarchist.

  • LIBERTY: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I must be a psychic. Because, last week, This wannabe punk The Anarchist was one of eight wrestlers crying about not making it further in the Extreme Cup, begging for a second chance:"

Footage from last week in split screen, on one side of The Anarchist standing ringside, and on the other of The Owner saying "Two weeks ago, I kicked off the Extreme Cup. My aim in doing so is to find the best of the best to crown as the inagural Wiki World Wrestling Champions... Well, I gave you all a chance, and you were the guys who couldn't cut the mustard! ... I'm giving you a second chance! That's right, I need some tag teams to win the Extreme Tag Titles at the pay per view, and the World Tag Titles. And maybe some of you aren't cut out for singles competition. That's fine. You have a chance to prove yourself tonight as a tag team!"

  • LIBERTY: "Anarchist, you're STILL a worthless hyporite, and your wannabe-Punk ass STILL can't beat me. So tonight, with a WORLD tag shot on the line for the winner, and an EXTREME tag shot for the loser..."

Zealot enters the ring.

  • LIBERTY: "...who the hell are you?"
  • ZEALOT: "I'm Zealot. And I want to tell you a story. See, Anarchist has shown me the light; that Freedom is the way forward. And I'm here to convert you all to the house of freedom! The house of the Anarchist Alliance! Now Liberty, you and Anarchist got off on the wrong foot. But the truth is, we're all here in the Extreme Division because we all love the same thing: freedom. And really, the four of us have far more in common than you'd ackowledge. We all think that Big Government crushes the little guy, you said as much last week. And, before I came out here, I had a flick through some Ayn Rand; she thinks that organised religion is nothing but superstition, and there's a good chance we agree. So we all think that religion also crushes the little guy..."
  • ZEALOT: "Anyway, my point is this: We have more in common than you give us credit for. So we can nit-pick over small difference, or we can form an alliance here. Your call. Everyone is welcome to join the house of the Anarchist Alliance."
  • LIBERTY: "Look, you make some good points. And you know what, I'll have to think about it; you might have converted me, and I'll have to think about it. But the fact remains, that we're booked for a match. Winner gets a World Tag shot. Loser just gets an Extreme Tag shot. And given I've already kicked Anarchist's ass, right now you look like Klinger sucking up to the Enforcer. If you're serious about this, get back to me when it DOESN'T look like you're backing out of a fight!"
  • ZEALOT: "I understand; business is business."
  • LIBERTY: "No, this ain't about business is business. This is about LIBERTY OR DEATH. So BRING IT ON, BITCH!"

The Anarchist comes in through the crowd and kicks down the Clone to state the match.

Winner: The Libertarians.

Extreme Cup, Round 4: Match 15 Edit

The Enforcer (Loser, Match 13) Vs. Working Class Man (Winner, Match 14). Loser gets an Extreme TV Title Shot.

Winner: The Enforcer

Extreme Cup, Round 4: Match 16 Edit

The Massochist (Loser, Match 14) Vs. American Patriot (Winner, Match 13). Loser gets an Extreme TV Title Shot.

Winner: American Patriot

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