Born Again d. Klinger by DQ Edit

DQ Finish when The Comrades attack Born Again. Klinger and The Comrades are soon joined by The Sadist in a four - on - one beatdown before security intervenes. Born Again then heads to Conspiracy Theorist's locker room rather than his own.


  • OWNER: "Welcome to the first monthly Wiki World Wrestling Pay Per View. We will decide - TONIGHT - who gets the inagural Extreme Tag Titles, out of the Anarchy Alliance and the Questioning Minds. We will decide - TONIGHT - whether The Comrades or The Libertarians have what it takes to become inagural World Tag Champions. We will deicde who wins the Extreme TV Title out of Working Class Man and The Massochist. And - Finally - American Patriot will face off against The Enforcer, to see who deserves the Rxtreme Champions, and who deserves the Extreme Cup AND a shot at being the inagural World Champion! But before all that, we have a grudge match between The Sadist and The Conspiracy Theorist. So, enough talk, let's get this show on the road.

The Sadist d. The Conspiracy Theorist by DQ Edit

Conspiracy Theorist enters, Owner takes a step back.

  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "YOU! I'm watching you very closely, and who gets screwed tonight..."
  • OWNER: "I ain't here to screw anyone. The best people will win the Titles, and..."

The Sadist enters

  • SADIST: "Don't worry, this worthless motherfucker can't keep his word. Take a look at this..."

Footage of Sadist, from last week in the First Aid room, saying "And I didn't see you LIFT A FUCKING FINGER to help me against Born Again! Where the fuck were you then?! See, that's what pisses me off about you! When you're on the recieving end, everyone is 'conspiring against you.' You ain't so quick to jump up and down and proclaim yourself as a conspirator when you ain't carrying your weight!" Conspiracy Theorist responded "So you're now accusing ME of being a conspirator? I KNEW IT! You are against me! YOU MUST BE DESTROYED!" The taped footage ends with Sadist saying "Fine, if you think I'm the enemy, then I'll see you Sunday at the pay per view, when this Sadist will INFLICT! SOME! PUNISHMENT! Now get the fuck outta here, I need some more stitches."

  • SADIST: "Well, Conspiracy Theorist, I'm here to INFLICT SOME PUNISHMENT on YOU TONIGHT!"

Owner clears the ring, and the match begins.

DQ Finish when Born Again attacks The Sadist. Post match, Born Again and The Conspiracy Theorist both engage in a beat-down of The Sadist.

  • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: "Hey, Born Again, it's high time we launched a Conspiracy of our Own!"

Extreme Tag Title Match Edit

Anarchy Alliance (The Anarchist and Zealot) d. Questioning Minds (The Skeptic and Disillusioned Soul).

Anarchy Alliance are awarded the inagural Extreme Tag Title.

World Tag Title Match Edit

The Comrades (Left-Wing Radical and The Unamerican) (with assistance from Klinger) d. The Libertarians (Liberty and Clone)

Post match, Klinger enters the ring, and Left-Wing Radical, The Unamerican, and Klinger all attack The Libertarians. Anarchy Alliance return to the ring through the crowd, and attack Klinger, the Unamerican, and Left Wing Radical, then throw them out of the ring. Born Again and Conspiracy Theorist enter and begin their beat-down of the Comrades outside the ring; meanwhile, in the ring, Zealot grabs a mike.

  • ZEALOT: "Remember when you said, last week, that if we're serious about getting you to join the Anarchy Alliance, to get back to you when it DOESN'T look like you're backing out of a fight? Well, we just saved your ass from being kicked by the Comrades because we're serious about this. The offer to join us is still open. Think about it."

Extreme TV Title Match Edit

Working Class Man (Loser, Match 15) d. The Massochist (Loser, Match 16).

Working Class Man is awarded the inagural Extreme TV Title.

Extreme Cup Final Edit

The Enforcer (Winner, Match 15) d. American Patriot (Winner, Match 16). American Patriot, having lost the match becomes the inagural Extreme Champion. The Winner - the Enforcer - gets the Extreme Cup, and a World Title shot at a future PPV.

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