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Extreme CupEdit

Is won in an annual Extreme Cup tournament, and is held for a period of 12 months. The winner has one guaranteed World Title shot at a Pay Per View.

The Extreme Cup takes place as follows:

Extreme brackets

Round 1:

Match 1: Wrestler A Vs. Wrestler B.

Match 2: Wrestler C Vs. Wrestler D.

Match 3: Wrestler E Vs. Wrestler F.

Match 4: Wrestler G Vs. Wrestler H.

Match 5: Wrestler I Vs. Wrestler J.

Match 6: Wrestler K Vs. Wrestler L.

Match 7: Wrestler M Vs. Wrestler N.

Match 8: Wrestler O Vs. Wrestler P.

Round 2:

Match 9: Winner, Match 1 Vs. Winner, Match 2.

Match 10: Winner, Match 3 Vs. Winner, Match 4.

Match 11: Winner, Match 5 Vs. Winner, Match 6.

Match 12: Winner, Match 7 Vs. Winner, Match 8.

Round 3:

Match 13: Winner, Match 9 Vs. Winner, Match 10.

Match 14: Winner, Match 11 Vs. Winner, Match 12.

Round 4:

Match 15: Loser, Match 13 Vs. Winner, Match 14. Loser gets an Extreme TV Title Shot.

Match 16: Loser, Match 14 Vs. Winner, Match 13. Loser gets an Extreme TV Title Shot.

Extreme Cup Final:

Winner, Match 15 Vs. Winner, Match 16. Loser gets an Extreme Title Shot. Winner gets the Extreme Cup, and a World Title shot.

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