There is a flash of yellow again, and then the entire texture of reality changes, as if it had been holding its breath. But no one is been around to notice.

Shortly afterwards, though, that changes. A mid-range car drives up to Chandler's Bookstore, and out of it steps Miranda Blake. She does feel a vague uneasiness as she steps out of the car, but it quickly passes. She simply attributes it to everything that hads been going on in her life lately. Still, at least some of these emotions would help fuel better stories... as would, no doubt, some of the things she'd find in that bookstore. As much as she considers Chandler a friend, she has no idea how he manages to find his store uninteresting. Nevertheless, he is definitely someone she could count on.

Still feeling a weird unease, though it is less, she knocks on the door. She sees Chandler in the shadows, opening the door hesitantly, as if he is afraid of something. This isn't characteristic of him. But the moment he sees it's her, he relaxes and lets her in.

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