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Second of the WikiStory:Styles

In series 2, there are multiple stories branching off from two choices in a story. These choices can happen at any point in the story. The point of this series is to express a variety of different perspectives, because in every story you write, there will be two options, in which you may continue the story from that point from the perspective of a different character.

I have drawn a simple map to help explain the movement of the story:

           J – W -- w
          /     X
         /     /
A – D – K – Y -- t
    E – L -- Z
       \    \
        \    a
        M – b

          N – e 
         /       f
        /       /
B – F – O – g -- u
   G -- P -- h
      \     \
       \     i 
       Q – j -- x

             l -- y
           R – m
          /    n
         /    /
C – H – S – o -- v
    I – T -- p
      \    \
       \    q
       U – r
          s -- z

In which the various letters are different stories. So, you start with your story, and in this case, I chose three options initially, and from then on two options.

For example: let's say the first story is about a woman named Catherine who runs away from her family, because of being mistreated by her husband. Within that story, you might have a number of characters, Catherine, her husband, her daughter, and maybe the man who picks her up in his truck. So, initially you would pick out three characters (for the first set of stories), the husband, daughter, and man in the truck, and at some point in Catherine's story, you would start writing from their perspective.

From then on, you would be telling a different story, and that would connect you with other people. And by the end, you will have an intricate web of personalities, styles, stories: a magnolia of experience.


Shrodinger's Cat
Cellular Civilization


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