"The universe and everything in it"

First of the WikiStory:Styles

The premise is that each noun is described in more detail, which leads to additional stories. For example:

You may start out simply, with a very short story or a scene of an area, a room, a landscape. Then, for every noun in that landscape, you describe it further, adding details you might not have added. These details are told objectively, as if you were only using the senses to observe, but you can include words within that description, which will take you to other stories.

So, if your first page of the story was, "From the northern corner of the sky, the wind comes. It arrives with a scent of spring, and wraps itself around a small cottage. The cottage is old, sitting on a sparse hill, and looks as if it had the flesh sucked off it. The boards are old, beaten, and the windows are smashed in. There are broken flowers perked up near the base, and piles of dark wood are stacked haphazardly about the hillside."

So then, you would take each noun that is observable: sky, wind, hill, scent, cottage, boards, windows, flowers, and wood. Each of those you give an extended description, and within the description, you use one of the words to link to another story. Remember --- to have it make sense. The idea here is of course art, but the best art is rooted in what we know, and that makes it beautiful.

So, if you are describing the flowers, you might say, "The flowers are twisted and broken almost beyond recongition. The petals are shredded, and they hang in the breeze, twittering and twitching. It was as if some great force came through, like a thief in the night, and took their beauty away, twisted away their strength, a monster of nature, a hideous wraith of the night. The flowers are like children whose legs have been crushed, and when they walk, they look like poor dolls."

So then, you might link "monster of nature" to a story of that particular monster, and you would then describe how the flowers were destroyed. And within the story of the monster, you would choose the nouns which were observable (and if there are multiple nouns, then just the first one), and describe those in more detail.


Once upon a time, a fairy tale about fairy tales, by diaskeaus


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