Andrew Philips was a Christian, and yet he had so many unanswered questions.

One of his friends said to him that these answers, and more, can be found at the great Buddhist Temple outside the town.

At first he was outrage how could a Christian look at another religion but his soul mind and body wanted answers so Andrew had no choice but to go to the Great Temple Rama Yana Xanot.

So he packed his essential stuff and started to head towards the temple on his journey the only thing that he could focus was if this was a wise decisions, he was thinking so hard what if he was doing a sinful thing was the God that he believed in going to punish him for doubting his powers, knowledge and love.

After a while Andrew could see the temple and now he was feeling so afraid so full of fear he even started to take a few steps back a couple of times because of the irrational fear he was feeling and yet he could not go back the temple was calling him he could feel that in his soul.

Finally he arrived at the temples garden where his fear had disappeared in a blink of an eye there he had a moment of peace seeing the amazing beauty of this garden.

He soon started to feel even more at peace when a beautiful voice almost divine asked him "Beautiful is it not? The entire universe lives in every flower."

Andrew started to wonder if he had died and he was visiting heaven, for as soon as he turned to see who had questioned him he was terrified to see a young girl of ineffable beauty.

It wasn't a physical beauty, it was a beauty beyond simple sight that he could not dare describe it at that exact moment in time and space. He was no more wondering, but he was certain that he had died; such beauty could only be found in God's Kingdom. Not only a physical beauty, but an entirely new beauty. He was walking on a new dimension; something he never believed possible.

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