The Fate of CharEdit

“All officers to the bridge- all officers to the bridge,” came the voice over the intercom on the TDS (Terran Defense Ship) Prometheus, one of the new Leviathan-class battlecruisers. As Michael walked through the halls, he wondered what was going on. There were almost never meetings like this, although there had been once when the Zerg had been discovered- and again when the Protoss had also been discovered. What event could be significant enough that it would call for another one?

As Michael arrived at the bridge, he saw many of his friends- Corporal Daniel Mitchells, Captain Bart Fisher, and Lieutenant Christopher Okon.

Then, Fleet Admiral Richard P. Weiss spoke. “Gentlemen, we have received intel from trusted sources that the Zerg have landed on Char, the planet we are currently orbiting. They have infested about a half of the planet, although not the capital city, Arems, has not been captured yet. The casualty rate is in the tens of millions, and many citizens have been infested. We are going to liberate Char, boys. We are going to rescue those tens of millions of people that are stranded on that planet.”

There were a few cheers at that.

“So, boys, we’re going to start with a planetary bombardment, with 300 of our Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles, which should work nicely. Then, we’re going in. We’re landing 5,000 of our best Marines, with Medics and Medievacs for support, with our new Crucio Siege Tanks. Questions?”

I find myself raising my hand.

“Yes, Captain?” came the Fleet Admiral’s voice.

“Will we have any air support?” I ask.

“No, because we don’t know about their air-defense capabilities- we did spot several spore colonies, however, as well as some dragon-lisks and hydras.”

“Oh.” I wonder if I’ll come out of this alive.

“So, any more questions?”

There are none.

“Then let’s roll.”


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