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The Datapoint computer company was and early maker of personal computers with a Microprocessor, a magnetic disk drive for memory storage, a CRT display and often a Selectric typewriter for printed output.


Electronic Data Systems; the company started by Henry Ross Perot.

Project JenniferEdit

Project Jennifer, see also Hughes Glomar Explorer.

Time travelEdit

The theoretical basis for travel through time was discovered in the 23rd century. By the year 2400, a series of tests had been performed confirming the fundamental limitation of the technology. First, the energy required to move matter through time was an exponential function of how far through time that matter was moved. Second, the energy required to move matter through time was an exponential function of how much matter was transported. Third, there was an addition effect that greatly increased the energy required to move matter through time to a point in the past where matter had previously been inserted into the timeline. The combined effect of all these technical limitations meant that while humans could use time travel to change their past, there were severe limitations on the number and types of changes that could be introduced to the past. Further, it was confirmed that there are no "time travel paradoxes". Altering the past creates a new timeline that is altered to avoid any possible paradoxes.


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