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Left to right, top row: Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Ross Perot, Anwar El Sadat, Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, bottom row: Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Shah of Iran, Richard Nixon

Characters from West Wing Wiki (in order of appearance).

Note: These are all fictionalized characters, but some are based on real individuals. See West Wing Wiki/Disclaimer.

Nancy WyattEdit

Assistant to Ross Perot at Electronic Data Systems. Discovers a floppy disk containing instructions from the future.

Ross PerotEdit

Henry Ross Perot. Computing entrepreneur who becomes the central figure in an attempt to use time travel to alter the development of technology on Earth. He founds the company Electronic Data Systems in 1962. His business ventures earn a large fortune. He has his body stored in liquid nitrogen upon his death.

Kerk Rainer FlyteEdit

The clone of Ross Perot who is sent back in time from the 25th century to 1965. Flyte assumes the identity of Perot and, using his knowledge from the future, changes the course of history.

Seymour HershEdit

Seymour Hersh is an investigative reporter with a special interest in revealing and exploring the actions of government officials that otherwise would never come to the attention of the public.

Margo BirminghamEdit

Wife of Ross Perot.


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