Astrographical information

Inner Territories


Way'toskian Province, Central Millian Governorate


Way'tosk system


1 (Star of Wa'isai)

Orbital position




  • Onan
  • Boaslai Var
Rotation period

26 standard hours

Orbital period

352 standard days

Physical information
Planet type

Class M



Primary terrain
  • Urban
  • Plains
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Oceans
Surface water

15% of surface

Points of interest
  • Almitian Conclave of Way'tosk
  • Great Palace of the Millian Emperors
  • Imperial Mausoleum of the Millian Empire
  • University of Way'tosk
  • Valley of the Millian Warriors
  • Imperial Crypt of the Millian Empire
  • Pleasure Complex of Heu'storr the Great
  • Millian Imperial Cathederal of Worship
  • Kuevian Mausoleum to the Gods
  • First Palace of King Genseric
  • Laurasian Theological Academy of Way'tosk
Societal information
Native species


Immigrated species
  • Laurasians
  • Kuevians
  • Boydarians
  • Shenandonans
  • Huntites
  • Vickians
  • Urians
  • Roastafarians
  • Temperanians
  • Hundreds of other species
Primary language(s)
  • Millian
  • Kuevian
  • Shenandonan
  • Boydarian
  • Temperanian
  • Laurasian
  • Dozens of other languages

Imperial Governorship


103.8 billion

  • 55% Millians
  • 25% Kuevians
  • 10% Temperanians
  • 5% Boydarians
  • 5% other (Laurasians, Shenandoanans, etc.)

Way'toskian (Millian)

Major cities
  • Dinai (capital and major city)
  • Cati
  • Gaiseci
  • Ansalai
Major imports
  • Starships
  • Processed minerals
  • Industrial equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Refined materials
  • Droids
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Luxury goods
  • Processed foods
Major exports
  • Agricultural goods
  • Medicinal products
  • Minerals
  • Prize animals
  • Raw materials

Laurasian Empire


Way'tosk, also known as Millia Prime or as the Jewel of the Ancient Empire, is the home world of the Millian species and the former capital world of the defunct Millian Empire (123-333 AH). As such, Way'tosk holds a important place in the Caladarian Galaxy. The Millians were a species whose DNA had been manipulated by the Founders about 100,000 BH. They developed space travel during the 2nd millennium BH and eventually became prominent in the latter centuries of the 1st millennium, although remaining subject to the authority of the Cyrian Empire, which was ultimately displaced by the Vickian Empire in the middle of the first century. Under the great Heu'storr (AH 106-140), the Millians arose to prominence, establishing an empire which eventually encompassed the Inner and Middle Territories. In AH 333, it was conquered by Sargon the Conqueror, and thereafter was under the rule of the Arachosian Empire (333-54); the Sennacherid Empire (354-534), of which it was the capital world of; the Kingdom of Temperance (534-619); the Lacian Khanate (619-654); the Kingdom of Temperance again (654-775); the Stellar Kingdom of Laurasia (775-814); the Dasian Empire (820s-840s); and finally, the Golden Horde (840s-1060s); before falling under the Venasian Khanate (1066-1130) and then the Kingdom of Kuevia (1130-1234). Way'tosk itself was conquered by the Laurasian Empire in the middle of the fifteenth century.

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