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Wutai is a headstrong nation with a warrior population. While at war with Shin-Ra Wutai is in crisis. Peace rallies are protesting the war and without the population's support Wutai may not hold on much longer. But with a new weapon in development Wutai may still have a chance...


Wutai Godo's House-

"This weapon will never work! We don't have the resources!", Muykai protested. "The mountains are still rich with ore I don't think your objection is logical!" The Head of Defense pleaded.

Godo sighed. There has been too much controversy on this subject already. His daughter, Yuffie, was too little to understand, he had no one to turn to. "Daddy?" came a quiet voice. "Are the Shin-Ra here?" "Not yet." Godo's voice came by shrill and the other members turned to look at him.

"Is there anything else you people would like to add?!" Godo shouted. Yuffie recoiled at his outbreak. "Sorry Yuffie." Godo cursed at himself. Silence followed. "We will start producing this weapon immediatly." Godo stated. "It hasn't even been voted on!" the Head of Defense replied. "I am the leader of this nation and what I say is final! Produce the weapon!" All the members quieted, "Yes sir." came their voices.

Chapter 1Edit

Base of Da-Chao-

Massive mining machines clogged the mountain, like insects feeding on a dead carcass. The normally crisp and quiet smelll of the wind was spoiled by the noise and smell of machinery. The very mountain on which he played as a child was being cannabalized. But Godo didn't feel any regret. The ore coming from the mountain was being used to build a weapon that could easily defeat the Shin-Ra and bring Wutai the honor that has for so long been kept from it.

"Sir," Muykai said with little breath. "There has been a bit of a mess in the North tunnel." Godo sighed and looked at the boy's eager face. "Let's take a look then."

What Godo saw was amazing. The machine used to mine the tunnel had sliced a tread and rolled over, making the rest of the tunnel inaccesable. It was unbelievable! The materials used to make the treads had been the finest on the planet. Yet there was a clear cut all the way through it. "Get it out of here." Godo hissed. "Sorry sir, but it is wedged between the supports." "Then take the supports out!" commanded Godo. "We cant do that either sir." "If we take out the supports the tunnel will collapse and the miners trapped inside will be crushed." Godo cursed silently. "Just see what you can do with it."

As Godo got back from the tunnel, he noticed Commander Tanli pacing near his porch. He walked over silently. "Tanli!" "What are you doing here?" he questioned. The man looked tired like he hadn't slept in days. "Yes Godo?" Tanli replied. "You didn't answer my question." Godo said accusingly. "I was waiting here for you. I really need your help on the front. The Shin-Ra have pushed us back to the shores west of Cosmo Canyon." "Do you need more men? What exactly are you asking of me?" "More men, but another warrior couldn't hurt." Godo smiled.

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