Chapter yellow and black... Edit

"'Ello!" Said the man in the yellow hat.

"Hey... Aren't you the guy from curious George?!" Asks you/reader.

"No... I just have a yellow hat and a British accent..." Says the man in the yellow hat.

"Then whats that monkey doing behind you?" Asks you/reader, pointing at a monkey standing behind the man.

"You know to much!" Yells the monkey in a Russian accent standing behind the man in the yellow hat.

"I agree!" Yells the man in the yellow hat in a Russian accent.

"Wait... What?" Asks you/reader backing away slowly.

"Shut up!" Yells the man in the yellow hat, slapping you on the right side of your head.

Everything goes black...

Chapter... Ummm... This thing> ~ Edit

You awake strapped to a table. The man in the yellow hat is looking at a large computer screen on the wall in front of you.

"Mwahahaha! Our plan to destroy the world is coming in line my friend!" The man in the yellow hat says.

"Indeed!" Yells the Monkey.

"I think our guest has waken up..." The monkey says jumping up to your face.

"What? Didn't know monkeys could talk?" Asks the monkey.

"No..." You say looking at the monkey.

"You will help us destroy the world..." Says the monkey laughing.

"...Now tell us what you know!" The monkey demands yelling in your face.

"I don't know what your talking about!" You yell struggling to get free from the table.

"WE know your a government agent!" The monkey yells staring you down.

"That's not true!" You yell at the monkey.

A knock is heard on the door and then-

"Откройтесь! Полиция!" Yells a ruff voice.

"Только через мой труп!" Yells the monkey.

The man in the yellow hat grabs a gun and points it at you.

"Мы имеем заложника!" Yells the man in the yellow hat. He unstraps you from the table and punches you.

Everything goes black. You can hear faint voices then gunshots slowly faiding away as you slip unconsiouse.

== Chapter Number ==

"Submit to our demands or more hostages will be killed!" Yells a familliar voice.

You slowly open your eyes and see the man in the yellow hat behind a turned over SUV next to you.

The monkey has a gun and is dragging a dead body out of the cover of the SUV and dumpster you are sitting up against.

The monkey comes back and points a gun at you. Your hands are tied behind your back and you mouth is taped shut.

"Your next..." Says the monkey putting the gun to your head.

Suddenly superman flies into the monkey and kills him taking the gun and shooting the man in the yellow hat. Blood splattered everywhere as superman picked you up and walked you out onto the street. A tank, police and military personel, military vehicles, and helicopters were aiming guns at the area.

They aimed at superman and yelled "Superman is working with the terrorists!"

They shot superman and he flew away with you under his arm. He drops you on top of a roof and grabs a stick of dynamite. He took the tape off your mouth and put the dynamite in and put the tape over the dynamite.

"They were right you know..." Superman says holding a match near the fuse.

"Blm bumbl... mmbl... gmmnl." You say, not able to speak with the dynamite in your mouth.

Satin appears next to superman

"Good job." Says Satin,k patting Superman on the back.

Jesus appears behind Satin with a knife. He stabs Satin and he falls to the ground covered with blood. He kills superman too...

"Hey, wassup." Jesus says walking over to you. He sees a red button on a wire leading over to you.

"Whats this do?" He said pressing the button.

"NNNNNNNNMMMMMM!" You yell just before your head explodes.

"Oh... My bad..." Jesus says staring at your corpse.

To be Continued?! Edit

(Yes in case you didn't know...)

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