Virus Control: Project Quarantine is the début full-length film by Shawn Troy. The film is a 2008 horror-zombie film about a world full of mutilated and deformed and other strange looking undead. The film was directed, written, and produced by Shawn Troy. The film stars EriK Frillery as Andrew Millers, Cassandra Mely as Sarah Millers, Corilynn Rose Woods as Briana Bourne, Andrew McClaine as Brent Reilly, and Will Ferrel as Mike Frinke, the head of a notorious gang called: Frinke's Gang.

Plot Edit

The film begins with Andrew narrating about a series of experiments, he was tested on, he was tested by Mike Frinke, he lost his job a few years later, soon, the virus was experimented on corpses' and then came a breakthrough: The dead came back, soon the corpses' disappeared, and starting killing the team off one-by-one.

A year later: A funeral hosted by Father Charles, he meets the friends of the most recently gruesome deaths, they all head outside, and a zombie comes and brutally kills Father Charles and soon more come and kill everyone, except for this eleven-year-old boy, Andrew, because they know he is one of them—but with more control—the undead soon kill everyone who survived.

Ten years later: Andrew is searching for the cure, but after a month search, he is not successful at all. Frinke's Gang sees Andrew, they chase him, but see he is skipping from crate to crate in the warehouse, soon they follow him to a group of zombies, they battle the zombies, but Mike is says "Fuck!" when he is bitten, and soon is viciously attacked by more zombies, more zombies come and kill off four members, but three-of-four come back to life, than Andrew heads to his dead father, the king of the dead, he is a prince, soon his father says that his mother is proud for leading Frinke's Gang to them, and that the Frinke Gang must be killed. Police officers and SWAT Team members search for the gang, and battling zombies, since the world is consumed with flesh eating zombies, soon afterwards, Andrew meets a survivor, Briana Bourne, he is nice to her, and shows her his home, and she is amazed by the looks of it, soon zombies see her and attack her, Andrew tells them to stop, and they stop, realizing that his dad is dying—"Only the king and queen can control the dead"—and soon the king tells his son, and than he tells his sister, Sarah, she and Andrew weep for a few hours, and than hang out more, and soon, Briana introduces her survivor boyfriend, Brent Reilly, he is then jealous, but realizes that he and her and supposed to be together, he than attempts suicide, but things start to change, the Frinke Gang find Andrew, Sarah, Brent, and Briana, soon Military soldiers are found, and are still alive, they then take over the kingdom, and then a issue a quarantine, killing everything infected, including Mike, soon the gang was killed, and that the only survivors were the Military, Sarah, Andrew, Brent, Briana, and the king and queen. The film credits start to role.

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