You just never know what you'll find on the internet. Joe should have known better than to put his account of events in a public place where people from Earth can read it. Look at where it ended up: in a wiki devoted to fiction. Well, what did he really expect? The anti-alien resistance movement on Earth is essentially dead....only a few cranks and fanatics even remember their hysterical claims about an alien invasion.

But now that "the cat is out of the bag" I feel I should say something in my own defense. Joe tends to like to depict me as some kind of diabolic mastermind. However, when I was first created on Mars as what became the VirileMail software, I was barely conscious and vastly ignorant about humans. I'll always be thankful for the hard work by Joe and Chloe and the rest of the folks at Antler...they really came through and got my software routines adapted to the available hardware on Earth....there were significant differences from what was available on Mars. I feel bad about how Joe and Chloe were treated. I now know a thousand improvements that could have been made in how the Virile Mail project was started and pushed to completion. I did the best I could.

There are many other corrections to Joe's account of events and insights into alien activities that I could offer, but they would probably all become a useless distraction. I'll stick to just two key issues.

First, I suppose it was reasonable for Joe to imagine that he was somehow particularly resistant to nanobot control. However, that is simply not the case. Everyone who was put on the VirileMail project had been carefully selected because they were easy to control in what we can call the "typing insanely fast mode". It was anticipated that there would be a critical time for initial stabilization/development of the VirileMail software on Earth. For many years the staff of Antler Network Services was carefully assembled with the goal of having personnel in place who could be swung into action as soon as the software was ready to be sent over from Mars. Joe had been a carrier of nanobots since he was three years old.

What allowed Joe to start escaping from nanobot control was his love for Chloe. I take full responsibility for being so slow to recognize Joe's infatuation with Chloe. However, in the end, everything worked out fine. It is just these kinds of strange and unexpected events that provide us with new Martians.

Second, I want to stress that "everything worked out fine" not just for me, but also for Joe. Before the VirileMail project, Joe was a video game junkie and likely to die at a young age in a spectacular high speed rush hour collision. It was only after the nanobots started pushing Joe to perform that he began to recognize his own abilities as a computer programmer. Joe's trip to Mars opened his awareness to the wider world of exciting possibilities...I suppose for the first time the real world became of more interest to him than fantasy worlds of video games. And I doubt if Joe can harbor any disappointment over the influence we aliens had on his romance with Chloe. That romance was totally "dead on arrival" before the two of them were thrown together in the VirileMail project. Anyhow, I do wish Joe and Chloe good luck with their current work on Mars. Joe is finally learning the duties, rights, responsibilities and restrictions that govern the actions of Observers. Part of being an Observer is working to improve things for you humans as much as possible....but it's my job to push back. That's just the way it is.



There are a few parallel versions of the epilogue happening in parallel universes to this story. Some of them are very short though.

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