May 20, 2008

Well, Chloe and I never did get around to leaving Earth. Soon after doses of the ant-Badhesin vaccine became available, Anthony Geisler got a dose and removed the nanobots from his brain. With his memories returned, he realized that he had been a puppet of the aliens his entire life. He hired Chloe and I to work on Antler's effort to develop the remnants of the server array back into a human-like artificial intelligence. However, Janek had told us the truth. Without help from the aliens, we humans did not have a clue how to make an intelligent software program.

I did have one last chat with Janek. Conceptions Organiques had been put out of business after the resistance released its claims about aliens. Dr. Redes was hounded by conspiracy theorists and eventually decided to move to the underground city on Mars. Chloe and I were invited to Camp Geisler and Janek's farewell party. Anthony had been working hard to get Janek to share the alien knowledge of how to make truly intelligent machine intelligences, but Janek refused and said that Earth was not ready for that.

At the going away party, Janek made a final appeal to Chloe and I. Janek passionately lectured us about the wisdom of moving to Mars. By that time, I had come to view Janek as harmless. Most people thought the anti-alien resistance forces were UFO nuts who had cried "wolf". No physical evidence for aliens or even nanobots had been found on Earth. Even the communications device that Chloe had pulled out of the Antler server array had not been very interesting to study. It had contained the advanced alien communications technology. However, by the time it was examined, the alien components had apparently been efficiently removed by nanobots...and even the nanobots had slipped away.

There were relatively few humans who had ever actually been subjected to serious mind control by the nanobots, and none of us were left with any physical evidence for aliens. It seemed the nanobots were gone from my brain forever, and Chloe also never again showed any indication of alien mind control. It seemed a good deal: Janek would leave us alone and go to Mars and we would live out our lives on Earth.

Chloe and I eventually resigned from Antler Network Systems and founded an independent software company.

And now I've decided to tell my story about the aliens. I suppose not many people will believe, but that is fine. Some day Janek might return. We should not forget.

September 23, 2025

I resume this story although I thought it was over. What a nightmare! If only I had that motherf... Janek in my hands. Well not him, the server where he lives. Chloe and I married and had a son. Everything happened yesterday...

“Dad!” my son, Jeremy, said.

“Yes?” I answered.

“I don't know if I had told you about my friend...”

“Your friend? An imaginary friend?” I said, laughing at that idea

“Yes. How did you know?”

“All kids have imaginary friends. What about him?”

“He is not imaginary. He lives in my brain. He said he wanted to greet you”

“OK. Tell him I am listening.”

“He says his name is Janek. That you know him very well and that he expects you are fine”


That is everything I remember now. I have dictated this to the nurse because I had another seizure yesterday. So, the graviton damn aliens did not go at all! They are in my brain and they also infected my boy!



There are a few parallel versions of the epilogue happening in parallel universes to this story. Some of them are very short though.

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