Very well Very WellUser:Serprex 17:36, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Who was he to enter in incognito verbatim?

Very Well

The sneak! To subvert these anonymous passages so very well. How elusive did the flesh pull itself taut so that I might be taught: If you're only going to make them one at a time, you might as well identify so to petrify the characteristics

Thus is the issue at hand identified: if they can only be cast as stone, what development might be mustered? Ephemeral keeps the motion in question

There can be no answers, lest there be no questions

But by what cloak did this statue obfuscate? No morals did he exclaim, no truths did he find. He was polite with repetition to enter the other way around, yet jyxxed his host's back head

Vampiric Much?

Now it all starts fitting itself into place: Equilibirium & =, contradiction & betrayl, lack of /, setting, crossing detectives

The latter was older. Suits timeline, besides how he'd've resurfaced from the ninth circle. & thus it strikes that that'll be another. Of patience

To settle: the continuity of names

Monikers Inconsequential

A keen awareness. More attention to everything than most give to anything. Knowing the moment when to push and open the center. Best behavior until you can get away with it. Observation before interaction

Hear echoes down the spiral staircase. From the rooms that hug

Always stowawayed sideways someway in the doorway in hallways anyways

Don't blink. No time to write down records. Carry on in the butcher's stead. A service used with shut eyes. Look away and see that all is very well

Calamity Error

How else does it work?

Very well, thank you very much

Thank You

Indebtitude roots from ineptitude. Gratitude's truly in low circulation thanks greatly to inflation

Quite Grand

Platonic Love

Bull behind people who might claim platonic love: platonic love should be the same as romantic love, save sexual desire. As in, if either carries sexual desire, the other is devoted enough to satisfy that desire

Go so far that sexual interaction does not exclude platonic love

Get Staked

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