Vartekians are Evil corrupt and ruthless tyrants who will kill anyone in their way. They are extremely ambitious and in their education they are taught the concepts of leadership. Diplomatically they will usually ally just so the partner will make the killing faster. Vartekians are adaptable and may live on any planet they choose. Their empire expands through a web of allys and their own planets. the Vartekians have constructed their own robots for foot soldiers. The Vartekian is a threat to any species they come in contact with. The Vartekians are intelligent and consider each war as a game of chess. They are also technologically omnipotent which really sucks for everyone else. They are also the founders of the Confederation of Andromeda.


Tribe stage

Vartekians have always been great fighters, but their actual fighting skills originated in tribe stage when the Vartekians developed strategy and fought nearby tribes by waiting for fishermen to wander away from their village. The Vartekians would then ambush the fishermen, killing them both. The Vartekians would go into the village and slaughter the inhabitants. In other cases the Vartekians would lure an epic into the tribe and let it destroy all the tribesmen then the Vartekian would go in and destroy the hut.

Civilization stage

Early In the Civilization Stage the tribes had split into the nations, Vendoria, Aressia, Votanah, Adromid, Keita and Dragouros. At the time Dragouros was the most powerful nation and was ruled by Emperor Katsunova. Emperor katsunova was known as a Tyrant and ruthlessly killed thousands for simple entertainment. As he became older he raised a son named Strata who would one day rule his kingdom. Unfortunately Emperor katsunova was assassinated leaving his young son to rule the empire. The son found that everyone as trying to take advantage of him and grew paranoid. At the age of 30 he was still paranoid. At one point he locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out. While he was in his room The empire found itself leaderless and weak. This is when the empire of Vendoria attacked. Finding themselves confused the empire of Dragouros was easily conquered by Vendoria. Over the next 500 years Vendoria started to overcome all the nations one by one until only one remained. The small nation of Votanah was the only thing stopping the Vendorian empire. The Vendorians swiftly attacked but Votanah easily defended itself and drove back their opposers. The Lord of Vendoria was so over taken by this that he offered the people of Votanah a gift for their valiant efforts. But, when the people opened their gift are dark mist flooded through their land. The Vendorians had tricked them and once again attacked. This time the Vendorians easily broke through Votanah's defenses and conquered them. Vendoria had successfully conquered their world and ultimately united the nations. The Vartekians then constructed a space ship, which had to be well armored as well as powerful. The Vartekians had built a 'War Machine' but it was still fast and had good endurance to match.

Space stage

They launched their first mission into space to their moon. On it, they planted a colony and then soon every planet in their system was colonized. The Vartekians moved out of their solar system and elected a captain, Captain Demoren. Captain Demoren was very ambitious but he was different than the other Vartekians. He found no need for violence. The Captain was ordered to go to war with another race, but he had made friends on this planet and refused to conquer it. The Vartekian leader was furious with this rebellious act and sent his Millitary general named Vendora to do the deed. Captain Demoran tried to fight Vendora but Vendora Was more than a match for Demoran. As a result Vendora defeated Demoran. Vendora then conquered the entire empire and was promoted to captain soon after.

Vendora soon became a hero to the Vartekians, and was promoted to their leader after the old lord died. He then raised his apprentice Coprata as the new captain. Vendora ruled for another 70 years. Coprata reached rank 7, but one fateful day The Vartekians attempted to form an alliance with the Grox. But, the Grox refused and blasted the Vartekian Captain out, Captain Coprata died of his wounds and soon the Vendora started to grow to old for the thrown and had to elect a new captain as well as a new king. Vendora chose to elect Sataraura as the new leader, and a strong, intelligent Captain named Votarah as Captain. Votarah soon became a Vartekian legend, as he conquered 100 Grox planets and 25,000 other planets, Sataraura and Votarah became good friends and together ruled through the ever expanding Vartekian empire. only a few years after arriving at their new galaxy Sataraura was assassinated by a hit man named Zanuel, Votarah was in no condition to chase Zanuel because he had been wounded by another Captain earlier. The people of the Vartekian grew unsettle and began to riot. within the chaos a Warrior named Covaitan stepped up and persuaded the people to stop. His wise words and his air of power was enough to get both the people and Votarah to elect him as their new lord. Now lord Covaitan sits on the thrown. Votarah and Covaitan soon became good friends, This would be known as the golden ages of the Vartekian rule.

Vartekian golden age

As the Vartekian golden age began the Vartekian empire succeeded in taking over two entire galaxies and defeating the pirates that plagued them. After the conquered the galaxy of bodes an old friend of Votarah's arrived one who would change the course of Vartekian history far more than Covaitan, Her name was General Saphiria the great. When she arrived Saphiria met with Votarah to catch up on lost time. She then started to travel to many different galaxies creating small groups of colonies. After a long battle Saphiria helped to conquer the Cartwheel galaxy which now serves as the main home of vartekian culture.

File:Spore 2010-03-07 11-41-15.png
File:Spore 2010-04-22 19-28-19.png


Vartekians Have some very unique technology and have created powerful weapons that are only an inch tall and have enough power to destroy a tank. Vartekians have also designed robots that carry out their will. The Vartekians also invented drones which are small spider like robots which shoot missiles; they are very hard to see in battle sometimes. The robots are fit with laser guns that also fire missiles.They have figured out how to harness energy from quasars, Energy around blackholes, enzyme action and even sensible energy.

Vartekian robots:

The Vartekian robot was originally designed by Votarah back in his younger days as a captain. At first the robots were weak and did not function very well, they were easy to kill and did not have very good aim. The only good thing that came out of these robots were the fact that they were expendable and mass produced. Votarah later fixed this problem and made better generations. The New generations were strong, none-hackable, expendable and had better aiming. These new versions became very effective and helped to reduce the amount of Vartekian troops on the battle field. They also served as good cover and the robots that were not critically injured crawl toward the enemy and combust. The Vartekians have Come up with many ways of harnessing energy as well.

Vartekian mech pilots

Vartekian pilots aren't like regular robotic pilots. These guys are specially programmed with A.I (Artificial Intelligence.) This allows for adapting to situations, memory, strategy formulations and learning. However the Vartekians knew their enemies might try to reprogram them so they designed a special genetic code lock for the robot. Each individual robot is unique because they all have different speeds of learning and different levels at which they learn. These guys are also programmed for close combat fighting (Incase they crash land a ship or an enemy intercepts it.) These robots are just the beginning.
File:Vartekian pilot.png


The Vartekians are a Warrior race, but through the years the Vartekians decided to spread through the universe in many philosophies so that they could trick other races into a trap. the Vartekians do not have a god. Instead they believe in super-powerful beings. Their faith left them when they discovered their god was simply just a space captain who visited. For faith the vartekians look toward their Captains and books written long ago.


File:Spore 2010-06-27 10-31-19.png

The main sport is Gedeod, This sport dates back millions of years back to the beginning of their civilization stage. The sport traditionally was used to decide arguments instead of war. Gedeod is played pretty much like a dodge ball game. The two sides will throw balls at each other. If your are hit you are out for the rest of the game. In the game there are three types of balls, a bomb ball, a multi ball and a Gedeod ball. The bomb ball is basically a bomb and is usually only used in professional games. A multi ball is a ball that can hit multiple players. A Gedeod ball is considered the normal ball and if the ball hits a player he or she is out (in adventures these would also be used as grenades.) In the game only 10 players are allowed on each team, no more no less.


Vartekians are intelligent and their strategies are getting better. Soon it will be nearly impossible to defeat their empire in combat. The Vartekian empire has now got colonized planets scattered across the universe. They have allied with the Trucinex and, together, have designed a massive super weapon which is going to be used in some of their battles with other empires. They aim to take over any galaxy they come across.

Class structure/educationEdit

The Vartekians are lead by one Lord who makes their decisions and actions universally the Council then approves of the motion or tells the Lord of the effects in his motion. The Captain then carries out the orders by the council or directly from the lord. The Captain is second in command. The council is usually third in command unless the lord dies. Then the warriors and elite warriors come in . Warriors are a very highly educated class and are highly trained in combat. After that Scientists and inventors are the fifth in command they are also highly educated and build the Vehicles for the Warriors or the captain. Merchants are middle class and trade off or sell the things that either scientists or inventors make they are also well educated but not as much as warriors and scientists. scholars are also usually middle class but good scholars are high class. Scholars are all highly educated and educate other Vartekians. Vellems are a mixture of lower class and middle class people who make up most of the city population. No Vartekians are poor and they are all educated, this ensures that even merchants like Covaitan can become a lord if they have the skills for it.

Fine artsEdit

The Vartekians take pride in their artistic fighting and architectural skill. They practice two fighting arts: Caldav and Codav. Those trained in Caldave or more focused in long range combat training those in Codav are trained in close combat but many vartekians like Votarah or Covaitan practice both. Vartekians also fight with an warrior code and must fight with honor to them fighting is a culture and a lifestyle like music or dance. They also practice old Earth martial arts known as judo and kung fu.


Caldav is a long range martial art that trains the students in precision and perfection. The students are trained to use guns in three types of combat: Melee, throwing and shooting. Most high ranking Caldav students become snipers and are equipped with a long bayonet. Most Caldav students also train mentally and are trained to be extremely strategic. It is said "Only the most intelligent may master this art."


Codav is a melee form of combat and focuses on the arts of strength, power, technique, speed and agility. Caldav is a unique form of combat that only Vartekians and xhododocto can preform due to their designs. The Art of Codav trains both the mind and body and to preform right you must be calm and collected. The Students of Codav are trained to be highly adaptable and aware of their surroundings. It is nearly impossible to sneak up on one. One of the more advanced skills is learning how to control the opponents force of motion allowing even a small creature to throw an epic sized creature. All who train in Codav usually need to learn how to calm himself and stay in control. Economy of movement is also a big part of this martial art.


No Vartekian is poor due to the way they operate in government. Most Vartekians live high quality lives, even prisoners are kept in relatively clean areas. Vartekians always work to the best of their abilities and work hard to keep economy working steadily. Houses are always quite large (due to their size) and to a human would resemble and mansions. Vartekian houses have many features including: four floors, a pool, four plasma tablets (television like), 4 toilets, a library, a traditional gym, a Kitchen, a living room, a dinning room, some sleeping rooms, and an observatory.

Killing techniquesEdit

The Vartekians use a series of techniques to kill their victims. The cleanest method is where they simply slash you by a vital artery or organ. The most strategic method is to first slash the opposers natural weapons out, from there the Vartekian will rip the opposers head off with is bare hands, later the pieces of accumulated body parts and heads are delivered to the opposers empire. The most painful methods are to simply take the opposers skull and slowly crush it or to deliver hundreds of well placed cuts. After the Vartekian kills his opponent he will do a sacred hand movement respecting the opposers death (which is to some makes no sense do to the way the victim was killed). Vaartekians unarmed can use their sharp claws and teeth to annihilate an opposer, even a well placed punch or kick can be enough to kill the opponent. If a Vartekian is only fighting one opposer he will also most likely go after the descendants, This ensures that the heir will not exact any revenge. To kill large amounts of people a Vartekian will usually take the bodies of their victims and stuff them with chemicals or bombes and ship them off to their families. In one occasion they did this with the loron killing billions of them.


Vartekian mothership:

The Vartekian mothership is an extremely well equipped ship it acts as a drop-ship, battle cruiser, explorer and fortress. It has two heavy and gigantic nebulae missiles, 2 delta annihilators in the back and two hidden mega lasers underneath. It is also protected by a time lock.
Vartekian Mother ship
Vartekian super weapon (1)

Vartekian Dragon cruiser:

This baby is an behemoth of destruction. It is heavily armed with most of the mother ship weapons and 15 planet busters. The cruisers are a bit smaller than normal battle cruisers but this was sacrificed in order for greater compact shielding and speed.
File:Vartekian biological weapon.png

Vartekian Fighter:

A Fast agile fighter which is heavily armed and powerful. It is an extremely powerful ship and easily took out many Grox planets. This ship was originally designed by Votarah and contains Two trident Mega lasers and a Nebulae missile.

These ships are manufactured in top secret Vartekian bases across the galaxy.
File:Vartekian Fighter (1).png
File:Symbiotic embulator.png

Votarahs ship:

This ship was personally designed by Votarah and is a tiny version of a dragon cruiser. This ship has incredible speed as well as a time lock which only it and the mother ship contain. Votarahs fighter can reach any arm in the galaxy within a few minutes due to the wide coordinates of wormholes.
File:UmbriaDominus 1.png

Vartekian destroyer

This is an more powerful version of a dragon cruiser.
File:Vartekian destroyer (1).png

Vartek destroyer-666

This is another gigantic destroyer that was created to intercep ships like the dcp dreadnaught and other war ships. It has been funded using the money from the Taxton donations.
File:Vartek dragon-666.png
File:Vartekian female.png


This ship is basically a Vartekian enterprise, It's goal to explore the universe and to expand the vartekian empire. This ship is also a powerful war ship and carries the same amount of power as the Vartekian mother-ship. The CHimeraumbra-666 is also incredibly fast and is one of the most high tech ships in the milky way.


This ship has stunning maneuverability and speed as well as good fire power, These ships are used for fast striking and are called falcon claws on the battle field. Each ship has a special device that allows them to control wormholes. They are manufactured in the same top secret base as the Vartekian fighters. Votarah designed these ships to be the elite strike force in a fleet and due to their paint they can easily hide or sneak up on enemy ships.
File:VortexRaptor-275 (1).png

Vartekian weapons/space constuctionsEdit

Vartekian superweapon:

This ship is a well designed killer that scatters its target's particles around the universe. Sadly the amount of power it takes to destroy a large solar-system or galaxy would take years to generate.

Vartekian Biological weapon

This is the latest in Vartekian technology it converts non-biological substances into biological substances and infects it with toxins. If the target was originally biological than the chemical would simply eat away the victim then spread to another victim. This weapon has only been used a few times, as the Vartekians feel that the virus is hard to control and if used cannot be stopped until it has eliminated all of the planet it was inhabiting.

Vartekian symbiotic embulator:

This device is used to absorb the energy created by an object and expel it like a black hole. It is mostly used however for its ability to mega timelock entire battles.


This weapon is one of the most diabolical, It takes nightmares from intelligent species and sends the actual world of their nightmare back engulfing them with constant fear and terror. This weapon can also act as the original Vartekian super-weapon and is also time locked.

Vartekian femalesEdit

A Vartekian female is smart and agile. They are nicer than the average Vartekian male and tend to be more political. By nature they attract males with their bright colors and eyes. Vartekian females are fast and agile fighters who usually act upon assassination missions. Their primary job is to stay home and do most of the cleaning as well as work, however they are well respected as warriors ever since a Vartekian female named Saphiria lead a small attack force killing many of the opposing enemies. In the Vartekian golden age Saphiria helped to expand the Vartekian empire to 3 galaxies. She also helped to place 30 billion colonies making her one of the most famous and legendary vartekians to ever live.

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