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Arett is the name of the Liferealm created by the Lifesowers Vahkaran and Sehtaurus. The fact that it was created by two Lifesowers makes it unique to the other billions of Liferealms. Arett is home to four major countries - the mighty western kingdom of Leabin, the savage Icescapes of Orithia, the untamed jungles and deserts of Kynliad, and the seafaring eastern empire of Myrin. Arett has roughly 4000 years of recorded history - anything before the Ancient Era is vastly unknown and is referred to as the Fabled Eras.

Creation Edit

Drawn from The Waters Edit

The creation of Arett differed from the creation of other Liferealms, the main aspect being that it had two Lifesowers. Normally, a Liferealm will only have one Lifesower to create it, so as to avoid the possibility of the Liferealm imploding due to an excess of magical energy. Even if it does not implode, excessive magical energy in a Liferealm may lead to its sentient inhabitants wielding the magick and being corrupted by it.

Arett was created with the combined powers of Vahkaran and Sehtaurus, both Lifesowers wielding the magick of the universe and shaping the world. Arett has a better capacity for magick than the average Liferealm, which has led to the birth of highly-talented magick-users such as Golarian Grimbeard, Solicius of Myrin, Augustus Valarien, the Rune-Arm and Nathaniel Adamus.

Geography Edit

Dayspine Edit

Dayspine is the westernmost of the two continents on Arett, hosting the Icescapes of Orithia and the western kingdom of Leabin. It is split roughly in half by its vast mountain ranges, the Icescapes in the north and Leabin dominating the south. All rivers and lakes are connected to what native Orithians call "The Heart of the Icescapes", Dragon's Peak. There are two major mountain ranges, the Bard's Spine, which begins from the Old Man Coastside and ends near the beaches of the Southern Shores, and the Wolfscruff Mountains, beginning from the western edge of Dreager Bay and ending at the shores of God's Foot Coast.

Far to the southwest of Dayspine are the Outlands, the chain of islands inhabited by the ethnic minority, the Outlanders. The Outlands are prominent for the Danith and Vulcan islands, both of which hosts volcanoes of the same name.

Yeverick Edit

Yeverick is the easternmost of the two continents on Arett, and hosts the savage jungles and deserts of Kynliad and the seafaring empire of Myrin. It is split between west and east, with Kynliad on the west and Myrin on the east. Jungles dominate the western coast of Kynliad, and rough mountains are scattered across its southern coast. Rivers into Kynliad flow only near the border, and it is due to that that deserts are dominant in central Kynliad.

Myrin itself is split into north and east, with the north covered in snow and mountains. Up in the mountains there lies a legendary tower that has completely survived the death of the Runic Empire. Rumors have it that, buried 'neath the snow and mountains lie many old Runic ruins waiting to be discovered.

History Edit

The Fabled Eras Edit

The Fabled Eras consist of wild tales of dragons, lizardfolk, wolfmen, and, most prominently, the glorious Empyrean Civilization. The Empyrean Civilization, if it existed at all, was said to have reigned for several millennia, which would make it even older than that of the Runic Empire, which lasted for three millennnia before it was mysteriously destroyed. Bards and old sages tell legends of knights in armor that shone like gold and was harder than mithril,of warring kings who waged wars on the likes of which we would never see, of dashing peasants who were born every few years under particular stars and became legends immortalized in songs and ballads forever.

Most famous of all the tales was the one of Rahkis Rhamir, known more commonly as Rahkis Rune-Arm. The legend goes that Rahkis was the son of an old and respected family until he made himself the enemy of a dark force known as Allandiar, Sehtaurus the Bull-Dreamer. Coming to his aid was Vahkaran, the Bird of Prey, Lifesower, and even though the Lifesower could not aid Rahkis personally, he trained him until it was time to fight Allandiar. They fought in glorious battle, and when it was over, both Bull-Dreamer and Rune-Arm vanished for what seemed like would be forever.

The Rule of the Runic Empire Edit

The Runic Empire ruled for three Eras, the Ancient Era, the Runic Era, and the Empire Era, beginning with the Harbinger's conquest. The Harbinger, a man of Skyborn and Nomaedean descent like his tribesmen, led his tribe in war and conquered the forty-two tribes of Dayspine. He was reportedly died of his wounds after the final battle, but his grandson Lorux the First founded the Rumarian Empire, its seat of power located in modern-day Highcliff. After generations and generations of war, colonization, and technological advancement, the Runic Empire was mysteriously destroyed and wiped from the face of Arett forever.

The Ages Begin Edit

Arett would know many, many Ages (one Age equivalent to a hundred years) in the times to come after the Runic Empire's cataclysm. Each Age would be named appropriately according to the Skarin Seers, who would predict the 'theme' of the coming Age in the year beforehand, and reveal their predictions to the world leaders of that time. Up to the events of the Vahkaran's Realm trilogy, ten Ages would occur, the three stories set in the Tenth Age, the Age of Legends. The ten ages are, respectively:

  • The Age of Prophets
  • The Age of Warriors
  • The Age of Magi
  • The Age of Shadows
  • The Age of Lords
  • The Age of Steel
  • The Age of War
  • The Age of Fire
  • The Age of Winds
  • The Age of Legends

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