Mr. Kace Edit

Mr. Kace: Hello Ms. Shawn.

Lorna Shawn: Hello Mr. Kace. Now, tell us about the VX Super Force and the city.

Mr. Kace: The city so far is going through change that my men and I are not happy about. A friend of mine, Walfer, is pissed off about how the VX Super Force came to this city and saved it from some big guys. He also said that Kento doesn't belong to cowards, it belongs to brave and pwoerful men. He himself could've helped Kento City fight off the Blue Cyber Tech Force and Beatdown Gang early without letting this blonde, caped evil psychopath planning their attacks earlier. I am ashamed of this city and I wish our gangs could of have peace with people like you without those super powered teams being in our lives.

If I see those kids, their rock skinned friend, and that lizard guy chasing after my boys, I will bring Walfer back to Kento City so that he can deal with them personally.

Lorna Shawn: How can a single man you know take out the VX Super Force? That might be hard for the guy.

Mr. Kace: Believe me Ms. Shawn, I know Walfer. I know all about the guy and he'll be returning to Kento once he's ready. The guy is much stronger than you think and he will end up getting those kids for me. He even knocked out 50 men in a fight club in Maine.

The End

--Tyroguun 17:06, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

First Interview

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