Christa Flore Edit

Christa Flore: Bonjour Ms. Shawn!

Lorna Shawn: Hello Mrs. Flore! How are you?

Christa Flore: I am doing well. How about you?

Lorna Shawn: Fine! Just fine! Now tell us about the VX Super Force and Kento City being a better place.

Christa Flore: I don't mind about the VX Super Force doing their job in Kento. You know... I bet they had something to do with endangering the city. They were failing to stop these criminal groups until they finally defeated them with military and police force aid. I don't think my family would want to be with them because they will draw too much attention to those thugs and killers from Dark Heart and other areas in Kento City.

They may be good citizens with their god-like skills, but I believe they don't even know how to really keep promises. Promises which includes allowing the most important person in the world to survive, keeping the poor safe, and allowing wealthy people like me to not die a horrible death by an assailant sent by one of their enemies. I bet the VX Super Force will not survive later on and they will fail to keep promises to those they tried to help.

Kento City might be better off without crime and super, duper people because it will be much peaceful than before. I think the VX Super Force should leave this city while they have the chance, or they will make more enemies and cause this society to plummet to its doom.

Lorna Shawn: Okay! You want the VX Super Force gone and their enemies so that everything will be normal. You also believe that they will not protect everyone they know from the evils they are facing.

Christa Flore: That's right! Oui! Oui, that's right!

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