Earny Bold Edit

Lorna Shawn: Hello Mr. Bold.

Earny Bold: Hello Lorna.

Lorna Shawn: So tell us about what is happening with Kento City and the VX Super Force?

Earny Bold: Well, the city is doing well with more police officers and I, the police force's new lieutenant, am helping them. Its great to support this city with new recruits for the force and I am happy to help lead many officers into keeping our society safe. The best part in my job is to hang out with many people like Cassise March. Cassie is my partner and we work together to help this city look good.

The VX Super Force, however, are cool and they have their own powers and skills. That team is like a second police force without our uniforms and guns. Imagine if I was a member of the VX Super Force. That would be terrific and I might get to know them better.

Lorna Shawn: Have you met the VX Super Force?

Earny Bold: No, not yet! I will! I just came down here from Pennsylvania to work for the great Commissioner Hanes. But, Hanes somehow isn't in the city and I think he'll return.

Lorna Shawn: Do you think you can trust the VX Super Force?

Earny Bold: Why, sure! I can trust them. Once I meet them and introduce myself to them, we will become pals. I liked how they survived last month against those bad guys that almost whiped out all of Kento city and tried to take over it. The VX Super Force remind me of the X-Men and they are cool.

Lorna Shawn: I believe you. It is great to have them in this city.

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