Crime Boss Hugh Edit

Lorna Shawn: Good evening Mr. Hugh.

Hugh: Good Evening madame.

Lorna Shawn: What do you think about Kento City being a better place now?

Hugh: I think the city is fine for now. I am not doing anything to harm it and try taking its streets once again. I am not that threatening or cruel anymore thanks to three things. VX Super Force, the two powerful groups the VX Super Force confronted, and a lot of criminals lost due to those basterds. Sorry about saying that on T.V. I am just so irritated that everyone is acting so free and jolly due to those VX Super Force guys.

Lorna Shawn: Okay Mr. Hugh! Why don't you like Kento the way it is?

Hugh: It isn't that vulnerable anymore. Long time ago, my boys and girls and I tried to be better at ruling the city's underworld. Due to that deceased kingpin, Kin Empire, those two evil teams, and some remaing bad boys out in the city, I am not trying to hurt a lot of people or bringing chaos like I used to.

Lorna Shawn: Do you hate the VX Super Force?

Hugh: If they were my kids, I would hate them more. I hate them less because they did save this city from being under the control of some spikey hair bafoon, the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force. I also hate them less because they haven't caught me and they are beating other criminals up instead.

Lorna Shawn: Well then. I see you are a very irritated m...

Hugh: Madame, please! I don't want to talk about the VX Super Force and the city being better anymore. I need to go, my wife is waiting for me back home.

Lorna Shawn: Alright! Thank you for your opinions.

Hugh: Your welcome madame. Salut!

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