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Actual News Program

Actual News

Actual News: Kento City and the VX Super Force Edit

Lorna Shawn: Hi and welcome to the 7 o'clock news on Actual News, channel 83. I am Lorna Shawn. Tonight, we are going to interview the mayor of Kento City and his assistant, Larry Rune about the VX Super Force and updates from Kento City. Let's begin.

Mayor Ken Reymord and Larry Rune Edit

Lorna Shawn: How are you doing tonight Mr. Mayor?

Mayor Ken Reymord: I am fine! Thank you.

Lorna Shawn: Your welcome. How about you Mr. Rune?

Larry Rune: I feel great.

Lorna Shawn: So, how is the city now that the VX Super Force are helping to stop crime and saving many lives?

Mayor Ken Reymord: The city is doing excellent. We still have trouble with Dark Heart, but everything is fine. I am glad that the VX Super Force, who are teen heroes of course, are doing their best to heal our community. They did great last time when facing the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang.

Larry Rune: I say the city is great. It was unexspected that we have young superheroes now. I don't think they go to school due to their responsibilities of supporting the community every 24 hours. That is hard. They're not like those vigilantes from the past in other cities. The city is happier with the VX Super Force. The city has a lot of crime dropped down now and we are mostly safe.

Lorna Shawn: Great to hear that! Now Mr. Mayor, what is happening so far in this city?

Mayor Ken Reymord: The city has a lot of new things going on. We have new police officers, new security, and new ideals. The economy is still doing well. Most of the citizens are great and I am doing my hardest to help them.

Lorna Shawn: So Mr. Rune, what are your opinions about Kento City?

Larry Rune: Kento City is now a nicer place. We still have Dark Heart and it is hard to help many lives there, including those crooks who control it. The economy and democracy is fine and we are fine. Right Mr. Mayor?

Mayor Ken Reymord: Oh yes! We're fine. What are your opinions about Kento City Ms. Shawn?

Lorna Shawn: I think the city is doing well. I am glad that I am safe and comfortable now that many things are being taken cared of now. The city has healed mostly and it still continues to be one of the world's best cities. Now tell me about the VX Super Force. Do you two know about their identities?

Larry Rune: No, no not really! I don't know their identities, but they don't want them revealed easily to other people and other places.

Mayor Ken Reymord: I know several of the VX Super Force members, but I swore not to tell. Sorry Ms. Lorna. It's for the best not to tell you about their identities. If their enemies were watching this program right now, they will hunt down the VX Super Force and get rid of them with all of their fury.

Lorna Shawn: That's okay Mr. Mayor. I understand! It's like all of those superhero movies. Those guys cannot reveal their true identity to others, or they will be whiped out easily, along with their friends and families.

Larry Rune: I can tell you that the VX Super Force have amazing abilities and they do their best to stop destruction and chaos in Kento City.

Mayor Ken Reymord: Yes, that's true. Say, thank you for the interview Ms. Lorna.

Lorna Shawn: Your welcome Mr. Mayor!

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