VX Super Force

Chapter 22: Attacked By the Two Teams Edit

On the next day, Christy finished school at 3:00 and said good-bye to her friends. She then went to the VX Base to see her pals. Once she arrived, she asked Danny about tracking down the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force. Danny told Christy that the team is ready to go find the villains. First, all the heroes had to get their communication watches and earpieces just in case. Dino Boy wanted to take the watch instead of the earpiece because he only has reptilian ear holes on the side of his head. Then, all seven heroes got dressed and were ready to search for their enemies and fight evil.

At 3:45, the heroes went into Kento City’s Dark Heart, where many criminals and foes lived. Dino Boy helped the team by trying to sniff the scent of the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force. Some of the people in Dark Heart told the VX Super Force nothing of the two evil groups. The team was searching as hard as they could and they didn’t find the villains in any of the spots they found.

At 4:10, the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force began to attack five areas in Kento City. A small group of the Beatdown Gang arrived at Capt. VX’s school. Some of Capt. VX’s friends were practicing for a football game and cheerleading. While the teens and coaches were at the football stadium, the Beatdown Gang’s Pyre Myers, a fire powered gangster, torched and destroyed the front of the school. The rest of the gang attacked the school and some people who were still there. When big explosions occurred, the cheerleaders, coaches, and football players were frightened. The teens and coaches were about to escape, but were stopped by 8 swift Assault Bots.

Suddenly, a big business building in Kento City had an explosion in one of its floors. The people in the building were being attacked by Assault Bots and three Striker Shooters, big robots with four insect-like legs and hand guns. Then, a small building near a hospital was being attacked. The people there were running for their lives until facing Slash Fighters, energy powered sword arm wielding robots, a Speed Bot, a super fast and deadly robot, and 10 Beatdown Gang members.

Another attack was made and it occurred in the highway. An invisible enemy fired lasers at many vehicles, killing drivers in the process. Finally, a small neighborhood with apartments was being attacked by the Beatdown Gang.

When the VX Super Force heard and saw big explosions across the city, Capt. VX and his sister decided to continue their search for the villains another time. Capt. VX told his friends to separate and find the places that are being attacked. Capt. VX made Capt. VX Girl go with Oranga to find one place being attacked. He made Dino Boy and Strongholder team up and search for another attacked area. Then, he told Veronica and Syler to go to two separate locations that are being attacked in the city. Finally, Capt. VX told his friends he will go near the highway and find out what happened. Capt. VX and friends separated and quickly found their areas to save.

Capt. VX Girl and Oranga found their school being destroyed. When they saw the school they were both sad and frustrated. The two girls walked into the burning school area and Capt. VX Girl volunteered to turn the fires blue and absorb them into her body. Oranga searched for survivors while Capt. VX Girl helped take away the fires. Then, Oranga saw an injured person named Nicole Kit, who was a cheerleader and friend of Oranga. Oranga told Capt. VX Girl to come see Nicole. The girls asked their friend who attacked the school. Nicole was about to tell them, but a metallic foot bashed Oranga on the cheek. Oranga fell hard and looked up at her attacker. It was an Assault Bot, and it suddenly called its allies to help capture the two hero girls.

Capt. VX Girl helped Oranga get up and fight the robots and the Beatdown Gang. The two girls used their fire powers to attack the villains. Oranga threw a fire plasma ring at one of the Assault Bots before it blew up the machine. Oranga flew into the air and launched fiery vortexes at her foes. Some of the villains dodged the attacks except four of them. The other four burned to death. The Assault Bots leaped into the air and attacked Oranga with their energy blasts from their hands and chests. Oranga quickly dodged the attacks until Pyre Myers shot her with his fire blast. Oranga fell and was caught by a villain named Recallo. Capt. VX Girl tried fighting the gang, but was knocked down by a huge member of the Beatdown Gang. Furious, Capt. VX Girl bashed the huge member’s leg with a burning kick and jumped into the air. She then throws a fire ball at the robots and Pyre Myers while in the air. Pyre Myers dodged the attack and fell on his face. Three of the robots escaped the blast except two.

Oranga, while being gripped by Recallo, burns his feet with fire-like drills. Recallo screamed very loud and fell on the ground. Then, Oranga and Capt. VX Girl returned to each other and went to Nicole. When Oranga touched her and felt no heart beat, she and Capt. VX Girl knew she already passed away. Oranga, furiously, cursed at the Beatdown Gang members and robots and prepared to beat them. Both girls combined attacks and defeated most of the gang.

Pyre Myers then attacks once more and fights Capt. VX Girl. Both fire power wielders fought against each other and used fire blasts to knock each other off. Oranga used a powerful fire ring to destroy two of the Assault Bots and kicked one of the gang members into the air very hard. Suddenly, an invisible presence arrived and it was a Blaster Flyer, the same huge vehicle-like robot from the bridge battle. The flying robot revealed itself after becoming invisible the whole time. Then, the robot released more Assault Bots and a member of the Blue Cyber Tech Force named Calira. Calira quickly attacks Oranga after commanding the robots and Beatdown Gang members to back away. Oranga tried hitting her with her fire powers and fighting moves, but Calira was to fast. Calira finishes Oranga off with three strong punches onto the face and kicking her very hard. After Oranga’s defeat, she was taken into the Blaster Flyer by the Assault Bots.

Before trying to save Oranga, Capt. VX Girl used her super speed and fiery abilities to beat Pyre Myers. Capt. VX Girl trips Myers and grabs his leg. She used her super strength to twirl Myers and toss him to Calira. Calira fell on the ground after being hit very hard by that toss attack. Capt. VX Girl rushes to Oranga and tries to fight off the Assault Bots. The robots were grabbing Capt. VX Girl and were doing their best to hold her down. Capt. VX Girl wouldn’t give up and she uses her powers to knock the robots back. She quickly used her super speed and leaping to get to the giant air robot. But, Calira, back in action, defeats Capt. VX Girl after leaping into the air and stopping her.

While Capt. VX Girl and Oranga were battling in the destroyed school area, Veronica Venus made it to a big business building. She saw the building being attacked before going in. Veronica flies into the building and saves three people from two Assault Bots. Veronica recognized the blue metallic bodies and believed that the robots are from the Blue Cyber Tech Force. Then Veronica uses her energy powers to blast the villainous robots. The two robots dodged her attacks and tried shooting her with energy blasts and bullets. Veronica uses her super speed to dodge the robot’s attacks before grabbing their heads and smashing them together. After that, another Assault Bot was right behind Veronica. Before it was about to strike, a male employer tells Veronica to look out behind her. Thanks to the employer, she dodged the robot’s attack and punched, and kicked it. Veronica thanked the male employer for his help before continuing to go after the rest of the foes who are attacking the building and the people.

Veronica battled more Assault Bots and destroyed them in the building. Veronica then battled three Striker Shooters in one of the building’s floors. The robots fired at will and charged at her. Veronica Venus uses her energy powers to blast one of the Shooters’ legs off before grabbing the robot and throwing it out of the building. The other Shooters continued to attack with their gun arms while Veronica tries to dodge the attacks. Quickly, she carried a desk and smashed one of the machines with it. Then Veronica throws the desk like a Frisbee to the other robot. The Shooter received huge damage from that assault before falling down on the floor.

After that fight, Veronica saw two Blaster Flyers outside the windows of the business building. The aircraft robots then fired at Veronica and almost killed her. Veronica survived the blasts by making an energy force field. While flying out of the building, she uses the force field to strike one of the Flyers. The attacked Flyer was heavily damaged by the force field’s blast it crashed to the ground. The other Flyer continued fighting Veronica and battled her in the sky. Veronica used her energy powers to fight back before the sky robot released two Striker Shooters from a top entrance. The machines on the Blaster Flyer fired at will. One of the robots hit Veronica on the shoulder before she used an energy force field to protect herself once more. Then, Veronica, using the barrier, smashed the blasting robots and destroyed the Blaster Flyer for good.

After defeating the machines, Veronica landed on the ground, calmly breathing. Veronica Venus thought it was over…or so she thought. Suddenly, she was grabbed by an unknown flying person. It was Sophithara, the blonde female powerhouse of the Blue Cyber Tech Force. Sophithara smashed Veronica onto a building wall and said,” Hello VV.” Then, the two girls started battling each other and flying very high, and fast. Veronica shot lightning at Sophithara, but only scorched a piece of her suit. Sophithara then flew right at Veronica and grabbed part of her mask. Sophithara twirls Veronica in the air and was about to throw her into a building. Then, Veronica used the strength of her legs to push her back to the villainess while flying. Veronica punched Sophithara very hard with an electric punch. The villainess fell onto a truck.

When the police alarms activated in the police station, Commissioner Hanes acted quickly and began sending the police and SWAT troops to find the attacked areas while the heroes battle against the Blue Cyber Tech Force, and Beatdown Gang. The police and SWAT troops went into their vehicles and choppers before heading out. After the police and SWAT forces left, an unknown police figure walked out of the police station and smiled evilly. It was a member of the Beatdown Gang, who already left something in the police station. When Commissioner Hanes went back into his office, he saw a small blue robot on his desk. The robot was a Spy Mouse, who was somehow making a fast beeping noise. Recognizing the beeping tone, Hanes knew it was a detonating sound. Hanes tried grabbing the robot, but it was too fast to catch. The robot soon crawled from the desk and onto the floor, so it could get closer to Hanes and explode immediately. Hanes suddenly kicked the Spy Mouse and made it break through his window. While falling to the other side of the street, the small robot made its last rapid sounds before exploding violently.

After surviving the robot’s attack, Hanes was furious about the Blue Cyber Tech Force and that he wish they were arrested for good. Then, the commissioner breathed and calmed down. Many officers and employers of the police force were worried about Hanes. They also wanted to know if he was okay. Hanes told his friends he is fine and not grateful for what the Blue Cyber Tech Force almost done to him.

Veronica checked if Sophithara was truly knocked out. But, Sophithara opened her eyes and attacked Veronica. Both girls continued fighting each other in the streets. Sophithara soon carried a car and tried to smash Veronica with it. Veronica used her strength to stop the car and pushed it back to Sophithara. Then, the blonde villain ran up to Veronica Venus and tried punching her. The hero dodged many of Sophithara’s attacks before grabbing her arm and throwing her onto a building wall. Sophithara gets up and strikes Veronica once more. Then, Veronica blasts her chest with energy, knocking her down again. Without any warning, a mysterious figure came right at Veronica Venus and bashed her on the head with a great jump kick. The one who attacked her from behind was Strakker, the fierce, green skinned member of the Beatdown Gang. Strakker helps Sophithara get up and allows her to finish off a knocked out Veronica Venus. Sophithara then grabs Veronica by the leg and was going to toss her away from the battlefield. Surprisingly, the police and SWAT troops came to help. The SWAT troop leader told Sophithara and Strakker to free Veronica, but the villains refused. Then Sophithara, using her super strength, tossed Veronica’s body high into the air. Veronica Venus soon fell somewhere on the other side of the city. Angered, the police and SWAT attacked the two villains with their guns. Sophithara grabs Strakker and flies away from the enemies.

Syler, using his super speed, went into the small building, where it is being attacked. Once arriving inside the building, Syler took out a sharp kunai from one of his belt pockets and his katana. Then, Syler saw a woman running from a Slash Fighter. The ninja quickly rescued the woman and battles the robot. The Slash Fighter, like its other duplicates, has two attached joints on its left arm. One of the hands, which have sharp sword-like fingers, almost cut Syler. Syler then teleports and stabs the deadly machine on the back, and slices its head off. Then, the ninja hero contacts Capt. VX about the Blue Cyber Tech Force being responsible for the attacks before fighting more enemies.

While going to face more enemies inside the building, Syler encounters the Speed Bot’s Death Drone. The small, six-eyed robot detected Syler and fired energy at him. Syler dodges the robot’s attacks and repels them. The robot was quickly destroyed. After defeating the robot, Syler moved on and allowed some of the remaining people in the building to escape.

Soon, Syler runs into 10 members of the Beatdown Gang and more Slash Fighters in another floor. Two of the Beatdown Gang members, Erby and Spits, taunt Syler before preparing to attack. Syler warned his enemies that he is a very tough opponent and he is not truly known by the gang. Suddenly, Spits tells Syler that both the Blue Cyber Tech Force and Beatdown Gang already know about him and the rest of the VX Super Force. The ninja wanted to know who told the two villain teams about the VX Super Force. Spits, Erby, nor the rest of the guys answered his question. Then, the villainous gang members and robots came charging up to Syler and began their fight.

In the fight, Syler used his super speed to avoid the villains. He then starts slashing the Slash Fighters and two of the Beatdown Gang members in half. Syler threw his kunai right at Spits, but misses. Spits quickly spitted out his saliva near Syler and caused the ground to explode. The ninja flew and crashed onto a table. Syler gets up and continues fighting. While dodging his enemies, Spits continued to shot explosive saliva from his mouth. The ninja throws 3 electric powered metallic kunai at his foes. The blasts from the kunai shocked and defeated up to four enemies. The robots tried to slice Syler, but he was too quick. Then Syler teleports a few times and kills more robots.

Suddenly, Erby unleashes a deadly energy monster from his chest. The energy monster swiftly attacks Syler and caused many things to explode. Syler then runs away from the creature and tries to lure it back to its controller. When an exit door was opened, it was revealed to be Brazod, one of the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s members. Brazod was right in front of Syler. He quickly fired energy from his eyes right at Syler. Then, the ninja used his agility to dodge the attack, so it could hit both Erby’s energy beast and Spits. After the energy beast was hit hard, Spits was blown away when Brazod’s energy attack blasted part of a machine connected to the wall. Spits, who fell and landed hard on the floor, had some saliva coming out from his mouth. After the saliva poured from his mouth, it exploded; blowing up the floor he was on and killed him.

Soon, Erby’s monster returned into his body. Erby ran away from the fight and left his friends fighting Syler once more. Syler uses his powers to fight Brazod before he was blasted by Brazod’s energy. Syler used his sword’s blade to reflect the blast right at Brazod. Brazod gets hit badly and tries getting up. Syler grabs Brazod and asks him about the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang working together. After not answering Syler’s question, Brazod laughs and tells him to die. Then Brazod hits Syler with an energy blast burst from his foot. Syler flies out of the building’s window and falls to the sidewalk. Before he could land on the ground, he teleports quickly and survives. Brazod flies out of the building before he continues to fight Syler in the sidewalk. Brazod tells the rest of the Beatdown Gang members to come to him and help kill Syler. He also contacted is Speed Bot, which was finished killing many people from a top floor.

The villains prepared themselves and started their battle against Syler once again. Syler, wielding his mighty sword, was ready to use a powerful Blue Tiger Ninja technique from his home. Brazod fires at Syler with his laser vision, but Syler dodged it and made Brazod hit a nearby empty car. The Beatdown Gang members tried to attack Syler, but were no match for the technique he was about to use on his enemies. Syler then jumps into the air and lands right behind the gang members. Syler uses his sword and speed to defeat his enemies in 10 seconds. After wounding the Beatdown Gang badly, Syler begins to strike down Brazod and his robot. The Speed Bot quickly fires many laser blasts at Syler, but each blast was deflected by Syler’s sword’s blade. One of the blasts hit the robot’s eye. Then, the robot used its super speed and clashed with Syler.

The robot then scars Syler on the chest and arm while fighting him. Syler tried to attack and get away from the robot, but it was too fast. The robot used the wheels from its legs to knock Syler off balanced. When trying to get up, Brazod blasts Syler’s elbow with energy from his hand. Syler screamed and was hurting badly. Then Brazod ordered his robot to stab Syler body’s with one of its claws. Once the robot stabbed Syler, he was hurting very bad and he was screaming.

Suddenly, a police officer came to the rescue and shot the Speed Bot’s head off with an energy powered gun. A separate group of the police and SWAT troops were here to help get Brazod. After being cornered by the police, Brazod fires at the officers and kills some of them. After doing so, Brazod used his flight to leave the battlefield and Syler for dead. However, Syler is taken by the police and is put into the hospital.

After finding the neighborhood with apartments, Dino Boy and Strongholder arrived before telling the Beatdown Gang members to stop their destruction. One of the members, Gronly, a big and powerful villain, told the two heroes to surrender or die. Both Dino Boy and Strongholder had no choice but to stop the villains from causing more trouble. Then, Gronly runs up to the two heroes. While Gronly prepares to strike, Strongholder stood up against him. Strongholder quickly transforms his right rock hand into a rock-like sphere, and attacks the villain. Gronly soon dodge the hit and kicked Strongholder onto stairs of an apartment. Dino Boy jumps at Gronly and whips his body with his transformed tail.

After hurting Gronly, Dino Boy helps Strongholder get back up and fight the rest of the gang. Both heroes fought each enemy and used all of their might to defeat them. Soon, Jalkar, the jackal-like mutant criminal, and Slizorbie, the undead Beatdown Gang member, attacked Dino Boy and Strongholder. Slizorbie tries slashing Strongholder before shooting blades out of his head. Strongholder avoided and blocked the blades, before bashing the zombie’s face and kicking him in the stomach. After doing that, Slizorbie got up quickly and continued to fight. Dino Boy attacks Jalkar and transforms his hands into chomping raptor mouths. Jalkar then jumps on Dino Boy and scratches his face before Dno Boy turned the tip of his tail into a mouth, and crunches the villain’s tail. Jalkar screams in pain before getting beaten up by Dino Boy. Then, the hero recovers from his wounds.

After fighting Jalkar, Slizorbie, and the other gangsters, a Blaster Flyer revealed itself while flying in the air. The giant robot released a squad of electric powered villains from the Beatdown Gang including 4 wolves, Shock-Whip, and Surgeant, the Beatdown Gang sergeant. Surgeant introduced himself to the two heroes before they faced him. Surgeant then commanded his electric powered allies to strike Dino Boy and Strongholder down. Strongholder transforms his right hand into a spiky rock shield, for protecting Dino Boy and himself. Strongholder tells Dino Boy to attack with his tail immediately. Suddenly, the dinosaur hero grew his tail and hit some of the gangsters. Surgeant shoots the tail and injures Dino Boy in the process. After shrinking his tail and recovering it, Strongholder charged while using his shield hand. Strongholder was about to bash the villains until Gronly, returning to action, tackled him.

When Gronly was beating up Strongholder, Strongholder’s communication watch broke. Strongholder grabs one of Gronly’s arms and made him hit himself before knocking him with his rock fist. After getting up, Strongholder grabs Gronly and throws him to the electric villains. Some of the villains dodged Gronly’s tossed body, except the others, who were crushed in the process.

Shock-Whip tries to use his lightning whips on Dino Boy, but Dino Boy was using a lot of his agility and leaping to rapidly dodge them. Then, Shock-Whip finally hits Dino Boy on the chest. Dino Boy quickly recovers before turning into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After his transformation, he tries to fight Shock-Whip once more.

Strongholder targets Surgeant and the 4 Beatdown Wolves in battle. Surgeant continues to attack Strongholder with lightning attacks after absorbing nearby electricity from the lamps, machines, and vehicles. Suddenly, Strongholder turned his two hands into shields and tried blocking Surgeant’s attacks. Surgeant stops blasting Strongholder and commands his twin pet wolves, Jolt and Bolt (the Lightning Wolves), to attack Strongholder. Then, he tells the other two wolves to attack Dino Boy.

The two heroes faced the wolves and were being underestimated. Dino Boy, who was still in his T-Rex form, quickly kills a gray Beatdown Wolf before being attacked by a black one. After being attacked, Dino Boy turns back into his regular form before turning his arm into a long tail and slams the black wolf and an assaulting Shock-Whip into the air. The wolf fell into an alley while Shock-Whip fell onto a car. Strongholder was getting beaten up by the Lightning Wolves while they use their electric energy powers from their bodies. When the time was right, Strongholder got back up and grabbed Jolt’s face before throwing the wolf’s body right at Bolt. After that, the wolves charged at Strongholder with super speed until Strongholder used his rocky fists to smash through the wolves’ opened mouths. Then, Strongholder threw the wolves into opposite directions: Jolt onto Surgeant and Bolt into the air. Jolt’s fall hurt Surgeant a lot, but didn’t kill him.

Soon, the same black Beatdown Wolf continued to fight Dino Boy in an alley. The wolf used its speed and quickly lands on Dino Boy. Before biting Dino Boy, the wolf was grabbed by the neck by Dino Boy’s tail. Dino Boy then strangles the wolf with his tail before he banged its head several times with his strong fists. The wolf soon collapse before Dino Boy went back to aid Strongholder. The two heroes suddenly ran for their lives after the Blaster Flyer came back and fired lasers right at them.

Dino Boy turned into a huge pterodactyl and allowed Strongholder to ride him. Dino Boy and Strongholder were still under attack by the Blaster Flyer in the air. Dino Boy suggested to Strongholder that they should defeat that annoying flying machine before find their friends. Both superheroes agreed and attacked the Blaster Flyer by force. The Flyer then shot a small, but very dangerous missile at the heroes. Dino Boy flew as fast as he could to avoid the missile. Then, Strongholder told Dino Boy to go back to the Flyer and let the missile hit it. Dino Boy did what he did and tricked the missile into crashing into the flying robot. After the missile devastated the machine, a Slash Fighter robot came out from the top and fired a beam of energy at Dino Boy. Dino Boy was soon injured him on the wing. While the Slash Fighter and the Blaster Flyer fell to the ground, Dino Boy and Strongholder fell through a glass roof and inside a building. The crash of the Blaster Flyer caused big traffic in the streets.

Chapter 23: Dino Boy and Strongholder’s Survival Edit

After falling into a big building, Dino Boy and Strongholder got up and recovered their strength. Dino Boy heals himself before he and Strongholder prepare to leave the building. When heading out of the building, the two heroes were attacked by an explosive blast from the surviving Slash Fighter robot.

The heroes quickly got up and fought the blue deadly robot. Strongholder and Dino Boy try to hit the robot, but it was too quick for them. Then the robot slashes Dino Boy on the chest and fires strong energy at Strongholder from its chest. After the robot attacked the heroes, Dino Boy quickly heals and grows a big horn on his head. Dino Boy destroys the robot by stabbing its head with his horn.

After defeating the Slash Fighter, more robots were approaching the building from the destroyed Blaster Flyer. The heroes got back up and prepared themselves. The robots who left the Blaster Flyer are the Assault Bots, and they were coming for the heroes. Then, Dino Boy and Strongholder fought the robots and used their powers to hold them back.

Chapter 24: Speed Fight Edit

By the time Capt. VX was near the highway, he saw no more destruction. Whatever attacked the streets and the cars was gone. Capt. VX thought it might have been the same flying robot from the bridge battle. Suddenly, Capt. VX sensed heat from a mysterious source. He looked to the sky and sensed the heat from there. He believed he found the Blaster Flyer, which was invisible and right above him. Capt. VX used his communication watch to contact his friends and sister, but no one answered. Capt. VX was worrying that his team might be defeated by now. Then, Capt. VX heard a fast sound from behind and was punched hard by a Speed Bot. The punch from the super fast machine caused Capt. VX to fly into the air and hit the highway ground.

Capt. VX got up before dodging some upcoming vehicles. After avoiding getting hit by cars, 6 Speed Bots came and stopped some vehicles from going further. There were 3 regular Speed Bots with claws, 2 other Speed Bots with two blaster arms and a horn, and one huge Speed Bot with big pinchers. The robots attacked Capt. VX before he fired blue fire from his hands. The robots soon avoided Capt. VX’s attack before the hero ran for his life. Capt. VX was about to contact his friends again, but he lost his watch thanks to the evil blue robots. Suddenly, two of the robots fired lasers at Capt. VX while using their powerful speed and agility. Capt. VX quickly avoided the blasts and tried firing blue fire bullets at all six robots while running and dodging moving vehicles. Four of the robots shrunk and bent their bodies to move like cars due to their wheels. While in vehicle-like mode, the robots quickly attacked Capt. VX and almost tripped him. Then Capt. VX jumps into the air and fires a fiery fist blast at the robots, but misses. Four of the robots in their vehicle-like mode turned back to normal before one of them tried hitting Capt. VX with laser vision. After landing Capt. VX dodged the robot’s blast before it struck part of a van.

While the robots continued to fight Capt. VX, the same Blaster Flyer, which is still invisible, went to the other side of a highway tunnel. Once there, the Blaster Flyer will help kill Capt. VX if he survives. During the Flyer’s patient attack, the Speed Bots and Capt. VX ended up running and fighting in the highway tunnel, which had many moving cars and other vehicles.

In the tunnel, the huge Speed Bot was destroying many cars and was throwing one at Capt. VX. However, Capt. VX used his super strength to grab the front of the car and quickly put it down before getting hit by a Speed Bot. The Speed Bot grabbed Capt. VX and slammed him onto a wall. The robot was trying to attack Capt. VX by force until the hero kicked the robot and blasted its arm off. Capt. VX then faced two of the blaster Speed Bots and was almost killed by their laser vision. Capt. VX fired a blue fire kick blast before the two robots used their agility to avoid the attack. Then another Speed Bot came and kicked Capt. VX onto a moving car. Capt. VX soon lies down on the road in order to not get crushed by a moving truck. After getting up, the huge Speed Bot tries punching Capt. VX before the hero blasts its chest with blue fire.

Capt. VX continued to avoid and run before three of the regular Speed Bots summoned their Death Drones from their chests. The Death Drones are six-eyed and five-legged small killing machines that can fly very fast and fire devastating energy from their mouth parts. Capt. VX soon avoids the Death Drones’ laser blasts before dodging another attack from one of the regular Speed Bots. Capt. VX trips the Speed Bot and let its head get crushed by big tires from the same truck Capt. VX avoided. After the robot died, another Speed Bot and a Death Drone tried blasting Capt. VX, but the hero used his super speed and agility to avoid their lasers. Suddenly, Capt. VX reached to a tunnel wall and moved onto the wall’s surface. The robots did the same things by using their wheels.

While the Speed Bots and Capt. VX were running on the tunnel walls, Capt. VX fired many fire blasts at the robots, but the robots were able to dodge them once more. Two Speed Bots, the regular and the blaster, charged at Capt. VX before he fired a charged and big blue fire ball at the machines. The machines blew up from Capt. VX’s attack. After the explosion, the huge Speed Bot came and shot a piece of a wall Capt. VX was on and made Capt. VX fall onto the back of a moving truck. One of the regular Speed Bots jumped onto the back of the truck and attacked Capt. VX. The robot scratches Capt. VX on the chest and almost killed him with a laser blast. Capt. VX continued to fight the robot on the moving truck until two of the Death Drones came and almost scratched him with their claws. Then he grabbed the two small robots by their back legs and used them as weapons. Capt. VX used the two small robots to smash the Speed Bot very hard before throwing them away into the other side of the tunnel. After that, the Speed Bot still attacked Capt. VX before the hero blew fire from his mouth at the robot’s face. The robot took a little damage before Capt. VX charged his fist with blue fire and smashed the robot’s chest with great force. After doing that, the robot fell out of the moving truck and broke apart.

Then, the second blaster Speed Bot came and fired lasers from its gun arms and eyes. Capt. VX ducked before tackling the deadly machine. Capt. VX quickly went to the other side of the tunnel in order to flee from the robots and not get hurt. While running in the other way, the huge Speed Bot came after Capt. VX and fired lasers and crushed many cars to get to him. After getting close to Capt. VX, the Speed Bot tried to grab Capt. VX several times before the hero blows up the robot’s left foot and getting kicked onto a wall of the tunnel. While not noticing, the same blaster Speed Bot, in its vehicle-like mode, attacked Capt. VX from below and then grabbed his leg. The robot was dragging Capt. VX on the road before throwing him back to the other side of the tunnel. After being thrown, Capt. VX flew very far into the right side of the tunnel and landed onto a car. Then the robots quickly found Capt. VX and were about to destroy him and the car he was on.

While on top of a stopping car, Capt. VX got up and saw a laser blast from a Death Drone coming forward. Capt. VX quickly shoots a blue fire blast at the laser, causing a medium explosion. The force of the explosion blew Capt. VX into the air until the blaster Speed Bot caught him while moving on the tunnel ceiling. Before the robot was about to fire a deadly laser at him, Capt. VX bashed the robot’s face with his helmet while wearing it. The robot soon fell from the ceiling and released Capt. VX. After that, the robot’s body was crushed by a moving gray bus.

Capt. VX continued to reach the end of the tunnel while facing the last two robots. While the huge robot was in vehicle-like mode, it began blasting Capt. VX. Capt. VX suddenly creates a blue fire barrier for protection and fires it at the robot. But, the robot dodged the blast and allowed the Death Drone to assault the hero. The small robot grabbed Capt. VX by the face and helmet before Capt. VX burned the robot by blowing blue fiery breath. The robot then leaves Capt. VX and burns to death. Finally, it was just Capt. VX and the huge Speed Bot.

The last Speed Bot turned back to its regular mode while using the wheels from its vehicle-like mode to support its movements. Capt. VX and the robot started firing at each other and each blast missed. The robot sped closer to Capt. VX and tackled him. Capt. VX soon got up and avoided the robot. The machine turned its torso around and fired lasers at Capt. VX from its eyes. Capt. VX used his fiery super speed to dodge every one of those lasers. The hero suddenly runs right pass the robot before it was about to strike him with its pinchers. After reaching near the end of the tunnel, Capt. VX creates a blue flame sword. Capt. VX plans to use the sword to defeat the robot and end its attack on him and the people. Then both, Capt. VX and the huge Speed Bot, used their super speed to charge at each other. After that, the Speed Bot strikes Capt. VX with two of its pinchers, but misses. Finally, Capt. VX leaps into the air and uses his blue flame sword to slice the Speed Bot’s head.

After the robot’s head came off, the robot’s body was moving uncontrollably and it flew out of the tunnel. While the robot’s body was malfunctioning, the same Blaster Flyer revealed itself and was about to attack Capt. VX. But, the robot tricked itself and was hit by the Speed Bot’s body. Then both robots were finally destroyed and Capt. VX runs out of the tunnel. Capt. VX suddenly rejoices his victory over the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s robots. However, Capt. VX heads out to reunite with the rest of the VX Super Force.

Chapter 25: Facing the Beatdown Leader Edit

In Capt. VX’s neighborhood, a huge attack was taking place. Many families and friends were being assaulted by the following enemies: the Beatdown Leader and his pet Beatdown Wolf Scar, Ridgar, Bronk, Big Fists, Sniff, and Morzan. Morzan, who wields thunder powers and a rod-like mace, helped cause a lot of destruction in the Capt. VX’s neighborhood. The rest of the gangsters attacked many people and used dangerous energy charged bombs to destroy their homes. The Beatdown Wolf Scar was attacking a couple of young men while the gangsters destroyed the houses. The Beatdown Leader told his friends to move to the Vants’ house and destroy it with the energy charged bombs. After that, the leader of the Beatdown gang smiles malevolently while the others laughed. During the attacks in the neighborhood, Oranga’s parents, Betty and Christopher Caidara, were worried about their daughter and the VX Super Force. The parents hid in a hidden bomb shelter, where the villains won’t find them if they attend to destroy their home.

Capt. VX did the best he could to search for his friends until he heard many explosions from his own neighborhood. Capt. VX was horrified and he had to head to his neighborhood to find out what was happening. He used his super leaping and super speed to reach his neighborhood. Before heading there, he saw firefighters taking out a huge fire at his school with water hoses from their firefighting trucks. Capt. VX wasn’t pleased and he felt nervous about his school’s destruction. After looking at his destroyed school, Capt. VX saw part of his neighborhood destroyed and many people both injured and killed. While walking and seeing many upset, sad, and brave people, Capt. VX was horrified and mad about not being here on time. Some of the people told Capt. VX the Beatdown Gang attacked their homes and killed many men, women and children.

Then, Capt. VX saw his home in flames and it was torn apart due to the explosives the Beatdown Gang used on it. Capt. VX walked to his own home and was both unhappy, and angry. He suddenly used his blue fire powers to turn most of the fires blue and absorb them. While trying to clear the fires, he stepped on a picture of him and his family. Capt. VX picks up the picture and looks at his sister, his parents, and himself. He started to tear and feel sorry for himself for not getting the VX Super Force back to help stop this madness. Capt. VX continued to clear out the flames before the firefighters and police came. When turning another fire blue and absorbing it, Sniff scares Capt. VX right in front of him and kicks him very hard with his feet. Capt. VX fell onto the ground before getting grabbed by Bronk, Morzan, and Big Fists. Capt. VX began to struggle before getting hit in the stomach and hit on the face by Ridgar.

Soon, the Beatdown Leader told Ridgar to stop attacking Capt. VX and let him kill the hero with the same sword he used on his parents. When Capt. VX heard from the Beatdown Leader about his parents’ murder, he became angry and frustrated. Capt. VX asked the Beatdown Leader that it was him who killed his parents. The Beatdown Leader answered him and told the hero his parents deserved to die for trying to stop both the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang from taking over Kento City. Then the Beatdown Leader told Capt. VX that his sister and girlfriend are now captives of the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force. He also told Capt. VX that his other four friends have been defeated by both villainous teams and he will get rid of his sister once he gets rid of him. Then, Ridgar removes Capt. VX’s helmet and allows the Beatdown Leader to prepare to stab the VX Super Force leader through his head. But, Capt. VX screams and breaks free from the gang by using a powerful blue heat force from within. The explosive force caused some of the members to fall to separate locations in the burning home. Capt. VX put his helmet back on after blowing his enemies away.

Many of the members dodged the fires of the burning home before going after Capt. VX. The leader shouts to his friends, “Injure Capt. VX! But remember: He is mine to kill.” The Beatdown Gang began to sneak up on Capt. VX while preparing to attack. Capt. VX was trying to look for the Beatdown Gang members until one of them, Morzan, came up to Capt. VX and attacked him with his mace. Capt. VX sensed his attack and dodged his mace. Morzan continues to use his mace before striking the hero with his thunder powers. Capt. VX avoided the thunder attacks before smashing Morzan in the face with a single and strong punch. After receiving damage, Morzan flew into the sky and started firing thunder at Capt. VX. Suddenly, Sniff came from behind and attacked Capt. VX. Capt. VX tried attacking the blind and powerful gangster, but Sniff was able to dodge the blows. Sniff trips Capt. VX before Morzan was about to hit him with his mace. After dodging the mace, Capt. VX throws a blue fire ball at Morzan and another one at Sniff. Morzan was heavily damaged except Sniff, who dodged the hero’s attack. While continuing to fight Capt. VX, Sniff smelled the hero’s scent and was easily targeting him.

Soon, Ridgar, the Beatdown Leader, Big Fists, and Bronk came and help Sniff fight Capt. VX. Capt. VX fought all five villains at once and used his blue fire powers to help himself. Big Fists used his fists to smash Capt. VX while Bronk tried smashing the hero. Capt. VX quickly grabs Big Fists and tosses the criminal to Bronk. Both Bronk and Big Fists were beaten. Ridgar uses his sword to slice Capt. VX. While fighting Ridgar, Capt. VX was in front of a big fire that wasn’t put out. Before Ridgar could push Capt. VX into the fire, the hero kicks Ridgar and punches him in the face. Then Capt. VX runs into the Beatdown Leader and Sniff.

Sniff and the Beatdown Leader clashed with Capt. VX while being cornered by nearby fire. The two villains combined their strengths to attack Capt. VX and were too much for the hero to handle. Capt. VX tried to blast both villains with blue fire blasts, but misses. Thanks to the Beatdown Leader’s enhanced sensing, he was able to dodge more of Capt. VX’s attacks and strike him down easily. Capt. VX was knocked down before he rolled away from the gang leader’s sword attacks. Capt. VX suddenly kicks the Beatdown Leader in the stomach and used his super speed to punch the villain many times. After beating up the villain, Sniff jumped into the air and was about to crush Capt. VX with his feet. Capt. VX quickly sensed his presence and grabbed his feet. While grabbing his legs, Capt. VX smashes Sniff to the ground twice before throwing him to the other side of the neighborhood. After the Beatdown Leader got up, he began striking Capt. VX once more and slashes his chest with his sword. Then the gang leader knocks Capt. VX’s helmet out of his head before using his telepathic powers and mind damaging power on him. Capt. VX tried fighting the villain’s telepathic force, but was weakening too easily. The Beatdown Leader continues to use his power before he commanded Morzan, Ridgar, Bronk, and Big Fists to beat up Capt. VX.

Capt. VX was losing and he couldn’t fight any longer. While the fight was in progress, many people, including Oranga’s parents, the fire fighters, and police officers were watching the battle. After the Beatdown Leader stopped using his powers and told his men to stop beating Capt. VX up, he began using his sword to kill the hero. However, Capt. VX was turning blue and he began to heat up. The hero gets up quickly and stops the Beatdown Leader from killing him. Then he strikes the Beatdown Leader and kicks him very hard. Capt. VX used his blue fire powers and skills to defeat the rest of the gang. Capt. VX puts his helmet back on after that.

Suffering defeat for not killing Capt. VX, the Beatdown Leader and his friends started to retreat. Before going, the Beatdown Leader blows his red whistle and calls forth his Beatdown Wolf, Scar. The Beatdown Leader told his wolf to attack Capt. VX. When the wolf began charging, Capt. VX prepared himself to fight the monstrous animal.

Both Scar and Capt. VX clashed and fought each other. The wolf tried scratching and biting the hero, but Capt. VX was using his speed to try and dodge the wolf’s attacks. While both were fighting, the firefighters were using water hoses to clear the flames of Capt. VX’s home. The wolf immediately pounced on Capt. VX and tried biting his head. Then Capt. VX used his super strength to push the wolf back and hit him a couple of times. Suddenly, Scar counters Capt. VX’s assault and uses his mouth to try and chomp him. Capt. VX leaps away from the wolf and try to lure it to a nearby fire. The wolf somehow knew it was a trick and he followed Capt. VX before almost crushing him with his teeth. Capt. VX used a fire punch on the wolf’s snout, causing damage. Then the wolf leaped at the hero before he leaped into the air as well. Capt. VX grabs the wolf’s lower body and tosses the wolf into a fire that was not cleared out.

After burning the wolf, Capt. VX breathed a lot and tried to calm down. He thought the wolf was dead, but it wasn’t. The wolf manages to escape through the fire and attacks the hero once more. The fire from the wolf was fading away after he rolled down and shook it off very hard. Capt. VX runs up to the wolf and beats it up while using his super speed and strength. After beating him, the wolf counters Capt. VX and pushed him to the ground. Capt. VX then escapes the wolf and tries to attack it with blue fire blasts. While attacking the Scar, Capt. VX missed as the wolf was quickly avoiding the attacks. Scar pushes Capt. VX again and stops him from moving.

Scar was about to eat Capt. VX, but was stopped when the police officers shot him by using their guns. The wolf suddenly attacks the officers and was scaring them. Scar was going to chase the police officers down until Capt. VX got up and blasted Scar’s butt with a fire blast. After being attacked, the wolf saw Capt. VX and he was about to end the fight by killing him for good. Capt. VX made the wolf come to him while charging a big blue fiery attack from his right hand. Scar charged and jumped into the air. Before being crushed by Scar, Capt. VX fired a huge blue fire beam at the mutant wolf. Scar was blown away by the attack and was killed after landing on a far location from Capt. VX’s neighborhood.

After winning the fight, Capt. VX was cheered by the neighbors, firefighters and police officers. Oranga’s parents soon came up to Capt. VX and wanted to know where their daughter is. Capt. VX told them the Beatdown Gang has captured her and his sister, and he must find a way to save them. Capt. VX also told Oranga’s parents he somehow lost his other friends to both the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force. Before heading to the VX Base, Capt. VX promises the Caidaras that he will bring her back and save her.

Chapter 26: Capt. VX Girl and Oranga Captured Edit

Couple of hours later, in the Beatdown Lair, Capt. VX Girl and Oranga woke up inside a force field bubble. After awaking, the girls were nervous and they wanted to know where they are. Both tried punching and kicking the bubble in order to escape. Each time the girls hit the bubble, nothing happened to it. Suddenly, Velenor, the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers, the Beatdown Leader, Surgeant (who was healed by Velenor) and other villains saw the girls from above. The villains told Oranga and Capt. VX Girl that they are trapped inside a force field bubble generated by a blue mechanical platform which is controlled by the villain’s computer system. The girls were also in a 3 ft. hole below the villains.

Velenor, coming near the girls, told them that their beloved Capt. VX will soon join them after he has taken the bait - which is the girls. Capt. VX Girl told Velenor to let her and Oranga out of here, but Velenor smiled and phased his arm through the barrier. Velenor starts choking Capt. VX Girl and tells her to stay down. After he stopped choking her, Velenor took his arm out of the barrier and came back up to the villains. Velenor commanded the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers to use the computer system to track down the VX Base’s signal and location. While the brothers were doing that, Velenor reminded them that he wants to speak to Capt. VX.

At the VX Base, Capt. VX used Oranga’s clothes making machine to fix up his costume before getting ready to try and save his sister and friend from the tow evil teams. Capt. VX was disappointed that he is on his own and his friends are not with him. Before heading out of the VX Base, the Blue Cyber Armor brothers reached the base’s computer system and contacted it. Capt. VX came to the computer and saw an unfamiliar face. The man he was looking at was Velenor.

Velenor introduced himself to Capt. VX and told him about his friends and sister. He also revealed his information about the VX Super Force, including Capt. VX himself. Capt. VX wanted to know where his sister and girlfriend are. Velenor tells Capt. VX the girls are captured and are in the Beatdown Gang’s Secret Location under Kento’s Dark Heart. Capt. VX was told that if he tried finding the place, he will be killed along with his sister and friend. Capt. VX wanted Velenor to know that he has gone too far and that he will release his comrades. Velenor laughs loud and tells Capt. VX to save them instead of forcing Velenor to free them. Then, Velenor showed Capt. VX where Capt. VX Girl and Oranga are in the base. When showing him the two girls trapped in the bubble, Capt. VX got mad and cursed at Velenor.

Velenor once again tells Capt. VX to come to the Beatdown Lair if he will be able to save his two loved ones from future harm. Capt. VX agreed before telling Velenor that he will find his friends first and then search for the Beatdown Gang’s hideout. Then, Velenor reminds Capt. VX that his friends have been killed and that there is nothing he can do about it. Capt. VX didn’t believe Velenor before he insulted him. After being insulted, Velenor somehow comes out of the computer screen, uses great speed, grabs Capt. VX, and smashes him onto a wall. Velenor tells Capt. VX that he is not like the humans and he is more powerful than him. Capt. VX disagrees and quickly kicks Velenor and punches him before Velenor used his telekinesis to stop the hero. Then, Capt. VX was smashed onto the keyboard desk and thrown into the air by Velenor’s telekinetic force. After Capt. VX fell onto the floor, Velenor rapidly came to Capt. VX and was about to unleash a powerful inferno blast from his hand. Velenor tells Capt. VX to not try and use his blue fire powers from space on him, or he will die like the people he murdered last time. Capt. VX obeyed and tried nothing foolish against him. Velenor stops his assault and tells Capt. VX that he can die while trying to save his female comrades instead of being burned to oblivion. Then, Velenor goes back to the Beatdown Lair by entering through the computer screen.

After the meeting and that short fight, Capt. VX got up and was calming down. While he was calming down, the computer was turned off immediately. Capt. VX tells himself that this is going to be hard and he needs to get ready to save his sister, friends, and everyone before it is too late. Unknown to Capt. VX, Velenor, the Beatdown Gang, and the Blue Cyber Tech Force are about to invade Kento City and take it by force tomorrow.

Part 5

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