VX Super Force

Chapter 17: Heroes of Kento City Edit

On the next day, Christy was at school, working on algebra before going home. Christy was walking in the hallway before hearing gossips about the new superheroes of Kento City. The teens in Christy’s school said the VX Super Force were amazing and wonderful fighters. Most of the boys liked Syler because he was a cooler hero. Christy was proud that many people in her school loved the VX Super Force and herself for what they did last night. Later on, Christy was talking to her parents about her and her friends saving the people, and the bank last night. She told her parents she didn’t tell her friends she was one of the heroes last night. The parents were relieved and were telling her to watch over herself. They also informed her that having super powers like before doesn’t make you stronger or better, they make you someone who would look up to and depend on for guidance like real heroes today. After spending time with her parents and finishing her homework, Christy went to see her friends once more.

Under the city hall, the mayor and Larry were worried about the destruction of their security device last night while there was a dangerous bank robbery. The mayor asked his scientists if they could rebuild it, or make a new device like Sesame. The scientists told them it would take a few months to make something like Sesame again. After leaving the scientists, the mayor had no choice, but to gain trust to last night’s “superheroes”, the VX Super Force. With their aid, they might help find the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force, and defeat them. After the decision, Larry told him to call Hanes and let him give info to the superheroes. Mayor Ken Reymord agreed to Larry and began calling his trusted friend.

At the VX Super Force base, four of the heroes were watching live television on the computer after exercising. Syler was meditating in his own room and Dino Boy was napping. Suddenly, Dino Boy was dreaming of the nightmares of his past. He was dreaming about how he watched his father die because of his evil partner, becoming a mutated human who transformed into a rage filled dinosaur humanoid, and his uncontrollable revenge. Dino Boy woke up and was filled with fright of becoming the true monster he was back then. Christy soon came inside the base and said hello to her friends. While welcoming Christy back to the base, Danny wanted Christy to come with him outside in the back. Amila suddenly knows what Danny was going to do with Christy. After the two friends went outside, Amila was telling Strongholder that they might be in love. Strongholder agreed and was laughing about the two.

Danny and his friend Christy were sitting on a big cliff together, watching the sunset and the big ocean near the city. The two teens were relaxing before they started a conversation. Danny and Christy were talking about how great they did last night and they are loved by people for being their guardians of the city. They were giving out compliments about being great friends to each other. Christy enjoyed being here and the idea that helped them get to where they are. Then, Danny and Christy felt something inside them; it was love. The two were scooting up to each other while the sun was going down. After scooting up very close, Danny and Christy were speaking about how nice to have one another. The two heroes finally kissed during the end of the sunset.

Then, Amila surprised them and told the two teens they were in love the whole time. Her brother told her not to do that again before Christy was laughing about what happened. Veronica Venus quickly tells her friends there is a police officer in front of the base’s entrance. The entire team went into the front door to answer the female officer. The team wanted to know how the police officer found their base. The officer was trying to find them until she went outside the city and found a strange looking tower. After revealing them the info, she told the team she is a friend of Commissioner Hanes, who needs their help.

The superheroes were escorted down to the huge police station by the police force. The heroes were glad to go inside of this fantastic base of operations. The heroes once again meet Commissioner Hanes from last night. Hanes told Capt. VX, Veronica Venus and all of the heroes that they are now friends of the mayor, new agents of protection and they have an assignment to complete. With their super powers and great skills, they must find the mysterious whereabouts of the Beatdown Gang, the Blue Cyber Tech Force, and the one responsible for the horrible murders couple of nights ago. The commissioner showed images of what the two villainous forces looked like. Capt. VX Girl asked, “Why does the Blue Cyber Tech Force like blue?” Syler answered, “Maybe that is their favorite color.” The commissioner gave the team as long as possible to use their gifts to succeed in capturing the villains and bringing them to justice. The VX Super Force agreed and left the building after gaining info from the commissioner. Before searching the two villain teams once more, Velenor, standing on a building gargoyle, sees the VX Super Force at last. Velenor already knows who each one of the members is thanks to looking into Zalthor’s universal time mirror back in Kazamardra. Velenor states he will battle them in the future if they survive long enough.

At the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s tower, the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers watching images of the VX Super Force from last night’s confrontation against the bank robbers. The brothers began planning an attack on the innocent, luring the seven heroes to them and their bestial ally Groggarth. By doing so, the brothers will strike down the people at the bridge with their weapons. The brothers and Groggarth will leave tomorrow in the afternoon. The leaders also reminded their friends, Brazod, Sophithara, and Calira to stay in the tower until the four villains return from possibly defeating the heroes. After the plan was made, the seven villains went to exercise in the training area.

In the Beatdown lair, the Beatdown Leader stabbed the newspaper with the VX Super Force image on the ground and was frustrated about the heroes. He told his friend Bronk, who gave him the newspaper, to get out of his tent so he can try to calm down. He knew heroes like them would dare try to get in the way of not only the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s plans, but his own. The leader believes they are working for the mayor and the cops. If the team does find the Beatdown Gang here, then the entire force will be ready to kill them. However, the leader waits for the inevitable. While walking back and forth in his tent, the leader tries to think of a way to get rid of the VX Super Force later on.

Chapter 18: Battling the Blue Cyber Tech Force Edit

On the next day, the VX Super Force was trying to find out which part of Kento City are the locations of the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang. The heroes were using their computer system to find places where the villains might be living in. The heroes found a location that might be where they are located. It is called Kento City’s Dark Heart, the city’s crime and dark area. Veronica Venus told her friends they should think of a way to enter the city and not get attacked by possibly many bad people. Capt. VX Girl believes that part won’t happen unless those foes are brave enough to face the VX Super Force. The heroes continued to discuss their plan of finding and battling the two villain forces until a distress signal came on. The signal revealed the location of the city’s bridge, where many people are being attacked by mysterious foes. The leader, Capt. VX told his friends and sister to move out and head for the bridge.

Before the confrontation, people were driving through the bridge before being assaulted by an electric current that stopped all vehicles from moving. The vehicles lost power before the people got out of them. Then, four individuals appeared out of nowhere and prepared to attack the innocent. They were the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and Groggarth. The brothers used their armors and powered lances to help them destroy things while Groggarth was killing many people with brute force. The villains continued terrorizing the people until the VX Super Force showed up minutes later. This is what the villains were waiting for.

Capt. VX and friends came just in time with the help of their powers. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers were impressed about their entrance. Then they introduced themselves and Groggarth to the team. Capt. VX told the four villains to end their attack on these people, or they will defeat them in battle. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and Groggarth told the heroes they were attacking the people to lure the heroes to them. And by doing that, the villains would get a chance to fight them. The VX warned the villains again, but the villains refused to cooperate. The brothers then fired electric bolts from their lances, blowing the heroes backwards. The fight suddenly erupted and the VX Super Force made their move.

In the huge fight, Dino Boy attacks Groggarth with his might until being thrown and hit by Groggarth. Then Groggarth attacks Syler and Strongholder. While fighting the villain, Strongholder uses his morphing rock powers and Syler uses his speed and teleportation moves. The two siblings, Captains VX and VX Girl, attacked one of the brothers with their powerful blue fire attacks. The brother activates his armor’s barrier in order to repel the attacks. The same brother hits Capt. VX Girl with his lance’s energy, knocking her to a car. Capt. VX suddenly smashes the villain in the face and uses his super strength to slam him to the ground. Capt. VX Girl gets up and still helps her friends. Oranga and Veronica Venus attacks the other two brothers with fire rings and energy blasts. The brothers used their armors to repel the attacks on them, but the girls dodged them fast. Veronica then uses her super speed to surprise the two villains and kicks one of them. The other brother tries using his lance on her until his brother gets back up and hits Veronica on the back. The brothers cornered her before Oranga and Capt. VX attacked the brothers with a combined blue fiery vortex. The powerful blast hit the two before they landed on the ground.

Groggarth still fights Dino Boy, Strongholder and Syler. Syler slashes Groggarth until he grabs him and hits him hard. Strongholder grabs Groggarth and punches him before Syler could escape. Dino Boy heals from his wounds and continues to attack the bestial foe. Then, Groggarth used all of his strength to knock Strongholder and Dino Boy back. Groggarth jumps into the air and was about to crush Strongholder. Strongholder gets up, changes his rocky hand into a hammer and hits Groggarth into the air. Dino Boy suddenly turns into a triceratops after jumping in the air and hits Groggarth onto the ground.

Syler, the supernatural ninja, goes to his other friends and help them defeat the super smart brothers. The brothers were staying on their feet while fighting Capt. VX, Oranga, Veronica Venus, and Capt. VX Girl. The brothers continued using their lances before getting their energy guns. The brothers soon attacked the four people with all their might until Syler destroys their weapons with his sword. Furious, one of the brothers jumped on Syler and beat him up. The other two brothers used their explosive charged blade knives on the heroes. After throwing the knives, the heroes dodged them until they exploded on the vehicles they touched. The two Blue Cyber Armor Brothers threw more explosive charged blade knives at the heroes. Suddenly, Dino Boy, in a raptor form, attacks one of the brothers who were throwing the deadly weapons. The assaulted brother slaps Dino Boy in the face and throws an electric tri-bladed weapon at him. When the bladed weapon hit Dino Boy on the chest, it electrocuted him painfully. The brother who threw that laughed before being knocked in the face by Veronica Venus’s electric punch.

Strongholder, runs toward the continuing fight to aid his friends. When he got there, he saw Dino Boy injured. After Veronica removed the bladed weapon, Dino Boy regenerated from the attack. Syler still battles one of the brothers and uses his super speed to trick him easily. After trying to hit him, the brother gets hit on the chin by the broad part of Syler’s sword and he gets kicked onto a truck. The brother who is fighting Capt. VX, Oranga, and Capt. VX Girl tries attacking them with the help of his suit. The three heroes suddenly combined their fire powers and defeated the last brother, including burning parts of his metallic suit. All three brothers then ran to each other and one of them called forth their flying machine.

The gigantic machine was called the Blaster Flyer, a destructive ship robot that carries robots and people, and can fly very fast. The robot was underwater and under the bridge the whole time and it was invisible. The ship lifted up the brothers and a weaken Groggarth with a gravitational ray of light before the ship was commanded to fly back to their lair. Before doing that, the ship was ordered by the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers to strike down the VX Super Force with its blasters. The ship used its blasters to try and hit the heroes. The heroes then dodged the blasts a few times before the ship turned invisible and flew away into the sky.

After the fight, many people cheered for the VX Super Force including the kids. Three of the kids were recording the whole fight scene with his cell phone’s digital camera. The VX Super Force thanked the saved people for the entertainment and being protected before going back to their place. While preparing to head back to their base, Dino Boy was sniffing out an unfamiliar scent and it felt like smelling fire. What he smelled is actually Velenor’s scent. Velenor was here and he was on top of the bridge looking at the heroes and the citizens. Dino Boy suddenly sees Velenor before he could do something. Velenor disappears out of thin air after Dino Boy blinked. He thought that was just his imagination. The VX Super Force and Dino Boy departed before the fire fighters and ambulances came to help out at the bridge.

Chapter 19: Evil Alliance Edit

Later at the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s tower, the four villains were recovering their strength and one of the brothers puts on a spare metallic blue armor. Brazod asked the guys if they failed defeating their enemies. The answer was yes. The two girls, Calira and Sophithara were wondering if this team will be able to kill the VX Super Force in order to rule the city. The brothers said yes and told their teammates they will use many of their robots to defeat them, including their powers. The team continued to discuss plans against their enemies until they headed to their computer room to watch the news about what happened at the bridge. The team also watched a scene with Commissioner Hanes talking about the VX Super Force doing a fine job beating the enemies, but not well at capturing them and knowing their location. As the news was in progress, the villains were annoyed by the police commander’s speeches and were talking about killing him along with the superheroes.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared in front of the tower base. He was intruding the area until an alarm system underground sensed his presence. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and friends heard the alarm and turned it off. Then the villains saw the strange figure coming towards the tower. Brazod believed that this moving figure is one of the heroes’ allies, or not. The villains suddenly summoned their evil robots from underground to attack the unknown person. The robots, known as Assault Bots, were ready to kill their target. The robots used their cybernetic eyes to scan the enemy and send the information back to the team’s computer system. The computers stated the figure was a man with a big cape, bluish outfit, a yellow crown, pale skin, and long spiky hair. The man was revealed to be Velenor, who has found the Blue Cyber Tech Force at last. The brothers ordered their Assault Bots to warn Velenor about leaving their area, or die. Velenor doesn’t comply with the robots and he smiles evilly. Velenor comments about the robots before activating his powers. Velenor suddenly uses his magic to cause the robots to violently explode. The robots were destroyed quickly until the evil magical king of Kazamardra vanishes from thin air and appears right in front of the Blue Cyber Tech Force by standing on top of a computer platform.

The seven villains were surprised and were getting ready to attack. Velenor smiles and tells his new friends he does not want to kill them, he wants to help them get rid of the VX Super Force and rule the city. The seven villains didn’t feel trust for him and Groggarth immediately tries to hit him. Velenor stops his attack, and uses his telekinesis to paralyze his body in the air. Velenor, continuing to use his mind to lift Groggarth, told the Blue Cyber Tech Force about him allowing them world domination with the help of other enemies of humanity, starting with teaming up with the Beatdown Gang. The brothers replied and stated that the Beatdown Gang is rough jerks because they won’t let them and their technology helps them rule the city, and the world. Velenor agreed, but he will help the gang understand why they need to work with the Blue Cyber Tech Force to kill the VX Super Force quickly before they succeed destroying both teams, especially Velenor. Velenor also tells the villains he knows the team’s weak spots and their history. Then, the Blue Cyber Tech Force agreed to let Velenor aid them if he lets Groggarth go. And so he did.

Velenor discussed his plans of conquest to his seven new allies before finding the Beatdown Lair with help. Later at night, several Beatdown Wolves were howling at the crescent moon on top of a torn down building before going back to the lair. The guy who was with the wolves was a Beatdown Gang member known as Jalkar, who was dog-like creature watching the moon. When getting back to their lair, the wolves were attacked by a telekinetic force that pushed them onto walls of the torn down building. Jalkar sniffed out the one doing this, and he was grabbed by Sophithara, who was right behind him, and was thrown to Velenor. Jalkar then prepared to strike down Velenor after getting up, but Velenor uses his telekinesis to stop him. Velenor starts grabbing his head and looked into Jalkar’s yellow eyes and saw the location of the Beatdown Lair, and where to find it. After that surprise attack, Velenor and the Blue Cyber Tech Force took Jalkar with them after knocking him unconscious with Sophithara’s help. Velenor also commanded the wolves to go to their home and not attack them.

Minutes later, the same wolves from outside the Beatdown Lair returned. Some of the Beatdown Gang was worried that the wolves were gone so long due to Velenor’s attack. The gang members then wondered about Jalkar’s disappearance. After the commotion, a teleporting flash appeared and it revealed the Blue Cyber Tech Force and Velenor with Jalkar unconscious. The gang was shocked and furious that the villains killed their ally in battle. Then Velenor loudly tells the gang he and his friends only knocked him out after getting information from him. Surgeant, the electric sergeant of the gang, quickly comes into the Beatdown Leader’s tent and tells him their rivals are here, including another person. When given this information, the leader smiled and went out of his tent.

The gang were about to kill the Blue Cyber Tech Force and Velenor until the leader shouted and told them to hold their attack. The leader wanted to know why the Blue Cyber Tech Force are here and how did they gain information from Jalkar easily. The brothers told the Beatdown Leader they took down Jalkar after their new friend Velenor read his mind by looking straight at him. After that, Velenor started to introduce himself to the Beatdown Gang. He told the gang he wanted to help them and their rivals conquer the city of Kento quickly after taking down their most dangerous obstacle: the VX Super Force.

The Beatdown Leader and the gang members replied to Velenor that they do not trust the Blue Cyber Tech Force and they would rather be off without them. Velenor looks at the leader and tells him without the Blue Cyber Tech Force, their victory of taking over the city will not be complete. Velenor tells both sides they must unite and form a bigger and deadly force. By doing so, these two teams may be able to wipe out the VX Super Force and their enemies once and for all. Velenor also tells the two villain teams to end their rivalry and become one whole alliance in order to help them, and himself rule the Earth. Both teams understood Velenor and they believe they can help take over mankind together.

Then, one of the members of the Beatdown Gang refused to believe Velenor. The Beatdown Leader told his minion to not argue with their new ally, but he refused to listen. The member asked Velenor if he was willing to use the two teams and betray them in the end after taking over Kento City. Velenor said no, and he stated to both sides that he wanted to build this alliance in order to make new friends and allow them to join a higher power from where he comes from. Before long, Velenor was telling the rude member of the Beatdown Gang about how strong the VX Super Force is. He then tells him about the leader of the team called Capt. VX and how powerful he is. Velenor shows a bluish fire, comparing to Capt. VX’s, to the minion. After telling how powerful Capt. VX’s fiery power is, the minion thought he could be able to withstand it due to his invulnerability. Velenor laughs and immediately shoots a huge beam of bluish fire, which is actually his inferno power, changed into a blue color. The fiery beam hit the Beatdown Gang member into the air and he screamed while being burned badly. The fire beam sent him all the way onto a rocky wall before he was smashed and destroyed completely. The two villain teams were stunned and surprised about what happened to the fallen minion.

After that interruption, Velenor tells the villains this is what happens to those who will fight the VX Super Force with reckless thoughts and acts. He told them if they really want to kill their enemies, they have to plan a great strategy that will lead them to victory. Finally, Velenor shows the villains the symbol of the higher power he stated before. He made it with his fire powers and put it right above the villains. Velenor tells his friends that this symbol is the symbol of Kazamardra, a magical world where Velenor and his friend rules as kings. He also states his people, the mighty Kazamardrans, inhabit the world. Velenor immediately asked the two teams that they will swear to help him conquer the city and planet while they act as his royal subjects, and allies. The teams thought about the question, and they agreed. Velenor suddenly smiled and said, “Perfect!”

Chapter 20: Revelations and Hanging Out Edit

On the next day, the VX Super Force was eating fruit and sandwiches made by Capt. VX. The heroes were talking about trying to find the location of their enemies later on before it was too late. One of them, Syler, wanted his friends to relax and try to meditate, or focus on other things before going on their mission.

Veronica Venus, looking in curiosity, wanted to ask Dino Boy about having possible nightmares in his sleep at night. Dino Boy tells Veronica he had a bad past long time ago and it was part of his dreams. Dino Boy tells Veronica he used to be a very good looking guy with black hair, nice looks, and a good personality. He told her he was into biology and chemistry in school, and he was the son of Dr. Den, a biologist who was helping his company recreate an old and new species of dinosaurs. While Dino Boy was helping his father do so, a jealous and dangerous scientist threatened him, and wanted to keep the source for creating dinosaurs for himself. Both men fought for the source until the mad scientist killed Dino Boy’s father. When Dino Boy saw his father murdered, he rushed in and pushed the evil scientist onto a glass tube full of mutating liquid that can create new dinosaur life. After accidentally breaking the glass tube, the liquid poured on both Dino Boy and the scientist, and tainted their bodies. Dino Boy finally tells her about how he transformed hours later. At night, the mutation began to develop and it took away Dino Boy’s real appearance, and turned him into a vicious new being called a Dino Mutant.

Dino Boy ended his conversation and felt very angry about what happened in his life. Veronica told Dino Boy to forget about what happened and try to have more happiness. Veronica also reminds him that he has friends who like the way he looks and that they will never make him feel bad. She also hugged him and Dino Boy hugged back. Dino Boy suddenly said to her,” Thank you for listening to my story.”

After the heroes were disappointed of Dino Boy’s past, Strongholder began sharing his story too. Strongholder told his friends about being a teen champion boxer and how many wins he had. He told his friends he was great and he faced many opponents, including his toughest rival, Odis Grindon, who was a very mean person to challenge. After Strongholder defeated Odis in a very tough boxing match, both men were kidnapped by mysterious men in black tuxedos. The black tuxedo men took Strongholder and Odis into a small science area outside of the city. The area had a virtual reality altering chamber, which could turn real things into other things by using some sort of energized system to do so. When Strongholder and Odis were forced inside the machine, a man named Dr. Jonzo came and told his audience, who turned out to be bad people, about his invention. After activating the machine, it was forcibly altering the skin and whole appearance of the two persons in it. When Dr. Jonzo accidentally messed up the machine’s transformation pattern, the machine was acting up and the two men were turning into strange rock-like beings with morphing attributes. The scientist and his friends ran off before the machine exploded. The explosion sent Strongholder and his rival flying into the air and hitting the ground.

Strongholder finally tells his friends he too suffered a bad appearance like Dino Boy. But, he became a superhero after saving many lives and his father from the same person who transformed him long time ago. After that, Veronica began telling her friends about getting her own superhuman abilities. After her parents found a great power stone from Venus, which was within the ocean, Veronica was checking to see if it was alright. When she was toughing the power stone, she was stunned by its activated energy. Very soon, Veronica gained amazing energy powers, superhuman abilities, and the ability to breathe in space.

Then, Syler began telling his story about him and his people. Syler is the leader of a ninja clan called the Blue Tiger Ninjas, who were great warriors and defenders of Japan before moving to China. He said the clan lived for over 100 years and it battled many evils that roamed the world. The most dangerous enemy was the White Dragoon Samurais, who made the Blue Tiger Ninjas go to China after defeating them in a risky contest long ago. Syler also informs his friends about the spirits that gave both clans their supernatural skills: The White Dragoon and the Blue Tiger.

Syler then shows his friends his sword, which was given to him by his father before he was defeated by a former White Dragoon Samurai leader. The six heroes liked the sword and they felt its blade and handle. After Syler got his sword back, he told his friends about returning home after helping his friends find the two villain forces and saving the city. Oranga suddenly asked Syler why he should return home after helping the VX Super Force. Syler told her he is the leader of his clan, and he must return before something happens to his home. He also tells his friends his siblings might not be able to take control of his clan for that long. Capt. VX explains to Syler that his siblings will do alright without any worries. Syler mostly accepts Capt. VX before finishing his food.

Later at night, Danny, Christy, Amila, and Yihiru went into Kento city to hang out and do some things. While they go have fun, Veronica, Dino Boy and Strongholder remained at the base and were watching an Oscar winning action/adventure film called “The Gold Knife”. While not noticing, a small blue camera robot was watching the heroes watch their movie. It was the Spy Drone, a camera face robot from the Blue Cyber Tech Force. It was able to track down the location of the VX Base with help. The robot turned invisible while it was walking on the base’s window silently. While looking at the three heroes, the robot scanned their bodies and revealed them to be the VX Super Force members. After finishing scanning Dino Boy, Strongholder, and Veronica Venus, the robot leaves into the woods for now.

In Downtown Kento City, Danny, Amila, Christy, and Yihiru went to many places and did a few things such as going to a fast food restaurant and had some sandwiches; going into the Kento City Museum to view many ancient artifacts; and meeting some friends they know from high school. When the four teens met their high school friends, three of them introduced Yihiru to them. They told their friends Yihiru is a martial artist and a friend of theirs from China. One of Danny’s friends told Yihiru to do some kung fu, but he didn’t feel like doing it. Then the four left and said goodbye to their pals.

Before heading back to their base, the four teens encountered Douglas Donor and had a short conversation with him. After Yihiru introduced himself to the Vants’ friend, Douglas told the teens about the VX Super Force. He believes they will help capture the two villain groups and the other individual who was responsible for killing many lives. Douglas also informs the Vants about the person who killed their parents. He said there was evidence that someone used a bladed weapon on the two parents and slashed them to death. Before leaving, Douglas told his friends about Commissioner Hanes and that he will lead a huge assault force against the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force if the VX Super Force fails to defeat them.

At 9:30, while the heroes were going back to their base, three mysterious figures were watching them go. These three are actually Beatdown Gang members in disguise. One was Jalkar, the dog-like enemy who is in his human form, and the other two were known as Pyre Myers and Crail. They were watching the four teens the whole time and they knew who they were thanks to Velenor. The villains did nothing but wait.

Two of the teens, Amila and Yihiru, went inside the base except Danny and Christy. Danny was telling his friend he had a great time tonight with her. Christy wanted Danny to not worry and prepare to go find the two villain teams tomorrow. Christy then said with Dino Boy on their side, he could help smell where the enemies are. After finishing their conversation, Danny and Christy looked at the sky and saw many stars. They both liked the stars and they were pointing out what star symbols are up there. Before long, both Danny and Christy expressed their feelings to each other. Suddenly the two heroes walked up closely before hugging and kissing. While kissing and hugging, they lift themselves into the air and began making a bluish fiery vortex around them. The other VX Super Force members were watching the heroes make out in the air and made positive comments about the romance. While the two lovers head back to the base, the same Blue Cyber Tech Force robot spotted them with its lenses the whole time. Soon the robot escapes into the night, going back to its three creators.

Chapter 21: Velenor's Plans Edit

In the Beatdown Lair, Velenor was bathing in a water hole. While bathing, he made the water hot for himself. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and the Beatdown Leader came to tell Velenor information about the VX Super Force. The four villains talked to him about the team’s home, friends, and relationships. After telling Velenor about the VX Super Force, Velenor gets out of the water naked and puts on his rob. His robe is actually his costume, which he transformed.

While walking to a huge meeting area, Velenor told the Blue Cyber Armor Brothers and the Beatdown Leader he is going to give out plans for eradicating the VX Super Force and others in the process. The Beatdown Leader wanted to know if Velenor’s strategy will be a success. Velenor answered yes. Before entering the meeting area, Velenor told the brothers he has something for them to do after the meeting.

The villains arrived at the huge meeting area, where it had all of their allies in open tunnel and rock-like sections, a big rocky floor, and a customized and man-made metal tower. The metal tower can grow up to 30 ft. into the air and move back down. Soon, the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force got ready for the meeting before Velenor stand on top of the tower. One of the members of the Beatdown helped activate the tower’s functions and made it grow. Finally, Velenor began speaking about plans against their new enemies, the VX Super Force team, and the human race. Velenor states that both the Beatdown Gang and Blue Cyber Tech Force are a great force to be dealt with, and that they will show everyone in Kento City what they can do. Then he informed the villains about leading the heroes to their doom by somehow attacking some locations that will draw their attention. Velenor then told his friends that they should capture Oranga and Capt. VX Girl, two of Capt. VX’s loved ones, so that they will use them as bait to lure Capt. VX to the Beatdown Lair. If Capt. VX does not survive, Oranga and Capt. VX Girl will be disposed quickly. Velenor also informs the villains that Veronica Venus, Syler, Strongholder, and Dino Boy should be killed instead of being captured.

Before ending his speech, Velenor told his friends that they must be prepared to face the VX Super Force tomorrow in the afternoon. After the VX Super Force are finally defeated, the united army of the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang will overthrow the city, and go forward to conquer all. When the speech ended, the villains cheered to Velenor about his plans for domination. The villains then screamed Velenor’s name many times: “Velenor! Velenor! Velenor!” Velenor laughs and said, “There will be no one to stop us now.” Then, Velenor shoots fire from his hands and continues to laugh.

Minutes later, Velenor went to the Blue Cyber Tech Force and asked the brothers if they could use their robots to battle the VX Super Force and bring some to the Beatdown Lair. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers agreed to help. The brothers asked Velenor if he could transport them to their tower base. Velenor did and the brothers disappeared quickly. Velenor also teleports to the tower.

In the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s base, the brothers awoke and ordered their Assault Bots, attacking robots, to help them get some of the other robots into the Beatdown Gang’s Lair. The Assault Bots helped get 100 robots from both the machine factory area and a room for robots before Velenor transported them into the Beatdown Lair. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers told Velenor they have many machines to use against the VX Super Force. The brothers knew which ones to use before showing Velenor. Once they showed Velenor, Velenor smiles and accept the robots that will help the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force.

Part 4

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