VX Super Force

Chapter 9: The Junkyard and Christy’s Secret Edit

At 1:00 in the afternoon, Danny and Amila walked to Mat Harson’s junkyard to see if Mat is there. Mat and their father were college buddies long time ago before he ended up working as a junkyard owner and great “metallic art maker”. When Danny and his sister arrived, two of Mat’s guard dogs, a German Shepherd named Lewis and a Pit Bull named Clark, were running up to them. The siblings thought they were going to attack until they realized these dogs were the same dogs they met when they were little. The dogs really wanted to play with the teens. The dogs were happy to see the two again until Mat came from his small house within the yard. He told the siblings the dogs are very friendly to younger people and they were with the siblings along time when Mat came to their home. Mat was excited to see the two kids again before wondering why they are in his area.

Danny and his sister were telling him about what happened to their parents and the meteor strike last night. They told him it gave them powers of strange bluish fire from outer space. They revealed their abilities in front of him and Mat was really impressed. He was amazed until Danny accidently ran a little fast and crashed into a pile of metal. Danny was excited and shocked that he can go super fast. He and Amila tried this ability and they ran through the junkyard. The siblings continued to run until they jumped high into the air, spinning, and landing with a strong crash.

The siblings continued to learn more about the fire’s effects. They both suddenly used the blue fiery rays from their bodies to become stronger and faster than before. The siblings later took a break from using their amazing abilities and hung out with Mat until 2:15. They wanted Mat to keep their powers a secret before somebody else knows about this. Before going home, Christy came and told Danny and Amila about what they were doing in this junkyard. The siblings were nervous, especially Danny, who might not be able to tell her what really happened to them last night when the meteor came. The siblings then admitted what happened last night and said they didn’t want Christy to get worried.

Christy told her friends it is alright and she also admits what has happened to her before coming to Kento City. She told them about the last day of middle school couple of years ago in Brooklyn, where she got her strange abilities. When a big fire occurred in her school, Christy and a lot of the staff and students got out of there alive. But, two of her friends were trapped within the school and she was going back to save them. After finding her two friends in the fire accident, she led them out of the area they were in before being halted by a large fiery path in front of them. She and her friends were scared and they thought they were going to die. But suddenly, Christy felt a powerful force in her body, causing her to massively absorb and contain the entire fire from the school into her body. While maintaining this, she was actually flying in the air, feeling like a goddess to her friends. After taking away all of the fire from the school, Christy fainted. Couple of hours later, she was announced as a hero to the school by many; her two closest friends thought she was too different and dangerous for them to be with. They left her because she now wields a power that might destroy lives. Christy finally tells her friends she and her family moved from Brooklyn to Kento in order to find a new place to live.

While in Kento, she secretly practices her powers in order to one day save more people again. She then reveals her abilities to Danny and Amila in front of the junkyard. She generates and wields fiery plasma vortexes, rings and fire from her body. She was flying and making fiery circles while doing these amazing fiery shapes in front of the siblings. Danny and his sister were impressed…very impressed. While her fire power was working, it was accidently being conjured by Danny’s body – due to the blue fire’s “magic”. He told his friend to bring the fiery circle back to her, but it was nearly impossible. When Danny touched the blazing ring, he turned it blue, and he immediately commands it. Then he makes the circle disappear from existence. Shocked to see another discovery of the siblings’ abilities, all three persons were thinking of an idea about what to do with their powers later on.

Chapter 10: The Mayor’s Meeting Edit

Before going live on TV tomorrow, Mayor Ken Reymord and his friends had a meeting in the city hall. The mayor wanted to know if he will be safe during his time on television. Larry Rune, the mayor’s assistant, told him that he will be safe and he made sure that the police will be near. He also tells him Commissioner Hanes will be in the news as well.

The mayor told his friends that they are in grave danger due to the harsh events and attacks of Kento City’s Dark Heart’s destructive syndicates, the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang. The mayor’s friends agreed and they talked about what they should do to prevent more dangers to the city. One of the mayor’s friends said they should let the police force secure the city and fight the two evil teams. But, another friend of the mayor said the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force might be too strong for the police to handle and they might ambush them in Kento City’s dark area easily. While Mayor Ken, Larry Rune, and the mayor’s allies continued their meeting, two small robots were recording info from the air shaft. These robots in the shaft belong to the Blue Cyber Tech Force and they are called Blue Cyber Spy Mice. These mouse robots were able to get some info from the mayor and his colleagues before the news tomorrow.

Chapter 11: Gathering Four Known Heroes Edit

On the next day, Mayor Ken Reymord was live on the Actual News show in the city, where he and his politics were being interviewed by a news reporter. He and his friends were telling the reporter about saving Kento City from the upcoming threats of both the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang, including others. Mayor Ken also stated that Commissioner Hanes, commander of Kento’s police force, will send forth strong groups of Kento’s finest police agents to battle the evils in the city. Some of the politics also told the reporter that Hanes idea of sending many active and strong troops to battle the two teams will be difficult and hard due to their “super powers”. After the politics and the mayor were interviewed, the news station turned to the police commander Commissioner Hanes while interviewing in his police station. Hanes told the news station he is confident and brave enough to let his men and women, including himself, to venture to defeat the evil forces and possibly win. He told the station he and his troops will carry very powerful energy weapons and gear that will help fend off both the Blue Cyber Tech Force and Beatdown Gang.

While the news was in progress, the people who were interviewed were being spied by members of the Beatdown Gang in disguise. They saw the interviews while traveling near them. Others were in buildings watching the mayor and others too. They wanted to kill the mayor now, but the leader told the gang members to wait when the time comes. After the gang members left, the two Spy Mouse robots were traveling below the people and the mayor, while they were not noticed by them thanks to their invisibility devices. The mice were quick and they nearly got squashed and crushed by vehicles, and people. These Blue Cyber Tech machines were scanning many important people and recording info for their creators in order to find out future info for Kento City’s comeback. Then the robot mice retreated to their creators’ lair to give out the info.

Later on that very same day, Danny and Amila were staying at Christy’s house. The siblings were happy to see Betty and Christopher Caidara, who were preparing for dinner and a family charade game. The people were eating macaroni and cheese, chicken and salad before playing a nice charade game. After Christy did a charade about a famous person, Danny was next. He was doing something that had two words and it was from a film. Danny was doing some sort of sword waving and slashing moves to show what the movie is. Christy guessed it was Braveheart; Amila guessed it was The Hobbit; Christy’s parents guessed it might be either Star Wars, or King Arthur. Danny pointed at both Betty and Christopher, and said Star Wars was the right answer. After having a good time with the parents, the three friends went up stairs into Christy’s room.

Danny, Amila, and Christy were planning to become superheroes for Kento City. Three of the teens were thinking about different outfits to wear, possible equipment, gatherings, and more ideas to help the community. Christy told her two friends she knows a guy named Gary Mandus, a costume and clothes designer who has been her friend ever since. He is in his twenties and he made wonderful fashion designs for her friends, her family, and her. She also said he can help out with their outfits. After talking about going to save the city, the three teens went to sleep.

On the next day, Christy, Danny, and Amila went to Gary’s shop to visit him. Gary was surprised that Christy was here and he greeted the three teenagers. Christy told Gary what was happening to Kento City and she reveals Danny, Amila, and her “super powers” to him in his shop. Gary was crazed about their powers and was excited; he already knew about what was going on in the city too, and that the other criminals in town are actually afraid of both the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force. After the conversation, Gary started to help the three friends by making them their suits to wear. The only thing he needed was a drawing of what the suits looked like.

Very soon, Danny, Amila, and Christy drew their costume designs and gave them to Gary later on. He successfully helped them and gave them their superhero suits; the suits were made of a rubbery substance and are mostly fireproof while using to their powers. After that, Gary let Christy keep one of his clothes making devices, which can help customize any shirt, pants, socks, suits, and other outfits with various thread, and different materials. Danny and Amila then came up with a nice name for themselves: Captains Virtual Extreme (VX) and Virtual Extreme Girl. They tried other names, but Capt. VX would do. Christy made a black and orange suit with an orange circle symbol. Christy called herself Oranga, the “orange fire ring generator”. Things were going well for now.

On the other day, Danny thought of a wonderful idea: He, his sister, and Christy should find any famous protectors from here in America, or other regions. Danny later found the perfect four on the internet: A strange ninja who stopped an attack on China named Syler; a rock covered hero who could transform parts of his body into rocky shields and weapons called Strongholder; an intelligent and cunning super heroine with the powers of Venus named Veronica Venus; and a raptor-like human who saved many from a dangerous plot against mankind known as Dino Boy. They all agreed and planned to send letters to them. They later went to the national post office in Kento City before the letters were sent to the four people who would decide to help Kento to be a nicer place in America once more.

First, Veronica Telina, a.k.a. Veronica Venus, agreed to the letter and wants to help Kento. She knows it is one of the best cities in the world, and it can’t be overrun by two evil groups. Veronica Telina left New York City and went to Kento after saying good-bye to her scientist parents.

Second, Brian Bon, a.k.a. Strongholder, was getting ready to head for Kento after getting the letter. He was living somewhere in Manhattan and wearing a big black coat and black hat. Brian was hanging out with some friends in a bar while talking on a phone with his father. Brian and his father, Erin Bon, were talking about what happened during their lives and why they missed each other. Brian told his father he will come back to see him again some day; he also wanted him to know he loves him and that he is moving on to a better life soon. After saying farewell to his friends and father on the phone, Brian goes to Kento City by taking a bus ride.

Third, Dino Boy, a dinosaur-like human with incredible abilities and shape shifting (dinosaur-like shape shifting) decided to go. He got the letter from the three teens while living with some of his friends in an apartment. He said bye to his friends before heading off.

Last, but not least, Yihiru Torohan, a supernatural ninja known as Syler, who already got his letter while living with his ninja clan. He and his clan, known as the Blue Tiger Ninjas, live in a small forest area in China. Yihiru thought about attempting to save the great Kento City from destruction. Suddenly, he decided to go and leave his sibling Toshico in charge of the ninja clan while he is gone. Yihiru also told his people he will return after saving the city of Kento. Before going to Kento City, he contacted a friend named Daio Hwan, an air pilot and plane designer who was an old friend of his. With Daio’s assistance, he let Daio take him to Kento by plane.

Chapter 12: Creating the VX Super Force Edit

VX Super Force Ink Drawing

VX Super Force Team (Left to right: Syler, Veronica Venus, Capt. VX Girl, Capt. VX, Strongholder, Oranga, and Dino Boy.)

Three days have passed, and the three teens were waiting patiently in the same forest the blue fiery meteor crashed in. They were wearing their uniforms during this morning. Suddenly, the three heroes looked at four moving figures coming there way. It was the four super heroes the teens gathered: Strongholder, Veronica Venus, Syler, and Dino Boy. The letters informed them to meet Danny, Amila, and Christy in the forest next to Kento City’s Grand Park.

The four heroes greeted themselves to the three teens and were wondering who they are. Danny stepped up to them and introduces his sister, his friend and himself to the protectors. He began telling the guys about the struggle to save their home city from being dominated by either the Blue Cyber Tech Force, or the Beatdown Gang. The four heroes understood them and wanted to help save Kento by their side. Danny, Amila, and Christy also revealed their powers to the four heroes; and they introduced them to their hero identities: Capt. VX, Capt. VX Girl, and Oranga.

After the introduction and conversation, the seven heroes were finally united and they now called themselves the VX Super Force: A super hero team and family that will be the greatest force on the Earth. The team planned to build a base of there own and build it in a higher location in the forest. The team went to Mat Harson’s junkyard to ask him permission to get a lot of metal and metallic items to build them a good looking home for them. Mat agreed and he helped them get all the stuff they could get. Very soon, in the afternoon, the heroes started building their base in the located area in the forest and working together on it.

While working, the heroes used their powers to make some modifications to the base; Capt. VX and his sister also were discovering another ability that allows the fire to melt through metal. Dino Boy was helping Veronica with the computer systems while feeling like he was attracted to her. Veronica was guessing Dino Boy was really into her; but when he found out about Veronica’s guess, he turned away, feeling so embarrassed. Syler was helping Strongholder and Oranga fix some things and gather more materials.

Finally, the base was later finished at night and the heroes relaxed after a long day. The heroes went into the huge base they built for many hours and were amazed at their fruit of labor. Later that night, Veronica Venus gave all of her new friend’s communication watches and ear pieces, which will help find were they are. After hanging out with her friends, Christy began calling her parents with her cell phone and told them she is coming home right now. Before that happened, Danny told his friend he and his sister will stay with their new friends while Christy goes home before it was too late. Christy agreed and they both hugged and said farewell. Then Strongholder, Danny’s sister, and Dino Boy were speaking behind Danny that he has a crush on Christy and believes he loves her.

Chapter 13: Velenor's Arrival Edit

Couple of hours later at night, a strange event was occurring in the dark sky. The sky was being covered up by blackish clouds. The clouds were swirling and releasing electricity above the city of Kento. Just then, a symbol of electricity appeared and it was the great symbol of Kazamardra. While the entire city thought it was just a storm that brewed quickly, the dark clouds and the symbol shot a huge lightning bolt from the sky that struck part of a big hill. The lightning bolt was shocking the ground until a mysterious figure “landed” out of the lightning. The effect of the powerful electric force caused a short black out on the city for a couple of minutes. After the event, the dark clouds disappeared from the sky and the figure came out of a big crater that was made from the dark current event.

The individual moved out of the crater and the smoke covering his area from the bolt’s blast. Surprisingly, the person that came from the lightning bolt was Velenor. Velenor, the great ruler of the powerful world of Kazamardra, has returned to seek revenge on the human race and find the Beatdown Gang, and Blue Cyber Tech Force.

Velenor watched Kento city and stated, “I have finally returned! Soon I’ll unite two of the most dangerous and useful forces in this city for the great battle that lies ahead. The human race shall fall into their own demise for I, Lord Velenor, a mighty king of Kazamardra, will kill them like defenseless sheep. After I gain the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s trust and alliance, I’ll help them destroy the destined heroes of this future called the VX Super Force! With them and their great leader Danny Vant out of the way, the two alliances and I will rule this planet even with the aid of those brave enough to join me, and Kazamardra. This cosmos shall be ours for the taking: For me, for the two alliances, for Lord Zalthor, and for KAZAMARDRA! Hahahahahaha!”

Velenor then journeys into Kento City, finding the two evil teams and inhabiting there for a while. Velenor mentions to himself that the people Zalthor sent to this dimension told him humans will have great weaponry, technology, and civilizations in this century. Then, he wandered about in the city’s dark alleys before bumping into several tough gangsters and their dog. The four men threatened and teased Velenor before Velenor asked them about the whereabouts of the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force. The gangsters refused to answer Velenor’s question until one of the started to tick off Velenor about his crown. Velenor roughly told the men that he is not playing around and he is actually a ruler of a great empire far beyond human reaches. Velenor also told them if they don’t reveal the information of both teams’ whereabouts, he’ll have no choice but to kill them. The men laughed and one of them touched Velenor’s crown on purpose. When the man touched Velenor’s crown, Velenor used the crowns ruby to trigger a deadly paralyzing surge on his hand, stunning it painfully. The gangsters and the dog were scared to see that happened.

Velenor warned the men about messing with him. Suddenly, Velenor swiftly grabbed the man with the stunned hand and dragged him in front of him. Velenor then used his glowing eyes to see into the mind of the weaken man during eye contact. When he used this power, he saw everything within his mind: The gangster’s childhood, friends, family, items, etc. Velenor realized that these men have no idea where the villains are located. After that, Velenor lifted the man in the air with his telekinetic powers and used his main powers – his inferno powers. With his inferno powers, he increased the temperature of the man’s body to maximum and suddenly burns it up while being lifted. Then Velenor blows up his flesh, bone, and blood. This caused the other men to run for their lives. The dog tried to attack Velenor, but he once again used his inferno powers to burn the dog’s body to crisp. He also targeted the three fleeing gangsters in the alleys, who were running away as fast as they could.

Soon, Velenor quickly found them after the men quickly crossed the street and ran into another alley. Velenor used his teleporting power to reach their location easily. Velenor laughed and told the men their lives are at an end. He then fired a beam of inferno right at them, thereby burning them alive. While burning their bodies, Velenor maniacally laughed. After killing his foolish victims, Velenor continued searching for answers on the locations of his two future alliances.

Chapter 14: Planning to Defend Kento City Edit

In the morning, the Actual News show revealed what has happened last night. The news told viewers everywhere that four possible gangsters and a dog were viciously killed to death by an unknown individual. Then the news told viewers that they were not the only ones who have died last night. Possibly the same person, or thing, attacked five more people for an unknown reason. The human bodies and the dog’s in the news were scorched and destroyed. The Actual News also told viewers that this might be the work of the Blue Cyber Tech Force, the Beatdown Gang, or someone else.

After seeing the news, Mayor Ken Reymord discusses plans with Commissioner Hanes, Larry Rune, and three other people in the mayor’s city hall, which is one of the largest buildings in the city. Ken was telling his officials and allies that they should use that new security device that’ll prevent villainous super humans and other enemies from attacking this building. The security device, known as Sesame, referring to “Open Sesame”, is a huge energized cylinder shape machine. This machine will create a force field around the city hall. The only way to shut it off is to go under the building, into the location where the huge device is and turn off its main switches. This device is 25 ft. long and it has been worked on for a few years. Some of the people listening to Ken thought this might be good. Larry Rune wanted to know how the machine will be defended. Ken told his friend there will be strong security weapons that will prevent enemies from destroying the device. The mayor said if any threat dares enters the top of this city hall’s roof, there will be many troops with great arsenal up there. As for the rest of the city, there will be hundreds of SWAT troops and police officers (with energy weapons given to by Commissioner Hanes) patrolling the whole city, finding the Blue Cyber Tech Force, the Beatdown Gang, or any other enemy that might be working for the two enemy forces. Finally, the mayor stated the device will be activated at night time. The six people ended their discussion and went to work. What the mayor and his friends did not know is that one of the Beatdown Gang members, Strakker, a green skinned criminal was in disguise as a person with a huge coat, a bandana, sun glasses, and a hat. This villain had acute senses, allowing him to hear what his enemies were saying behind a wall next to the room they were talking in. Strakker then heads out of the city hall and uses a cell phone to tell the Beatdown Leader everything he has heard.

During that event, the VX Super Force, who is in their base of operations, was eating breakfast that was brought by Christy. The heroes were eating eggs, bacon, sausages, and biscuits. Christy was happy to see everyone together for breakfast. The four heroes and the Vant siblings thanked her for the meals. Syler asked Christy if she cooked the food. She said yes and she told him she learned how to cook when she was 12 years old. Dino Boy, who was curious, wanted to know if Christy told her parents that they four were here and that the Vant siblings were not with her parents anymore. Christy told him she couldn’t lie to her parents and she did tell them. She was nervous to admit it because she didn’t want the heroes to get in trouble. But, Christy told her parents to keep this a secret because she, Danny, and Amila were planning to help save the community. She told them all about their powers and that they wanted to be brave enough to face the future dangers alone. The parents already know about what she is capable of, but they want Christy to know she must be careful and not get herself and her friends killed. Danny then calmed her down and Amila asked if her parents truly agreed. Christy answered yes.

After their conversation about Christy’s parents letting the heroes help the city, Danny had plans about going into the city, or its dark border to find the one who murdered his and his sister’s parents; and to battle the two villainous forces known as the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang. After possibly defeating their foes, Danny stated they will bring them to justice. The rest of heroes helped boost the topic and talk about their ideas about defending Kento City, and stopping the enemies. Then, Christy almost forgot to tell her friends something. She told her friends something strange happened last night in the city. She told them about a mysterious current event and a lighting bolt striking a hill, causing a blackout for a couple of minutes. She also stated a mysterious person, animal, or thing killed many lives last night while the heroes were asleep. Christy watched the news before she came by to see her friends this morning. Danny, Veronica, Strongholder, Syler, Dino Boy, and Amila were surprised about this. Danny and Strongholder stated this team should go after not only the two evil teams, but this strange thing that targeted many people.

Chapter 15: Destructive Plans Edit

Later in the afternoon, 20 male criminals of Kento City were brought into the Beatdown Lair by several members of the Beatdown Gang. Two of the four men, Bronk and Big Fists (two of the members responsible for the Vant parents’ demise), were telling the criminals that they will help the gang have a chance to destroy the security device called Sesame. The machine will prevent them from assassinating the mayor, but the men might be used as bait for the security guards who will guard the entrance to the machine. After the people reached to the Beatdown Lair, the criminals were a little afraid of the Beatdown Gang members and their wolves. Sniff, the tamer of the wolves, made his pets stay where they are and go to the Beatdown Leader’s tent. Sniff, the blind, super smelling villain told the leader that his men are back with the “bait”.

The leader came out of his tent and told his wolf Scar to stay where he is. The Beatdown Leader was glad to see the 20 men his four friends recruited. He began telling the criminals about their job to distract the security force within the mayor’s building and leading them to some of the leader’s deadliest men, who will be waiting for them. While the leader of the mutant gang continued to speak about the plan, one of the criminals insulted him and told him that the men he hired cannot be interested for this crime. The mad criminal walked up to the leader and was going to hurt him with his knife if he didn’t let him, and his friends leave. The leader was angry at him and he suddenly used his mind damaging powers, allowing him to cause serious injuries to his brain. The hired criminals were afraid of the leader while the injured criminal was crying in pain and was telling the Beatdown Leader to stop this. The leader stopped hurting him and grabbed him by the shirt. The leader looked deep into his eyes and told him to get out. The criminal was released and he was going to get out of the lair without his friends (unknown to the criminal, this is actually a deceitful trick). The rest of the criminals stayed behind with the gang. The Beatdown Leader called forth his mutant wolf Scar and told him to go eat the man running away. While he was escaping, Scar quickly caught up to the criminal before killing him by leaping on him and chomping his body. The leader reminded his hired subjects that will happen if they don’t participate with the gang’s plan.

Then, the leader went to one of the buildings in the lair and found his sergeant, Surgeant. Surgeant has the power to control powerful electricity from his body and absorb lots of electricity from machines, and other sources to become more deadly. Surgeant was practicing his powers with his partner Shock-Whip, who also has electric powers and can generate lightning whips. Surgeant and his partner were informed to lead under 20 members of electric powered and other super powered villains to the city hall and destroy the mayor’s advanced security system. The leader also told them to beware of the cops and SWAT teams because they have energy weapons that might defeat them. The Beatdown Gang sergeant and his friend agreed on the mission and prepared 10 men with electric powers, and 5 other super powered men to come with them at night. The troops will also bring the 20 men hired for the distractions of the security force within the city hall.

At the Blue Cyber Tech Force’s tower base, the Blue Cyber Tech Force was planning to do the same plan as the Beatdown Gang’s: destroy the security system Sesame. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers assigned Brazod and Calira this mission. Their objectives are to dodge the cop and SWAT teams, sneak into the capitol building and destroy the machine underground. The brothers then said good luck to their two friends and told them to be aware of the Beatdown Gang too.

The brothers went below their tower to check their robots after letting their friends go. The Blue Cyber Armor Brothers checked their collection of powerful robots they have made throughout the years. The triplets called their robots children of destruction because they will destroy all those who have wronged their creators and their goal to be superior to many “feeble minded foes”. The brothers also told their own creations how happy they are to have them in their lives. The brothers soon left their robots and went back up to speak to their other friends, Groggarth and Sophithara, about some possible plans against their foes.

In the city, an old man with a brown coat, long spiky blonde hair, and sun glasses went into Kento City’s Information Department Building. The old man wanted to know were to find the locations of the Beatdown Gang and the Blue Cyber Tech Force by asking a female operator. Mostly everyone in the office thought he was crazy to know how to get to these locations. The old man knew they were afraid to answer him. But, the operating lady told him she has no idea where their hiding places are. She tells him not to go into the other side of Kento City, where there are bad and crazy things happening there. The old man understood and he suddenly walks out of the department building. After leaving, the old man used his “yellow eyes” to activate his powers on the building. Then the building was shaking and the doors and windows were telekinetically shut. The people panicked and worried within the building. While the old man was walking away into the darkness, his powers continued to endanger the people inside the building until it was destroyed by an explosive force. Hundreds of people heard and saw what happened and some citizens were killed from the explosion. The old man who did this was actually Velenor in disguise. Velenor was able to alter his aging appearance and his suit. After changing back to who he was, Velenor plans to find the two evil alliances in the other side of Kento.

Chapter 16: Battling Enemies and Saving Lives Edit

At night, the VX Super Force heard about what happened on the news thanks to Christy. She told her friends she saw the Kento City’s Information Department Building and its people were destroyed in the news by some type of bomb, or something else. The heroes responded worried and frustrated. After talking about this tragic event, the VX Super Force was busy practicing with their abilities and adding some things to their base. Veronica Venus made a computer system that can find danger in the city; they are compared to police scanners. The computer system can connect to the Internet, worldwide news, and other things. After building the system, the heroes were ready to see what it could do. When the computer system activated, it detected a robbery in the city’s bank. Capt. VX and his sister told their friends to get ready and go battle the ones who are causing havoc at this night.

Commissioner Hanes, who was getting ready to leave, told his police force to go to Kento City’s Bank and stop the robbery. The commissioner drove his police car to the scene of the crime with his allies. A big number of SWAT and police troops were surrounding the bank, where the criminals are in. There were 30 robbers within the bank and one of them was their leader. The leader, Weeter Ryan, one of the most wanted criminal bosses in Kento City, wielded a 20 ft. advanced battle mech he was inside of. He told his men to use grenades on the cops and SWAT teams. When the villains threw their bombs at them, the police and SWAT troops ran from the explosions. A few of them were killed by the devastating blasts. The robbers got all the money they needed and put it in their armored truck. Weeter suddenly used his battle mech’s guns to attack all of his enemies. Commissioner Hanes told all his men and women to fire at will and dodge Weeter’s attacks. While that happened, Weeter’s men were getting away in their truck full of money.

The VX Super Force heard the blasting from the bank and was almost there. While moving, the VX Super Force saw the city hall and its force field from Sesame protecting the building. Capt. VX and his sister were using their super speed, leaving behind blue fiery tracks. Dino Boy, transformed into a gigantic pterodactyl part t-rex, flew in the sky with Strongholder riding on him. Syler runs at super speed while Veronica Venus and Oranga were flying very fast. After using their powers, the heroes saw the bank robber’s truck right in front of them. Dino Boy sniffed the air and knew that there was money in their truck. The robbers were about to run over the teens until Strongholder turned his rocky hand into a big shield and stopped the truck. The heroes demanded the robbers to give up the money, or they have no choice but to battle them. The 29 robbers didn’t comply and they tried using their strong guns on the heroes. Capt. VX used his super speed power before smashing his fist up his enemy’s chest. Then Dino Boy attacks two other men by whipping their bodies hard with his tail. The robbers tried fighting the heroes, but they were tougher than them. One of the robbers used a Gatling energy gun to attack them. Capt. VX told his friends to watch out and dodge the gun’s blasts. Capt. VX Girl used her super speed and throws a blue fire ball at the gun before Oranga kicked the man into the air. The heroes suddenly defeated their opponents and locked them up in the truck with money. Veronica Venus uses her strength to grab the truck and take it to the bank, where Weeter is battling the police and SWAT forces.

Weeter was winning and Commissioner Hanes told the troops to fall back. Just in the nick of time, the VX Super Force brought back the truck with its owners and the money. The police saw the seven heroes and they were wondering if they were powerful enough to handle Weeter’s mech. The VX Super Force introduced themselves to the allies and Weeter and told Weeter they are here to end his robbery right here, right now. Weeter laughs and prepares to kill the heroes by using his guns from his mech. The team separated before the guns’ blasts got them. Capt. VX gave a hand communication to Syler and Veronica Venus about striking down the guns of the robot suit before he and his other friends start attacking. Capt, VX shoots blue fire blasts at the enemy while he defends himself. Dino Boy then tried slashing the back of the mech, but Weeter activated energy barriers that prevented the heroes from attacking the weaker spots of his mech. While Veronica and Syler were doing the sneak attack, Strongholder tries to bash the machine and Oranga tries to attack the sides of the mech by using her powerful fire rings. The mech was being wounded by Oranga’s attack before Weeter attacks Oranga with laser beam from the mech’s hand. The attack missed Oranga before Capt. VX and his sister were doing combo attacks on Weeter, and Dino Boy slashing one of the mech’s legs. Weeter kept on fighting back and was targeting Capt. VX. Veronica Venus and Syler stopped him before one of his guns blasts a big part of a building wall, which was falling down to Commissioner Hanes. The commissioner was luckily saved be Dino Boy when he stretched his tail up to 15 more feet and grabbed him quickly. Then, Veronica Venus uses her electric powers on the mech to absorb energy from it and destroy parts of its body. Syler throws an electric kunai at the mech’s right arm gun, destroying it in the process. Finally, Syler uses his powers and jumps into the air, performing a huge slash on the mech’s command system with his katana sword. Weeter’s machine was destroyed and he fled from it before it blew up. Capt. VX and his friends caught Weeter and took him to the police. After that rough fight, the VX Super Force was congratulated by Commissioner Hanes and his friends for saving him and helping the bank. Everyone began loving the seven heroes.

During the battle against Weeter, the hired criminals were dressed up as police men and told the security guards to let them in the city hall by turning off Sesame. The guards did and they went outside to ask them what they needed. Suddenly, the criminals used their weapons to kill the men before luring many security guards outside trying to catch the criminals. Then some of the remaining guards inside were surprised by the menacing attack of the Beatdown Gang. Surgeant uses his electric powers to kill many remaining guards before commanding his troops to go to the place where the security system is. Surgeant and Shock-Whip shut down the alert systems for the building to make sure the police and the SWAT teams don’t know they have invaded the city hall. After the criminals led the guards out of the building, they killed them off with the help of some members of the Beatdown Gang. After that, the members of the gang and the criminals were attacked by Calira and Brazod, members of the Blue Cyber Tech Force. They knew the Beatdown Gang would be here earlier than them.

The two villains went in the city hall to follow their foes. While catching up, Surgeant and his men finally found the entrance to the security device called Sesame. He calls forth Slizorbie, the undead member of the gang with the power to heal himself and create blades from his body. Surgeant wanted his friend to slice off one of the knocked out guard’s hands off in order to use it to open the secured computerized door. After slicing off the arm, Slizorbie gives the hand to Shock-Whip to put on the door’s scanner. The door finally opened after five seconds of putting the identified chopped hand on the scanner. While the door opens, Surgeant said, “OPEN SESAME.”

The gang immediately went into the underground room where Sesame was. The machine was big and energized. Soon the members of the gang destroyed the security weapons and the computer systems that helped activate the force field. Finally, Surgeant and his electric powered minions started to absorb the energies of the huge machine. The men and Surgeant were surrounding the machine and touching it with their hands. Their hands allowed them to absorb 100% of the machine’s energy for 1 minute. While doing this, the villains were getting stronger by the second. Some of the members were amazed at watching what they were doing. After they finished their absorption, Brazod kills some of the Beatdown Gang members and destroyed the huge device with his energy powers. The two members of the Blue Cyber Tech Force clashed against the Beatdown Gang members in the room. While the rest of the members ran to the exit, Surgeant distracts Calira and Brazod in battle. Calira, using her suit’s enhancement, was running on the huge wall and dodging Surgeant’s lightning blasts. Brazod uses his deadly laser vision on the sergeant, but he misses. Surgeant comes to Brazod and uses electric charged fist strikes on him before successfully blasting Calira from the wall. Brazod then blasts Surgeant outside the room by shooting energy from his foot. Then the sergeant started to retreat. The Beatdown Gang and Surgeant escaped to their lair while going in the sewers. After the fight, Brazod and Calira went back to their tower base before a small group of police and SWAT troops made it to the city hall in time.

Part 3

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